Designer Richard Mishaan Combines Disparate Elements to Create a Spectacular Whole

Richard Mishaan Design, the firm of one of New York’s brightest and most talented interior designers, has the unique knack of combining disparate elements to create a magnificent whole. His interiors are a delightful combination of lovingly selected antiques, rare vintage pieces and bright and colorful objets d’ art. It is fitting that he should have made it to Elle Décor A list as also the AD 100.


He is that author of the acclaimed author of Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern that were released by The Monacelli Press at Random House. Mishaan firmly believes that one’s soul and mind are profoundly influenced by culture and travel. Furthermore, he believes that his immense love of craftsmanship, as represented by the creation of handmade textiles, porcelain and other forms of decorative arts provides him with the elements that make him create the spectacular environments that he is famous for.


Apart from doing residences, Mishaan loves to design hotels. Some of his notable projects are the Shelborne Hotel in South Beach, Hotel Tcherassi in Cartagena Colombia and the Marriot AC on South Beach. What is intriguing about Mishaan is the fact that he is well versed in fashion, interior design and architecture, which combined with his Columbian roots provide him with a perspective that is uniquely his own.


He began his career working as an apprentice in the offices of Philip Johnson after completing hid BA from New York University, which was preceded by studying at Columbia University School of Architecture. Over the years he has acquired a formidable reputation as a designer of rare sensitivity and sensibility. Ample evidence of this could be had at his chock o block with art residence in New York, a unique showcase of his designing abilities if it were ever needed. As is typical of him this landmark home on Fifth Avenue has a stunning collection of furnishings, patterns, textures and a wide and spectacular array of art.


In the house, you will find artworks by Manolo Valdes and Donald Baechlr, a Manolo Valdes sculpture as well as a Rob Wynne glass wall piece. One needs time to take in and appreciate the sheer art that is on display there. It is this sense of genius that Mishaan brings to his work that makes him such a rage with well-heeled clients who work with him to create beautiful homes, hotels and retail spaces.


Who else but Mishaan could amalgamate antiquity with modernity with such exquisite grace to a 16th-century residence in Cartagena in his country of birth Columbia, which serves as his summer getaway? This is located in a historic center, that is part of a designated World Heritage Site, which necessitated him adhering to stringent preservation codes.


Well, that’s Mishaan for you-ever ready to meet a challenge that helps him follow his heart. Shakespeare had said, “If music be the food of love, then play on.” This could just easily be said of Richard Mishaan’s art. May it keep on growing and thriving for a long time to come.

3 Tips For Getting The Ideal Dental Care

Doing Business With MB2 Dental


In order to manage your dental care, there are a lot of tips you’ll want to follow. The main thing to keep in mind when preparing for the best dental care is choosing a great dentist for your primary care. Hiring a great dentist is one of the best steps that you can take, but you will also need to learn a little bit about choosing such a great dentist. MB2 Dental is a wonderful practice that features Dr. Chris Villanueva, who has been in business for a number of years. To learn more about selecting the best dentist, follow these tips so that you are in a great position to receive excellent dental care.


#1: Come prepared with questions


Any time that you are seeking the help of a dentist, make sure that you have the dentist field any questions that you have. This is very important because they will put your mind at ease regarding any sort of fears you might hold about going to the dentist. The dentist will be more than happy to explain their services to you so that you are at ease and not afraid when going in for an appointment.


#2: Tell your dental professional about your previous dental care


It is important that you make your dentist aware of the previous dental coverage you have received. This is crucial because they need to know if you have had any pre-existing dental problems, while also making sure they can contact your previous dentist if they require any sort of records. The more informed your dentist is about your previous care, the better they can provide for you in the future.


#3: Make sure to have your dental insurance in place


It is also necessary for you to have dental coverage that can pay for any work you need to get done. Make sure to shore up any details related to this insurance prior to reaching out into professional that can help you. This way, it won’t cost you as much money overall.


If you follow these three tips, you will be able to get the best dental care from professionals at MB2 Dental. There are a lot of dental practices out there, but it is very important that you consult with this practice if you want the best care possible. Put these tips into place to make the most of your dental health.


Bob Reina Leads TalkFusion

Bob Reina leads TalkFusion. You can believe it. Starting at the top with Reina as the CEO and Founder, TalkFusion is an innovative organization with the primary goal of helping people. This business is about giving back to communities. Most specifically the focus is on non-profit organizations which would not have access to these resources otherwise.


