Tony Petrello- Great track record in managing Nabors Industries

The role of Tony Petrello in development of Nabors Industries is clear to everyone who has gone through his profile as a business leader. Since he joined the oil and gas drilling firm in the 1990s, he has not relented from making it a top company in the world. He has used his brilliance as a manager to bring positive results for the company. Although he came from the legal sector and had no training in business management, his results show of a man who has gone beyond education to become one of the top corporate executives in America.

Tony Petrello gained prominence as when he was featured as one of the top earning CEO in 2015. Since then, many people who did not know him have tried to understand what he is all about. More information about the CEO has been revealed on how he took a fledgling company a made it a top company globally. His contribution to the success of this firm is an inspirational story to anyone who has dreams of working in the corporate sector. He has worked brilliantly helping the company move from one level of success to another. His achievement in management has been impeccable although he has never stepped in a business management class to be taught how to manage a business. He has worked his way up from a legal and math background to becoming a top executive.

Nabors Industries is a company which was established in the 1960s. Tony Petrello joined this firm in 1991. He was hired by the management then because he showed great abilities in dealing with problems facing the company when he was the legal counsel for the firm. He was later appointed the Chief Operating Officer, a position he held for two decades until he was promoted to the position of the CEO.

Tony Petrello left a good track record of results as the COO. In fact, it is his success while working as the COO that made him be promoted to the position of the CEO. He has proved that he had everything it takes to lead the firm. His contributions as the COO were part of the reasons the company was making very good results every year. He initiated the expansion of the company which is one of the reasons why the company has been doing very well. Currently, the company has operations in over 25 countries’ besides supplying drilling technology to numerous other locations.

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Immigrant Activists Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey in the war against inhumane acts towards immigrants in Arizona

When the son of a construction worker who dropped out of university meets another dropout, seldom any progress is expected.

Such however, is not the story of Jim and mike, both university dropouts, who have been the force rallying behind the better treatment of immigrants. Theirs is a bitter sweet story because they found their calling after being thrown in jail for wrongful arrests in the era of Sheriff Joe. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Arpaio of Maricopa County in Arizona

Most people come out of jail subdued, with no fight left in them, in this instance however, jail was the wakeup call for Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey, who had been arrested in the night at their own doorsteps for articles they ran in their newspaper the Phoenix New Times exposing the sheriff department for unlawful practices.

Jim and Mike’s brainchild: The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Spending 23 days in custody is not the best experience especially for innocent people and Jim and Mike were not about to let that slide. They sued the county and with the $3.75 million they won from the lawsuit, begun the journey they still walk today.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was set up by Jim and Mike to help Latin-American groups in their state of Arizona. This is the reason why any immigrant in the state of Arizona County will easily identify Jim and Mike, because they were their knights in shining amour in their years of destitution.

Jim and Mike’s journey has been long and eventful. Journeys that saw two dropouts from Arizona State University, establish their first venture Phoenix New Times then move on to Village Voice Media Holdings, both companies that were the best example of free media, investigative reporting and journalistic instincts without fear or favour. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Although they sold their media outlet to concentrate on their foundation, Jim and Mike continue to be journalists at heart especially since they now also run a website called Front Page Confidential that is the whistle blower for crimes against free speech and the First Amendment.

In recent times, however, what may appear to many as a party pooper, Sheriff Joe Arpaio was pardoned by the Trump Administration and is today a free man despite his obvious crimes.

Jim and Mike have however taken that in their stride and continue to fight the good fight for the people that do not have the power to do so for themselves.

More about former Sheriff Arpaio

Arpaio may be a hero to nationalists and people that hate immigrants but is the man who used his power to trample upon the rights of the Latino and Hispanic communities during his tenure by breaking the First Amendment and often being let off the hook.

Mike and Jim however, momentarily ensured he got what he deserved by letting him charged for his crimes. He did not finish his jail term however, something that does not sit well with activists.

Malcolm CasSelle: Combating Fraudsters in the Online Gaming World

Online gaming has been around for decades, and through the years, it has been one of the most entertaining ways to experience leisure and recreation. Because of the numerous developments in the industry, and the rising demand for games, the online gaming industry grew to become a billion-dollar business. One of the most popular genres of online gaming are role-playing games, and players are serious about collecting rare items in-game that can be sold or traded with other players around the world. It has been a practice for a long time that hard-core players will be doing everything in-game to obtain a rare item. Some are paying for the rare item and trading it later on to others for a higher price. Because of the number of trades happening within the online world, some scammers and fraudsters decided to join the party, stealing items from legitimate gamers. In other cases, players are being robbed of their money for an item that does not exist.

