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Sheldon Lavin: The OSI Group’s Visonary, Innovative, Beloved Chief Executive

Global food processing company the OSI Group owes its international growth to the vision and business experience of chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin. Lavin has degrees in business, finance and accounting from Roosevelt University, the University of Illinois and DePaul University. He also spent several years in the banking industry. Lavin was also a very successful investor and had a decade and a half experience running his financial consulting company before becoming involved with the OSI Group in the 1970s. By the 1980s he owned the company and was focused on international expansion.

The growth of the OSI Group to its leadership position in the worldwide food services industry is the fulfillment of the vision Sheldon Lavin had for the company ever since he first took control of it. Lavin began by expanding to China with its emerging market of over a billion people. Over the course of 20 years, he built 10 food processing facilities there. Lavin also built facilities or acquired companies in India, Japan, Hong Kong and the Philippines. He did the same thing in Australia, Mexico and Brazil, as part of his plan to give the OSI Group a global presence.

The OSI Group’s expansion in Europe was another important goal for Sheldon Lavin. He began by building new facilities in Hungary, Spain and Poland. Then he dramatically increased the production capacity of the OSI Group’s meat processing facility in Toledo, Spain. Lavin then acquired Baho Foods, this increased the company’s customer base in Holland and Germany. Next, Lavin attained a controlling interest in the food production company Flagship Europe which is based in the United Kingdom. This combination of building production facilities and buying companies gave the OSI Group customers in two dozen European countries.

One of the important keys to the successful international expansion of the OSI Group is attention Sheldon Lavin has placed on producing high quality, nutritious, tasty, innovative food products designed to satisfy the needs of people from diverse cultures. Lavin’s ability to work in harmony with foreign governments and local suppliers and marketing people also helped. Plus, Lavin instituted award-winning environmental management and worker safety policies and procedures, developed and maintained a family atmosphere in the company and created a generous benefits package for workers.

As a result the OSI Group has a happy staff and low worker turnover. And Sheldon Lavin is a much beloved, highly successful, chief executive.

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The Success of Sheldon Lavin

For you to be successful, you got to have the ability to hold on to your dream. When things get tough, you have to persevere and do what you need to do, to make a difference. As you start up, many people do not risk funds to assist you. People only join in when the going is great. Well call it mean, but that is just how human beings are, they love ready-made things.

Sheldon Lavin is among the individuals who stood with his dream until he made it come true. Lavin’s idea was to start a stream of companies to help in the distribution of foods. The only way he could achieve this was by becoming a financial advisor.

Sheldon Lavin says that he was very scared at first. He felt like his abilities were not up to the standards. He says that it is normal to be afraid when you are starting a new venture. The only thing you need to do is continue with your plan.

Recently the India’s Vision World Academy awarded Sheldon with the Global Visionary Award. The program has been in existence for the past five years now. The purpose of the academy is to appreciate those who struggled at all means to make their dreams come true. They are also motivated to keep pressing on in their journey. The other purpose that the academy gives the award is to see that they motivate the upcoming investors to overcome all their challenges.

Sheldon Lavin says that his breakthrough happened when he met the Otto & Sons. They wanted to be financed. He believed in their strategy and financed their expansion. Later, when the father retired, the sons invited him to become their partner. Later, Lavin realized that the jobs were very promising and he decided to join the firm on a full-time basis. He says he is very grateful for the decision he made because today, the OSI Group is nationally recognized. The progress has been amazing, and they continue to cover more areas.

Sheldon Lavin says he began making his profits, in his first year in business. The secret behind his quick success is investing on a large-scale basis. He advises the young investors who have the financial ability to invest in large quantities. He explains that this helps in minimizing the cost of the business as one is able to enjoy the benefits of the economies of scale.

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President And COO David McDonald: Helping The OSI Group Surpass Expectations

Since 1987, Iowa born food processing industry veteran David McDonald has been helping to build food services industry giant, the OSI Group. McDonald started as a project manager and is now chief operating officer and president of the company. He is known for his keen insight into the inner workings of the food processing industry and his amazing ability to negotiate government regulations in foreign countries, work closely with local management teams and help create food products to please millions of customers from many and diverse cultures. Yet he still makes times to love and support his family, his community and his alma mater, Iowa State University.

David McDonald has been very instrumental in the OSI Group’s growth into a major player in the global food production industry. His ability to understand the often complex global food laws and cultural norms and help people from a wide range of countries embrace the OSI Group’s products is astounding. For McDonald, the key is paying attention to the needs and desires of the consumers while working hand in hand with local suppliers. Plus, David McDonald is caring man at heart and his ultimate goal is to make the consumers and the people he works with happy and satisfied.

At Iowa State University David McDonald earned a reputation for being an excellent student. He won the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. Since he graduated, he has become a beloved figure on campus. He gives generously to support the scholarship fund of his college fraternity Alpha Gamma Rho. He is involved in the ISU Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative, arranged for ISU students to go to China to see the OSI Group’s facilities and is helping set up an internship program. In 2004 David McDonald was given the Young Alumni award by the ISU Alumni Association.

A Warrenville, Illinois resident, David McDonald is very active in St. Michael Parish located in Wheaton, Illinois. Along with his work at the OSI Group, he’s also chairman of the North American Meat Institute’s board of directors. And he happily makes major donations to a wide range of charitable causes and organizations. He is passionate about helping others and serving as an inspiration to encourage them to be the best they can and pursue their dreams.

His goal is to develop dynamic partnerships so the OSI Group can enjoy sustained growth, surpasses expectations and continue to evolve and improve.