To encourage Associates who work at TalkFusion with their own giving attitude, Bob Reina has authorized each one of them to give away one free account to a charity of their choice. This means giving staffers responsibility and freedom that is rarely seen in the world of business.


The free account is for the best plan Talk Fusion offers. It includes access to video marketing products made by Talk Fusion, branding, complete customization, live meetings, email, newsletters, and chat all in top of the line video format.


Bob studied at the University of South Florida and completed his police academy coursework as number one in the class. He worked at several jobs during that time. He is directly involved with humanitarian projects. Bob’s passion for animals resulted in a one million dollar donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. His open attitude towards humans and pets, leads him to often bring the family pets to the office. Of course a lot of his free time is with non-profit groups helping animals.


Bob has led participation in helping the Japanese people after the tsunami, the earthquake victims in Nepal and he supports an orphanage in Indonesia. What began as a desire to include a video in his email, has grown to helping people make dreams come true all over the world in 140 countries with his Associate Staff.


Bob’s leadership and sense of commitment motivate his staff which also appreciates his sense of humor. He may be the only CEO who gets a 5:30AM start on the day and keeps the pace all day. They appreciate his goals and set their own paces to keep up with finding new solutions everyday.



Omar Boraie- Real Estate Visionary that saw New Brunswick’s potential for Four Decades

According to NJBiz, the Aspire is one of the latest developments under Boraie’s management and one of the most prestigious projects ever to be developed. Omar is happy about two things as this project comes to a close. The first thing is the fact that his vision for Brunswick, one he saw more than forty years ago is quickly taking shape even when no one believed that it would one day become a possibility. The days when people thought he was crazy with his ideas are long gone as the ideas can now be actualized.

Omar is 73 years old and the president of Boraie LLC. When he came to Brunswick, no one believed in his dream to rebuild the city and restore its glory just as he had witnessed in Europe during his younger years as a visiting chemistry student. Back then, more than forty years back people thought Omar was a hopeless dreamer and the thought of having several buildings with panoramic view was unheard of. See more:

In the early 70s waking in the streets of Brunswick after 4pm was unheard of since everyone had left the streets by then. This began to change when Omar Boraie decided to do something about it. He began buying old properties and working on them to create an image that brought life to the old and tired city. When he presented his plans, most people believed that he was out of his mind.

Even with the simple projects that began to revolutionize the town, Omar Boraie believed that the real change he envisioned would only come with skyscrapers like those in New York. When he completed his first New York style residential project in 2007, the units were sold out in less than two months, which was the beginning of people believing. Most people in Brunswick. More details can be found on Rutgers.

The company also focuses on getting quality tenants, which is why they have been in existence for the past forty years. More professionals will keep flocking back to Brunswick because of the kind of investment and vision that Omar Boraie had for the city. Everyone wants to live in a developed city.

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Tim Armour Responds To Buffett Bet

Over the past 50 years, one of the most successful investors in the world has continued to be Warren Buffett. Buffett, who has successfully become a self-made billionaire, has stood by several investing principles. One of his key principles is for people to avoid investing in expensive hedge and mutual funds.

While some people criticized this approach, Buffett officially quieted some of them this year after successfully winning a bet against several top hedge fund managers. Over one year ago, Buffett bet that he could get a better overall return by investing in an index funds as opposed to actively managed funds. In the end, Buffett was proven to be the winner of the bet.


While Tim Armour did win, some are still not sure that non-active management is the best way to go. One critic of the approach is Tim Armour, who is the head of the Capital Group. Armour pointed out that the bet took place during a period of prosperity and that actively managed funds show their true value during downturns. During bear markets, hedge funds are able to take downside risk protection while index funds are not.

Over the course of the past 20 years, Armour has led the portfolio management side of the business for the Capital Group. During this time period he has pointed out that his firm’s return on investment, net after all fees, is more than 1.5% higher on an annual basis than the overall return of the S&P 500 and other related indexes.

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Online Reputation: Its Importance and Management

Today, the online social media platforms and the Internet at large has become an integral part of us. The influence and impact that the Internet has in our lives is so pronounced that we cannot just wash it away. The positives are as good as they come but for the negatives, they can potentially ruin an individual’s reputation either career-wise or business wise. If you are in business, for example, some malicious competitors or former employees might decide to spread false and negative news about you and your business all over the Internet. Other people could use the internet to destroy you by simply picking up an outdated and obsolete negative story about you and over exaggerating it.

