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Rodrigo Terpins the Ambitious Brazilian Rally Driver

Rodrigo Terpins is a 41-year-old talented Brazilian rally driver who has participated in numerous competitions like the Sertoes Rally. His expertise is from a foundation of his sports career and also being brought up from a family that loves sports. His passion for sports is tremendous as he spends most of his time comprehensively on sports. Rodrigo Terpin is a remarkable high achiever as a rally driver. He is always overwhelmed by the adrenaline rush of competitions in rallies. He said that his progress is due to high discipline, patient and having experience.




Rodrigo comes from a family whose love for sports is immense. Jack Turnips, his father, was a basketball player who dedicated his life to making the game better. His skills lead him to be the president of Hebrew’s Sports director in 1991. He later became the president of the Latin American Jewish Congress. His brother Michael Terpins who is his greatest mentor is also an exclusive rally driver. Rodrigo Terpin in collaboration with his brother participated in racing in the last four events with the T-Rex which was formed by MEM Motorsport Firm specifically for the two. They have shown their advanced skills and expertise as rally drivers. Check out for more.





Recently Rodrigo Terpins together with his colleague Fabricio Machine participated in the 22nd edition of the Sertoes Rally. The Rally coverage was 2600kilometers which had been divided into numerous stages. The pair was showing remarkable progress in most of the steps, showing their excellent skills in driving. In the TI prototype race, they emerged top 10 by being in the 8th category, among other 38 competitors. The duos could have done better, but they persevered some difficulties during the race, but despite that, they still accomplished the race successfully. In another Sertos Competition in a TI prototype category, they were at the 6th place ranking out of the overall 13.




Rodrigo terpins is internationally recognized for his unique skills in driving. The Brazilian driver throughout his career, he has shown remarkable progress, in collaboration with his brother and other colleagues.