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PSI Pay: Financial Technology Industry Leader

As technology within the financial industry is continuously changing one company, PSI Pay a principal member of MasterCard, is changing the game by becoming the European Union’s largest provider for contactless payment products. Contactless payment is a function of certain cards which allows you to quickly pay for goods and services that are under a certain amount without entering a pin code. In areas that offer these contactless payment methods, all one must do is place the contactless card over the card reader in order to make the payment.

A common concern for PSI Pay customers is whether or not payments are safe. Phil Davies, the marketing director for PSI Pay, has assured customers that each card or device used in this network is fast and secure utilizing encryption that is unique to every purchase that helps to protect your transactional data. In addition to this electronic encryption MasterCard offer, it’s famous zero liability protection with this combination of safeguards this has turned PSI Pays contactless payment method into one of the most secure ways to pay. With every one of your purchases safeguarded the paper as technology integrates several layers of protection to help prevent unauthorized purchases. Not only are there safeguards which protect you from fraudulent activity there are even safeguards tap twice by mistake.

It is due to these revolutionary technological developments within the financial payment processing industry that PSI Pay has been able to have its best fiscal year on record in the year of 2015. Since 2007 PSI Pay has been providing payment solutions to businesses across the globe. With an emphasis on transparency efficiency and clarity of transactions, they are led by a team of industry professionals who have a wealth of global experience in banking as well as alternative payment methods. Since 2009 PSI Pay has been a principal issuing member of MasterCard international and is licensed to issue both debit and prepaid payment cards as well as virtual guards and contactless payment programs, All of this is regulated through the European Union by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The business philosophy of PSI Pay is to help their partners feel empowered to do the best at what they do whether it be sales marketing dissipation or the general management of payment processors. With support available to every level of needs and potential partner may have PSI Pay is prepared to continue to meet the ever-changing needs and demands of the financial technology and will continue to be a leader in the industry.

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