How to Manage Your Online Reputation

In the midst of all these negatives, it is always good to counter them with positive facts, suggests It is your primary responsibility as an individual to rise above the negatives and repaint a positive picture of yourself. To revive your already maliciously-tarnished reputation or to prevent malicious people from tarnishing your good reputation, then you have to start managing your online reputation. Two ways in which you can take control of what people gets to know about you online include hiring online reputation managers or managing your information by yourself.

Online Reputation Managers

Online Reputation Managers are technology experts with good public relations knowledge. To help you keep a positive reputation, they specialize in hiding all the negative search prompts from the Internet to limit their accessibility. According to Michael Fertik, an online reputation management expert, it is almost impossible to scrape off content from the Internet, but hiding it from the first pages might just be enough. This method is more applicable to those whose reputation is already tarnished, or whose reputation is hanging on the line.

Managing Your Reputation Personally

This method applies to those who wish to safeguard their good reputation; it’s basically what you do online to prevent information from getting into the wrong hands. It is good to maintain your private life as private as possible since by sharing your private life in social media may be detrimental. Secondly, you should avoid sharing photos and videos of you and your close relatives; limit your account to professional matters only. Lastly, avoid posting updates and tweets every other minute. Tweeting occasionally helps you to avoid irrelevance.

Julie Zuckerberg Has Taken Recruitment To A New Level

The Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank presently is Julie Zuckerberg. She is collaborating with leaders both in the Private Wealth field as well as in Commercial business fields. She is also meeting those who are in the business of Asset Management or Global Technology or even Operations. This way she is pushing all the talent acquisition policies that were at a regional level, along with any recruitment process improvements.



Julie Zuckerberg is known to lead the negotiations. She is able to develop the managerial level offer. This would include material risk takers along with the key function stakeholders too.



Julie Zuckerberg is known to provide advice on the leadership as well as executive committees too. This is with regard to hiring governance along with the best recruitment practices. All these are required in order to enhance proficiency as well as engagement. This is exactly what is required in order to attract talent that is high class as well as highly diverse.



Before her current role of being the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank, Julie Zuckerberg was employed as an Executive Recruiter, a Talent Acquisition Lead as well as the Vice President. This was at Deutsche Bank only. During this tenure, she was partnering with business partners as well as hiring managers. Her job was to deal as well as manage this entire hiring cycle. It was for Director along with Managing Director recruitment levels. This was spread across US Compliance, Finance, as well as Investor Relations. She was also looking into hiring for departments like Audit, Risk, as well as Legal, In-house Consulting. Her other recruitment were for Regional Management as well as Global Technology along with its Operations.



The methodology of Julie Zuckerberg is to brainstorm with hiring managers. This way she is able to come up with an appropriate sourcing. This can be direct sourcing, or networking methods, or even internal mobility.



Julie Zuckerberg can also manage contract governance along with business relationships with various search firms and such other companies. This allows her to achieve timely as well as extensive sourcing of candidates who are top quality as well as highly diverse.



Julie Zuckerberg had earlier worked in the capacity of a Hire Recruiting Lead. She was also the Corporate Vice President of an Insurance Company that was based in New York. This was for four months. Here, she was leading all the hire roles within this agency. She was also managing their recruitment process. These consisted of team project managers as well as recruiters. She has worked at top positions in a number of other firms. These include the Citi Global Consumer Bank where she was the Vice President as well as Executive Recruiter. She has also served at Hudson where she was the Director of Candidate Placement.



Her other interests include art and food and photography. She is also interested in technology and running. She is presently living in Manhattan, New York. She likes to spend time with her family when she is not working.

Evolution of Smooth Reveals Business Strategy to Fast Company

Evolution of Smooth, or EOS as most people call them, have been notably quiet about their business strategy and techniques, but now, in this exclusive Fast Company interview, they have revealed some of the information about their success in the lip balm industry.

EOS ( ) appeared on the scene less than a decade ago, but in that short amount of time, they have climbed nearly to the top of the market. Second only to Burt’s Bees, EOS moves over one million units per week and predictions expect growth to continue into the future.

But what exactly did EOS do to make them so successful?

Their approach was multifaceted and key parts include: a target demographic, a unique and engaging design, and targeting the weak parts of their market.

The lip balm industry is over a century old, but in that time lip balm has changed very little. The methods of selling and marketing it have remained essentially unchanged. Lip balm is typically sold in small tubes with a unisex and almost clinical feel to it, i.e., Chapstick or Blistex.

