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How Norman Pattiz Transformed To The Broadcasting Mogul He Is Today

Recently the PodcastOne and the Edison Research came in unison to conduct a case study on the advertising test of five major brands in the country. The study brought about positive results on the brand recall with the intent to purchase. The recall of specific messaging has also been good.

The conclusive findings were that the more than half of the grocery brand was listed accurately. There is also an increase in the unaided awareness of products in the post study as compared to the pre study. Their opinion of the audience on the automobile was found to be responsive finally; there was also significant enhancement in awareness of specific campaigns.

Edison Research has also previously worked with Podcast One 2016 conducting three studies on the effectiveness of podcast advertising. These studies include five major brands nationwide: the famous lines that need broadcast on new messaging and the newbies that aim at increasing their awareness.

Before the study an online survey was conducted then the podcast advertising did a podcast advertising campaign taking one month or so. The audience was welcoming to the messages, and there was an increase in the willingness to purchase.

Norman Pattiz, the executive of PodcastOne, insisted that their core objective was to certify podcast as an advertising podcast that surpasses the traditional advertising forums. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: and

Tom Weber, Strategy vice president of Edison Research, pointed out that podcast advertising as enabled learning about the audience and also important impacts of various measures.

Bloomberg revealed that Norman Pattiz is a broadcasting businessman with over four decades of expertise in radio syndication. He graduated with a degree from the University of California. Over the years he has made a reputation playing a wide part in the incorporation of America’s Arabic language radio and TV in more than 40 countries in the Middle East.

On two occasions he was appointed to the Broadcasting Board of Governors in the USA by two presidents. By founding Courtside Entrepreneur Group, he tapped the unrecognised opportunities in audio through providing quality programming.

His work has received recognition and won the Giants of Broadcasting Award. His name also made it to the National Radio Hall of Fame. Initially, Mr Norman started the Westwood One who made a mark as the largest news provider in the Broadcasting industry by owning a variety of shows in different fields.

Norman is currently the chairman of Los Alamos National Securities laboratories and also Lawrence Livermore. He is an active participant in the Foreign Relations and Pacific Council of international relations. He is also the sole owner of the PodcastOne.