Malcolm CasSelle is an online gamer himself, and he knows the problems faced by players around the world. Malcolm CasSelle became known recently because of the creation of the WAX platform. This platform is used to deter scammers and fraudsters, and its effectivity can be observed by checking the number of people who are trading within the game today compared to the previous years. Because of the prevalence of these scammers, online gamers started to feel unprotected online, and they are dodging trades that could end up disastrous for them. Because of the mounting complaints regarding online scammers, Malcolm CasSelle had the idea to create the online world more trader friendly.

Using his knowledge in the field of computer programming, he created a platform known as the WAX platform. His creation uses the blockchain technology to ensure that no scammers and fraudsters will be able to transact with legitimate players. The WAX platform helped reduce the number of people who think that the online world of trading is an unsafe place, and many started to restore their confidence back to the online gaming industry because of the creation of the WAX platform.


Nick Vertucci: Becoming Wealthy Through Real Estate Flipping

Real estate flipping is a practice that promises the best way to earn money and the quickest way to be rich. The method was popularized by Nick Vertucci, an American businessman, and entrepreneur. According to his online academy for real estate flippers, the method would require the purchase of a dilapidated home, especially those that are already abandoned. The real estate flipper would have to invest in fixing the house, especially the ceiling and the plumbing system. The walls should also be repainted, as well as the exteriors. It is not necessary to buy new furniture inside the house, as what the buyers would look at would be the structure itself. After renovating the house, the real estate flipper would have to work with a real estate broker to look for potential buyers. Newlyweds and families who are looking for cheap homes form the biggest percentage of customers that rely on real estate flippers. Nick Vertucci became a successful real estate flipper as he sold thousands of houses in North America. Today, he is managing his real estate flipping academy, and he is also making tours across major cities in the continent to share his experiences in life, and how real estate flipping changed him.

His life story is featured in the book “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed,” which is authored by Nick Vertucci himself. According to his story, he faced several challenges during his childhood. One of the challenges that he had to face was the death of his father. It was devastating to his family, and his mother had to work hard to provide for him and his siblings. The young Nick Vertucci understood that he had to make a sacrifice, and once he reached 18 years old, he decided to live on his own and establish a business that deals with computer parts.

His business did not last long, as he went bankrupt after the crash in the early 2000s. He had to look for other opportunities on how he could earn money, and his friend told him to attend a seminar about the method known as real estate flipping. Nick Vertucci became interested and joined the seminar. He learned so much about the practice and decided to do it himself. It was difficult to sell a property at first, but with determination and hard work, everything becomes easier. He was able to sell a lot of properties, giving him access to more wealth.

Academy of Art University’s Proven Success

Academy of Art University is a famous university located in San Francisco, California. It was founded by Richard S. Stephens in 1929, whom also ran the school until 1951. At that point, leadership was transferred to his son Richard A. Stephens. In 1992, the leadership changed once again to his daughter named Elisa Stephen. She continues to run the university to this day.

Under the direction of Elisa Stephens, the university has seen its attendance skyrocket. Starting from 2000 to near 18,000 by 2012, the attendance has since leveled to around 12,000 in the last academic year. The university prides itself on a 100% admissions rate. It also boasts being the biggest private art and design university in the country.

During the last 15 years, the university has increased its accreditation status. It offers degrees of all levels, and was recognized by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges in 2007. In addition, they are a member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. The demographics show that more than half of the students are female. On the side, they run the Academy of Art University Automobile Museum. This museum houses some of the rarest cars in existence.

The website Globe News Wire recently posted a press release from the Academy of Art University regarding the recent hit movie Avengers: Infinity War. A former student, Jan Philip Cramer, severed as animation supervisor. He is the most recent in a long list of alumni to have success in the Hollywood industry.

Anyone looking to get into the film or art industry would likely want to consider the Academy of Art University. They have all the required classes and have a proven track record of alumni getting into the industry. The university’s credibility and leadership has only gotten stronger over the years, and will continue to guide the university well into the future.

