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Joe Arpaio and the founding of Frontera Fund

In the article ‘The Incident that Launched Frontera Fund’, writers for the Frontera Fund explain how the founders, Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin were falsely detained by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office under the orders of the corrupt Joe Arpaio.

According to them, they were taken into custody over the fact that they were journalists and would write articles on how Arpaio was mishandling the sheriff’s department. Arpaio did not take kindly to such allegations and went around legal means to issue a subpoena for both men’s arrest.

The gentlemen were arrested in their homes on the night of October 18, 2007, in front of their families. They were taken to different locations to be kept. Once the public learned of the unjust arrest there was an outcry and the men were set free with the charges fully dropped.

The pair immediately turned the tables on Arpaio, taking him to court and winning a settlement of $3.7 million that they invested in starting the Frontera Fund. The basis of the fund is to help Mexican migrants once they reach Arizona. Lacey and Larkin wrote about how these people were mistreated, illegally detained, and abused by the sheriff’s office and Joe Arpaio specifically.

They knew he was corrupt and were not afraid to say so or to share the things he did with the general public. Up until Larkin and Lacey refused to stand down, many other outlets had been intimidated into keeping quiet; they would not, however.

Their arrests came after another attempt to quiet the two men. When those tactics didn’t work, Arpaio sent deputies out to arrest them, using a subpoena not sanctioned or approved by the state of Arizona. The men knew that this act violated their First Amendment rights and so did the public.

In the original article, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals was quoted saying, “It is hard to conceive of a more direct assault on the First Amendment than public officials ordering the immediate arrests of their critics. And, in this case, there was nothing subtle about their efforts to stifle the New Times.”

Because their rights had been violated due to one man not wanting people talking bad about him or spreading the truth of his inner workings, the state of Arizona was cost millions of dollars to make up for the original lack of justice. The two men still run the foundation and still help migrants.

A Longer Life with Organo Gold

A recent article in USA Today is highlighting the overwhelming benefits of having that delicious morning cup of coffee. The article states that drinking coffee has been associated with a lower risk of heart disease, cancer, strokes, diabetes, and kidney disease across multiple ethnicities. Additionally, according to the article there is said to be an 18% decrease in the chance of death for those individuals who drank two or three cups of coffee a day. The fact that coffee can lower the risk in these populations proves that coffee is good for you no matter who you are.

So, what does that mean for Organo Gold? When you are looking for a cup of coffee with premium ingredients and a beautiful blend, you will look no further than Organo Gold. Organo uses the Ganoderma mushroom in all their premium coffees and teas. The Ganoderma mushroom is famous in Asia for its health benefits and “spiritual potency”. This unique ingredient only adds to the restorative benefits of coffee by invigorating the imbiber with a strong robust, flavor that will quickly establish it as a stable in their morning routine. Organa Gold is not only challenging the world of supreme flavor, but it is giving consumers a wonderful product.

In addition to offering premium coffees and teas at a great price, Organa Gold also does its part to give back to the community. This organic company strives to make the world a better place to live in. Through their work with OG Cares, they are impacting the leaders of tomorrow by reaching out to the local youths in their community. Surely, Organa Gold is a company you can live a longer, happier life with.

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Doe Deere Makeup Developer for the Not So Typical Lady

Doe Deere, also known as Xenia Verotova, was born Izhevsk, Russia on June 15, 1981. Raised in New York, Ms. Deere currently resides in Los Angeles, California with 3 cats and her husband, Mark who played guitar in Sky Salt. Doe Deere founded Lime Crime makeup in 2008. The headquarters are located in New York, New York. She believes that makeup should do more than hide imperfections. Makeup should be fun, whimsical, and change your personality and identity. Doe Deere originally wanted to have a career in fashion design and, so studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Before she graduated, Deere decided to start her own clothing line called Lime Crime.

Doe Deere also has an interest in music. Growing up in New York city, Deere took guitar lessons. For awhile, she joined a fairy-tale themed band called Sky Salt. She met a guitarist named Mark, who was a band member. In 2006, the group disbanded. Ms. Deere had to find another goal.

Soon after Sky Salt disbanded, Doe Deere tried experimenting with different kinds of makeup. By 2007, Deere founded Lime Crime Cosmetic Company. The eye shadow is colorized based on astrological signs. Aries is a red eye shadow, Pisces is blue, and Sagitarius is bright pink. Lipstick can come in a roll on or in a tube. The colors come in traditional and unusual, including dark purple, golden-yellow and silver.

In 2008, Lime Crime Cosmetics for unicorns was created. Doe Deere gave up the idea of designing clothes and decided to market her own makeup line instead. Doe Deere had created a partnership with Melanie Martinez, a reknowned makeup artist. In addition to traditional colored lipsticks of reds, oranges, and pinks, Deere also sells black, blue, and lavender lipstick as part of her Crime Lime collection. The eye shadow is shimmery slivery-bluish. Or if anyone is in the market for gold or silver eyeliner, Lime Crime carries it.

Doe Deere has not completely given up on clothing. She has a clothing line with outrageous designs. One particular top is white with black serpent and witchery-like designs on it. Another top borrows from Madonna’s mid-rift styles of the 1980s. This particular top is a black sheer and lacy long sleeved mid rift. Another top looks like it has Tele Tubby-like characters of people, flowers, and a cat in pink and yellow. The flowers have green stems and leaves.

There is even a shoe line. One type of shoe is a black platform shoe that laces. There are bat wings at the top of the shoe. Deere has a pink platform shoe that has criss-cross straps that tie around the ankle, like ballet slippers, only they buckle.

Doe Deere has accessories, such as a pair of socks that match the black serpent design top, perfectly. Earrings that look like the Satanic star are available only in pierced earring style. There are also pastel colored wigs for outrageous girls.