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A Determined Direction Taken By The OSI Group

Every business has to build from where it is and with the resources it has. That statement can easily paint an ugly picture. This is true for businesses who lack funding, a product with high demand or who haven’t learned much about their own markets. The OSI Group takes its stance today with tremendous confidence. The brand is managed by CEO Sheldon Lavin.

He takes his leadership in hand as he also considers where the OSI Group is operating from. The cycles of business that every company goes through puts OSI in an interesting place. This agency is now in a place that presents what’s possible when all you need is a serious determination. Some companies need to get the right tools while others the right money.

Ambition And A Will To Win

The place OSI Group finds itself within forces it to consider the benefits of focus and ambition. It’s easy to become complacent when your business is operating well. A firm standing in success can persuade business leaders to forget about their daily work and practice. This is why what we see with the OSI Group is an historic accomplishment.

The work achieved by OSI Group in the United States brought the agency a larger infrastructure and clients that would supply the company with steady business. This has been the foundation of the OSI name so far. The work it now has, after it’s accomplished so much in the States, is to reach out into the emerging, international markets.

Expanding And Going International

The international concept for the OSI Group is simple but effective common sense. The world is in transition. What this means is that world demand is increasing drastically as population and democracy expand globally. The population growth spurs more business because these people do or will seek out the products of world powers in history.

The world powers today enjoy access to various purchases that influence the life experience they have. This very concept is boosting the business held by OSI Group. The effect comes about because OSI can deliver goods to any society expanding as a country, nation or group of people. This is also the work in Sheldon Lavin’s hands.

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OSI Leads The Industry In Superior Food Processing

Do you ever wonder what’s in the food you eat or where it comes from? Strict government requires food industry leaders to utilize public disclosure to make the public aware of their food. It’s important to also answer to food safety initiatives to improve the health and wellness of the general public. OSI Industries a popular Zurich, Illinois food processing plant with nationwide tie answers to a stabilized food industry says, president, David A. McDonald. They continue to thrive on a well balanced meal on your table each time. They care about what’s in your diet and promote all-natural ingredients.

Plans For OSI Industries

There had been a recent successful global expansion of the OSI Industries under the leadership of their executive team including COO, Sheldon Lavin. Their plan was to expand to an international global front with wholesome processed food. They don’t believe processed food has go contain a lot of by-products to be sustainable. OSI was successfully able to partner with Flagship Europe and bring their processing skills to the EU. Their popular network continues to process their pie fillings and condiments in a deal estimated at more than $7 million dollars.

The deal has been a successful for all patties involved and all sufficient business growth in Europe. They have also created an initiative to bring their organic vegetables to a Indian partnership overseas. They were also responsible for partnering with Dutch food giants Baho Foods. Their food processing plant will operate and manage one of their largest food processing plants. They continue to lead in the international industry with a 20 year milestone in China. To date, they’re looking to expand on their existing partnership and pursue new endeavors. Thousands of their patrons continue to rely on their organic meal plan to feed their family and restaurant customers. They only promote the finest meat and vegetables for their customers.

Their United States and Asia network has been very successful and they would like their other partnerships to do the same. OSI has also decided to give back to the same communities they serve with time and resources from their corporation. For example, a successful bid for a Chicago Tyson plant has helped retain the jobs of hundreds of current workers. You can also find unique employment opportunities with the OSI Industries food processing plant by visiting their exclusive website for more informational details today.

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OSI Industries- Dominating the Meat Industry

The OSI Group Industries has stayed dedicated to the expansion into international markets throughout the planet. The enterprise that is dominating the worldwide food sector is enthusiastic about enhancing its footprint in the entire food market. Taking a look at the organization’s financial report for this past year, an individual can confirm that the rise of the business becoming steadier from the day.To demonstrate its dedication and optimism into the American marketplace, the company recently obtained a former Tyson Foods processing centre in Chicago. The purchase is just one of the expansion approaches that the firm had laid out to help propel its potential expansion. According to Forbes, OSI is presently among the most successful privately-held businesses in the USA.

So what exactly does it take for a pioneer at the OSI Group’s market? The business has spent plenty of funds in infrastructure development and human resource in order that it may increase the manufacturing capacity to fulfill the demand for processed foods. With strategic partnerships with different providers and merchants, OSI Group has was able to make a strong distribution channel for the own goods. David McDonald avers that the company has focused on providing custom food alternative to its customers including an chance for those clients to acquire organic and natural servings.The enterprise that is dominating the worldwide food sector is enthusiastic about enhancing its footprint in the entire food market. Taking a look at the organization’s financial report for this past year, an individual can confirm that the rise of the business becoming steadier from the day.

A Few of the leaders that have led OSI Group Industries into the apex comprise the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the Business, Sheldon Lavin. The CEO has been able to make positive energy which forces the workers of the business. In the first days when OSI was a normal McDonald’s provider, Sheldon Lavin has supplied the proper leadership approaches that remain to be the elements of the success of the business enterprise.

To demonstrate its dedication and optimism into the American marketplace, the company recently obtained a former Tyson Foods processing centre in Chicago. The purchase is just one of the expansion approaches that the firm had laid out to help propel its potential expansion. According to Forbes, OSI is presently among the most successful privately-held businesses in the USA. For more info about us: click here.

In Europe, OSI Group can be embarking on an ambitious growth program. Until its buy, Flagship Europe was among the very distinguished food processing businesses in the united kingdom. The Accession of Flagship Europe into the OSI Family shows OSI’s optimism together with the European Industry. The acquisition also broadens OSI Group’s capacity to give custom food alternatives to its clients in Europe.