But lip balm is primarily purchased and used by women, so EOS based their demographic (millennial women) around that knowledge and set out to design a product that could be different than what was available on the market.

And that’s how the idea of the very recognizable EOS lip balm came to be. With its smooth and unique orb shape, its lack of markings on the package, and its fun smells and flavors, EOS lip balm is certainly set apart from the typical lip balm.

It did take a little bit of time to find a buyer, though. But the founders soon found their lucky break and now EOS can be purchased on Costco, Walmart and Target, online on and Amazon.

Flavio Maluf, The President Of An Environmentally Friendly Company

Flavio Maluf is the president of Eucatex Group of Companies based in Brazil. One of the most innovative companies Brazil is Eucatex. This is because the company uses unique materials to have their products created with the highest technology in the world. The company on Twitter produces products such as furniture and tiles made of eucalyptus trees. A unique type of woods used by the business to create their products is Eucalyptus trees. The company also works to make materials made from the tree including paints and tamburato. While the company makes products which are consumed locally at home, they also make products for the construction industry at

For more than five decades, the company has worked to serve the Brazilian market with innovation and products. In the recent past, they increased their product production and exported them to other parts of the world. Most of the countries which receive the company’s products praise the kind of technology and innovation used to make the products. For all the goods they make, they are always cautious about conserving the environment while the company was founded at a time when the country had no regulations which work to control the use of natural trees in the environment, the company sought to fight for the future of the Brazilian people by conserving the environment.

The current president of the company is Flavio Maluf. He is a member of the founding Maluf family of Eucatex. For all his work, he has also struggled to keep up with the spirit his grandfather had when he founded the company. When Eucatex was founded, there were no government laws which would inhibit the careless use of the environment. However, the company sought to maintain this spirit and make the world a better place for the future generations. The company took many steps to have the environment conserved through their actions as we know they speak louder than words. Flavio Maluf graduated from the University of Penteado Fundacao based in Brazil. For this reason, he went on to study Business Administration at the University of New York. Therefore, he attained the credentials to enter the business world in Brazil.

Some information can be read on

George Soros – Powerful Political Contributor And World Renowned Opinion Leader

George Soros is the founder of the “Open Society Foundation” and the founder and owner of the Soros Fund Management. Soros Fund Management was named as the most profitable company in the hedge fund sector with close to $30 Billion in assets under management and giving out returns annually at the rate of 20 percent for over four decades. George Soros, age 86, is an influential opinion leader, success hedge funder, investor, author and philanthropist. In the recent U.S. Presidential Elections, Soros supported Hillary Clinton’s campaign with all his resources. George Soros funded Clinton’s campaign directly and through Democratic Super PACs more than $24 million.

George Soros is among the richest in the world, and his net worth is estimated at $25.2 Billion. Currently, he is the 19th richest person in the world is the resident and citizen of the United States. Consistent with his support for social causes and immigrant reforms and eliminating racial disparity from the U.S. society, which Soros feels is one of the biggest problems of the country, Soros recently committed $500 million to support businesses started by refugees and immigrants on He feels personally for the immigrants and the refugees because he has gone through such plight himself after fleeing Hungary occupied then by Nazis. George Soros fled to London, where he joined London School of Economics and worked as a railway porter on the side. After graduating, he acceded to a merchant bank and that marked his beginnings in the world of finance, and the rest, as they say, is history.

To boost his career and advance in the field of finance, he moved to New York and worked in the Wall Street. In 1969, he established his first-ever hedge fund with $12 million that later came to be known as the Quantum Fund on He is widely known for breaking the Bank of England in 1992 when he made a short sale of the company’s share in massive quantities, putting the Bank of England on the path of destruction. He is one of the most powerful and influential political contributors in the U.S. to liberal candidates. The victory of Donald Trump is something that upset him tremendously as he believes that his views, working style, and ideology would lead the United States backward, and may even cause national security risks because of his radical views on

Numerous organizations and charities receive directly or through his first organization, Open Society Foundation, monetary contributions to support and promote the causes that align with those of George Soros. Some of the notable of these charities are Advancement Project, All of Us or None, America Coming Together, Black Alliance For Just Immigration, Bill of Rights Defense Committee, Brookings Institution, Ballot Initiative Strategy Center, Change America Now, Colors of Change, Common Cause, Constitution Project, and more.