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Jason Hope: Thinking about our Future

Jason Hope, a well respected Arizona Entrepreneur,is known for his persistence and determination. When he decides to pursue something, it often becomes more of a passion than a business interest. A native Arizonan, Jason was born and raised in Tempe, AZ. and he received his Bachelor’s Degree and his Master’s Degree from Arizona State University. Soon after completing his education, Jason used enthusiasm and high energy to make a mark for himself in the business community. He no longer lives in his hometown of Tempe, but he hasn’t wandered far. Nearby Scottsdale is where he hangs his hat these days.

Jason Hope has many interests, but one of his primary ones involves anti-aging research. Those unfamiliar with the topic may wonder if this has to do with reconstructive surgery or the sale of rejuvenating face creams. The type of research Mr. Long and the LENS institute promote involves a wide array of treatment possibilities for a wide array of disorders. It has more to do with living well for a good long while rather than waiting for a diagnosis and then beginning treatment once a disease has progressed.

In 2010, Jason hope donated $500,00 to the SENS Foundation. The primary goal of this non-profit organization is to further research that promotes anti-aging. Mr. Long has indicated that what he likes about this foundation is their focus on prevention combined with their willingness to take a less mainstream approach.

John Hope says that prevention is an essential tool to increase quality of life along with longevity. The foundation is dedicated to designing and accelerating availability of medications that can serve many medical conditions and contributed to a longer, healthier life. Jason Hope is a proactive man who takes a proactive approach to business and to life. He understands that prevention is the key to staying healthy.

The generous gift donated by Jason Hope opened important, new avenues to physicians, scientists, and others in the medical research field. The Cambridge Sens Laboratory is home to a new research project designed to seek and develop new treatments for anti-aging issues. Modern Medicine has long leaned towards spending research dollars on treatment rather than prevention. It has taken many years for the medical world to look forward in such a way. Perhaps technology has allowed us more time to contemplate the concept of prevention. Still, prevention research requires money. Thanks to open minded thinkers like Jason Hope, we can all have a little greater optimism about what the future holds for our health.

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Jason Hope the Passionate Tech Entrepreneur

Jason Hope is a successful tech entrepreneur, futurist, and philanthropist based in Arizona. He is also a frequent writer and a commentator on the latest technological trends. Jason is passionate about the growth of technology through the Internet of Things. He also likes to help aspiring entrepreneurs grow their business ideas.

Jason Hope grew up in Tempe and attended W.P. Carey School of Business, where he acquired an MBA. He also pursued a degree in finance at Arizona State University. One would expect Jason to kick start his career with a business related profession. Ironically, he created Jawa, a mobile communications company. Jason was passionate about investing in technology because it is simply a catalyst for change. He also believes that it still has room growth. Jason Hope has applied the benefits of technology to lay the foundation for the future of technology. For more info about us: click here.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a trend that excites Jason Hope. He believes that this trend will make a huge impact in the society. Smart technology is a convenient option for consumers of this day and age. Jason believes that IoT makes the daily lives of people easier. He has already seen the bigger picture, and that is why he is a smart man for investing in the Internet of Everything. Jason has also invested widely in other technological fields by providing services such as marketing, digital media solutions, and business information systems just to mention a few.

Jason is a passionate philanthropist. As an entrepreneur and business owner, Jason Hope believes that his assets have put him in a position to give back to the society. He intends to see the local communities of Arizona thrive. Jason supports humanitarian organisations that focus on improving the future of humankind. He donated $500,000 to SENS Foundation. Jason’s donation will play a significant role in shaping the future of biotechnology.

Jason Hope supports and cultivates aspiring entrepreneurs. Often, many young entrepreneurs have great ideas but lack finances and insight to bring them to life. Jason helps college students and seniors in high school to make their ideas a reality.

In a nutshell, Jason Hope is the indeed a successful tech entrepreneur and a philanthropist as well. Jason believes that the Internet of Things will make a significant change in the future. He also likes helping young entrepreneurs grow their great ideas to life. All in all, Jason Hope is nothing but a true definition of a passionate tech entrepreneur.