Richard Dwayne Blair Expertise in Wealth Management

Richard Dwayne Blair name is very common in most American households. The businessman has become a top rated investment consultant because of expertise in wealth management. Richard Dwayne Blair did not get to this point of his career in the simple way like most people think.

The businessman went to school and worked hard to attain good grades that helped him acquire a position at one of the prestigious finance schools in the United States. By the time the executive was graduating and leaving the university, he was well equipped and ready to start a career in wealth management. The businessman founded a company that is called Wealth Solutions so that he could assist the people he was meeting in his career life. Fortunately, most of the people who have received his help have turned out to have great investments.

As the founder of Wealth Solutions, Richard Dwayne Blair has learned the best approaches to handle the cases that he comes across in his everyday life. The businessman understands that all people need a plan so that they can be able to successfully pursue their complex financial goals in the tight markets. Things have significantly changed for the modern customers, and this only means that without the right assistance, it is impossible for the clients to get the wealth they need when they have retired.

In order to make sure that customers are satisfied because of the services they are getting from his company, Richard Dwayne Blair has introduced the three pillar approach that has proved to be very successful for all the customers. The map to success is always filled with great challenges for the ordinary investor.

With the three pillar approach offered by Wealth Solutions, consumers do not have to worry about the financial status of the future. Richard Dwayne Blair has been in wealth management for a long time, and he is capable of handling all the challenges a customer is facing. The process that is followed by the company is not difficult for the clients to understand, and this is why most people trust the kind of services the company offers.

Discover What Made Vinod Gupta a Smart Investor

All people would wish to invest today and reap impressive investment returns a few hours later. Nonetheless, this doesn’t always apply in the business world. Patience is one of the virtues every business person needs to develop. Most people don’t realize when impatience overtakes them until a lucrative business opportunity flips through their hands. Whenever you intend to invest in any area, you need to give the investment time to grow. Great entrepreneurs like Vinod Gupta know this is true since it has been part of their journey to successful investing. The investment markets are changing and those inspiring to join the business industry need to realize this.

Gupta says he didn’t just wake up one morning and became a top manager at Everest Group. It has been a journey of great patience. He desired to be successful in business when he was still very young. His main driving force was succeeding in business so he could help his family and community also thrive in this sector. Throughout his long journey in investing, Vinod Gupta has realized one doesn’t become a successful businessperson by investing a lot of money to any of the highly profitable companies. He says investing is having the right management skills that see small margin profits get to a bloated level.

Gupta was born on a day when America was commemorating its independence day. He was born in 1946 in India at a place known as New Delhi. He grew up in a poor and remote tiny village where the modern amenities didn’t exist. It was rare to find modern transportation, infrastructure, running water, TV, and electricity in the village where Vinod Gupta was born. Nevertheless, this didn’t hinder him from being the renowned businessperson he has become. He went to a high school in the same village without losing hope in the great man he saw himself becoming someday.

He then went for his degree studies at IIT, Kharagpur, and graduated with a degree in B.Tech. Gupta luckily got a graduate assistantship, which took him to Nebraska University, Lincoln, for further studies. He graduated with a degree in engineering and a master’s degree in business administration. Vinod Gupta is the man behind the American Business Lists that compiled lists from the yellow pages and databases in 1972 before the internet was invented.

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Vinod Gupta


Rodrigo Terpins the Ambitious Brazilian Rally Driver

Rodrigo Terpins is a 41-year-old talented Brazilian rally driver who has participated in numerous competitions like the Sertoes Rally. His expertise is from a foundation of his sports career and also being brought up from a family that loves sports. His passion for sports is tremendous as he spends most of his time comprehensively on sports. Rodrigo Terpin is a remarkable high achiever as a rally driver. He is always overwhelmed by the adrenaline rush of competitions in rallies. He said that his progress is due to high discipline, patient and having experience.




Rodrigo comes from a family whose love for sports is immense. Jack Turnips, his father, was a basketball player who dedicated his life to making the game better. His skills lead him to be the president of Hebrew’s Sports director in 1991. He later became the president of the Latin American Jewish Congress. His brother Michael Terpins who is his greatest mentor is also an exclusive rally driver. Rodrigo Terpin in collaboration with his brother participated in racing in the last four events with the T-Rex which was formed by MEM Motorsport Firm specifically for the two. They have shown their advanced skills and expertise as rally drivers. Check out for more.





