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Solo Capital Prospers Under Sanjay Shah

If you spend any time in the investment arena there is a better than average chance that the name Solo Capital has come up. This London-based financial boutique was founded in September 2011as a consulting firm with proprietary trading. A large part of their service revolve around asset & performance management in the area of professional sports. They also represent and advise along with acquiring talented individuals in the sports arena.

Solo Capital is the public face for Outperform Capital Ltd which operates privately in the United Kingdom. Another major part of their daily routine is proprietary trading which most traders understand will be related to Trading in the area of Derivatives, Commodities and FX. Solo Capital is the brainchild of Sanjay Shah who did not initially set out to build a career in the financial and investment arena. Reports indicate that Shah had high hopes of making it big in the field of medicine where he expected to eventually become a doctor.

Solo Capital according to company check UK is not the only financial investment made by Shah, in fact, his assets include companies stationed in the Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, British Virgin Islands, Malta, Dubai and a few dozen located on the streets of London. After changing gears from his aspirations of becoming a doctor Shah went to work for well-known financial institutions like Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and Merril Lynch as an accountant. When the financial world took a beating in 2009 Shah found himself without a position and decided that it was time to become his own financial leader.

Sanjay Shah continued to invest in businesses like Aesa S.a.r.l. and Solo Group Holdings. The year 2014 was another profitable year for Shah with the additional acquisition of Old Park Lane Capital, which primarily operated as an invitation only stockbroker. Recent reports indicate that Sanjay Shah is worth approximately $280 million United States dollars and has decided to retire.

Shah was faced with a different set of challenges as a parent, which involved a diagnosis of a Neurodevelopment disorder of his son who was 4 years old at the time. Sanjay decided to use his connections to raise awareness for the disease. An opportunity was created through an organization called Autism Rocks where concerts were staged with the sole purpose of raising awareness. These events were by invitation only and featured big names like Snoop Dogg, Lenny Kravitz and Drake. He continues his dedication through contributions, a website called “Autism.Rocks” and his position as trustee for Autism Research.