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“Traveling Vineyard:Wine Consultants At Its Finest!”

The luxurious Napa valley is celebrated for its wine! Statistics show there are more than four hundred corporeal wineries in the region which cultivates approximately fifty billion dollars to the American capital market and economy on an annual basis. Napa Valley’s wine trade alone has created over 300,000 jobs across America. It is one of the most preferred areas to vacation for the over 30 crowd. It is estimated over three million people visit this Mediterranean mecca each year for great wine and dining, but Napa Valley is brimming with all kinds of fun activities and attractions.

Due to wine being the limelight of the area, worldwide renowned chefs are naturally drawn to the location and fine dining is prevalent around every corner. Not limited to fine dining, Napa Valley offers just about every kind of culinary experience you can think of with hundreds of options. La Taberna is a very popular eating destination for the more eclectic foodies out there. Tapas are the main focus of the menu at La Taberna, but locals flock there for their weekly pig’s head and sherry tasting. One would be doing an injustice by not mentioning the Mustard’s Grill as a must-do organic, farm-to-table eating experience. Mustard’s Grill was chosen by the infamous chef, Bobby Flay, for their Mongolian Pork Chops as the most delicious dish he has ever eaten. For a truly unforgettable experience, one must simply consider dining at the French Laundry, where Chef Thomas Keller makes every dish with an artistic flare.

If one is passionate about the sport of golf, Napa valley will be a virtual paradise with many different lush green 18-hole courses. Eagle Vineyards & Golf Club is a first-class amenity that features phenomenal landscape and was constructed by pro-golfer Johnny Miller. The Silverado Resort features over 360 acres of wildlife that’s attracted to its many trees,ponds and plant life. Many golf enthusiasts flock to Napa Valley for the various challenging courses.

If you love to travel and are a wine enthusiast and prefer to keep your own hours when it comes to creating income, becoming a Traveling Vineyard wine guide could be the perfect career solution. Traveling Vineyard is a private business located in Massachusetts that provides in-home wine tasting parties with the incentive to sell. Currently, there are approximately 5000 working guide associates who market Traveling Vineyards wines. Guides pay an initial fee in exchange for a wine kit and marketing materials for hosting their first wine tasting event. Employees earn a 15-35% commission based on their sales earnings with many incentives to boost capital potential. Traveling Vineyard allows its employees to live an exciting and profitable standard of living.

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Designer Richard Mishaan Combines Disparate Elements to Create a Spectacular Whole

Richard Mishaan Design, the firm of one of New York’s brightest and most talented interior designers, has the unique knack of combining disparate elements to create a magnificent whole. His interiors are a delightful combination of lovingly selected antiques, rare vintage pieces and bright and colorful objets d’ art. It is fitting that he should have made it to Elle Décor A list as also the AD 100.


He is that author of the acclaimed author of Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern that were released by The Monacelli Press at Random House. Mishaan firmly believes that one’s soul and mind are profoundly influenced by culture and travel. Furthermore, he believes that his immense love of craftsmanship, as represented by the creation of handmade textiles, porcelain and other forms of decorative arts provides him with the elements that make him create the spectacular environments that he is famous for.


Apart from doing residences, Mishaan loves to design hotels. Some of his notable projects are the Shelborne Hotel in South Beach, Hotel Tcherassi in Cartagena Colombia and the Marriot AC on South Beach. What is intriguing about Mishaan is the fact that he is well versed in fashion, interior design and architecture, which combined with his Columbian roots provide him with a perspective that is uniquely his own.


He began his career working as an apprentice in the offices of Philip Johnson after completing hid BA from New York University, which was preceded by studying at Columbia University School of Architecture. Over the years he has acquired a formidable reputation as a designer of rare sensitivity and sensibility. Ample evidence of this could be had at his chock o block with art residence in New York, a unique showcase of his designing abilities if it were ever needed. As is typical of him this landmark home on Fifth Avenue has a stunning collection of furnishings, patterns, textures and a wide and spectacular array of art.


In the house, you will find artworks by Manolo Valdes and Donald Baechlr, a Manolo Valdes sculpture as well as a Rob Wynne glass wall piece. One needs time to take in and appreciate the sheer art that is on display there. It is this sense of genius that Mishaan brings to his work that makes him such a rage with well-heeled clients who work with him to create beautiful homes, hotels and retail spaces.


Who else but Mishaan could amalgamate antiquity with modernity with such exquisite grace to a 16th-century residence in Cartagena in his country of birth Columbia, which serves as his summer getaway? This is located in a historic center, that is part of a designated World Heritage Site, which necessitated him adhering to stringent preservation codes.


Well, that’s Mishaan for you-ever ready to meet a challenge that helps him follow his heart. Shakespeare had said, “If music be the food of love, then play on.” This could just easily be said of Richard Mishaan’s art. May it keep on growing and thriving for a long time to come.