Recently Rodrigo Terpins together with his colleague Fabricio Machine participated in the 22nd edition of the Sertoes Rally. The Rally coverage was 2600kilometers which had been divided into numerous stages. The pair was showing remarkable progress in most of the steps, showing their excellent skills in driving. In the TI prototype race, they emerged top 10 by being in the 8th category, among other 38 competitors. The duos could have done better, but they persevered some difficulties during the race, but despite that, they still accomplished the race successfully. In another Sertos Competition in a TI prototype category, they were at the 6th place ranking out of the overall 13.




Rodrigo terpins is internationally recognized for his unique skills in driving. The Brazilian driver throughout his career, he has shown remarkable progress, in collaboration with his brother and other colleagues.


Jeff Herman on Parents and Sexual Abuse

Jeff Herman is an aggressive and vehement lawyer who is an advocate to survivors of sexual abuse, rape, and sexual exploitation. Herman represents people of all ages from all walks of life. Throughout his career of twenty-five years, Herman has represented and been an advocate for over 1,000 women, men, and children.

While Jeff Herman will help all clients of all ages, he has special expertise in being an advocate for and representing children. Jeff has gone through specialized training in various forensic interviewing techniques. Using these techniques, especially with children, gives them the opportunity to disclose their experience but limits the amount of trauma, anxiety, and other negative feelings that could be experienced.

It seems like today sexual abuse, rape, or sexual exploitation are on the rise. It is nearly impossible to watch or read the news without sexual abuse, of one kind or another, being included in the highlights. Luckily, Jeff Herman has offered parents advice about how to talk about this sensitive topic with their children and warning signs parents should be aware of.

First, and perhaps the most important, is that parents need to open up lines of communication and ensure that the dialogue is age appropriate. Children need to have a clear understanding about their bodies, what their body parts are called, and what areas are 100% off limits. Second, children need to know that if somebody is making them uncomfortable they can tell them to stop, they can and should say no. Third, parents need to give their children examples so that they understand that sexual predators can be anyone, even people who are supposed to be ‘good.’ Fourth, open lines of communication and the conversation about sexual abuse needs to continually be talked about.

There are a number of signs that abuse has taken place that parents need to be aware of. While this list isn’t a guarantee that a child has been a victim of sexual abuse, they are warnings that should concern a parent. First, a sudden and sometimes drastic change in behavior, especially when that behavior is sexual in nature. Second, if a child regresses back to a former behavior they have already outgrown. Third, if a child starts feeling depressed, anxious, or angry, and one of the bigger concerns should be a child who starts using self-harm, which is both a coping mechanism and a cry for help.

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In-depth Interview with Jeff Herman of Herman Law

Getting Inside The Head Of Roseann Bennett

As a therapist who specializes in marriages and family issues, Roseann Bennett has been helping people in her career for more than 10 years now. She has prided herself in helping as many people as possible from all walks of life. She helps countless individuals and families make it through some of life’s most difficult challenges. As part of her treatment specialties, she works with people regarding a whole facet of issues such as marital and family therapies, individual therapy, case management, treatment planning and crisis management. Throughout New Jersey in particular, she worked with many young adolescents and families.

Bennett has proven that she is a compassionate therapist who has a very diverse background in therapy and assessing certain situations that need to be dealt with carefully. She is also a business leader who is a forward-thinker.

Balancing Home And Work Life

As any professional can testify, it is always hard work to balance your home and work life. Roseann is a professional marriage and family therapist at work. However, when the day ends, her other profession of being a wife and a loving mother begins. She feels that to be the best at both, she has always had to sacrifice something of her own in the process. Whether it be self-care or sleep, she puts everyone else’s needs above her own. She has admitted that she often struggles with the difference between getting what she “needs or wants” and lets things slide when she shouldn’t for the sake of everyone else.

Her Daily Tasks And Responsibilities

Her daily tasks and responsibilities vary greatly each day. However, she always starts her days early and she can be found doing a variety of tasks such as developing programs, having therapy sessions and writing policy. She puts her therapy with her clients at the top of her priority list each day. A majority of each of her days goes to helping those that need it.

Productivity Tips

She has a lot of tips for people looking to be more productive in their day-to-day tasks. Her biggest tip that she can offer is to vary your time of attention greatly. Give your ideas a lot of intense thought, then walk away to ponder a bit. Afterwards, come back to revisit the idea with a fresh mind.