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Why Music Enthusiasts should Expect more Hits from Norka Luque

Norka Luque features among the Latino musicians anticipated to have a more successful career in the days to come. Norka’s music is characterized by a positive messages aimed at giving hope to her fans. She maintains this attribute due to her strong belief that artists have a great role to play in delivering positive messages through the lyrics that they compose regardless of the music genre. As such, Norka Luque advocates that the message passed by artists through their music should remain consistent.

Early Music Life

A rich musical background characterizes Norka’s early life thanks to her supporting and loving parents. At a young age, she had the opportunity to learn different aspects of music and dance including voice practices, flamenco, ballet and piano lessons. Further Norka, took part in music competitions, whereby she would sing. This strong music foundation is often seen as the catalyst for her refined and budding music career.

Education Background

Although Norka’s passion has always been music since she was a little girl, she and her parents understood the value of attaining an excellent education background. Hence, after she finalized her high school education, she went to France to pursue further education. In France, Norka studied an array of discipline including Business Administration, fashion, culinary arts as well as marketing.

France not only provided her with an opportunity to acquire the desired education but also a music opportunity to become part of a band, Bad Moon Rising. The group experience gave her a chance to act as the lead singer and perform in several events as well.

Journey to Music Success

Norka moved to the United States after her endeavors to join the banking sector in Monaco proved less fulfilling as opposed to her passion for music. Luckily, Emilio Estefan Jr., a worldwide renowned music producer, recognized her promising talent in music. Mr. Estefan has created a reputation for himself not only in Latin countries but also across the globe. This reputation has been catalyzed by his impressive work, which has produced international stars such as Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin and many others.

Through the help of Estefan, Norka has released several songs since 2011 such as “as you do”, which landed her a nomination for the Female Artist of the Year. Later, in 2012, she released Milagro. The song became a music sensation in numerous countries like the Unite States, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico. Her latest single, ”Tomorrowland”, is also expected to be a major hit.


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The Amazing Life Of Singer Norka Luque

Norka Luque is a very talented musician. If you want to learn more about her background and career, then read on. We will provide you with more details about him.

Luque was born in Caracas, Venezuela. The date she was born on is February 7, and she works with very talented people. In fact, Emilio Estefan guides her career. If her name sounds familiar, it’s because she is a world-renowned Latino producer. Luque has been in the music industry for many years and she took an interest in music at an early age.

In the past, the musician said she comes from a blessed family and she has learnt many life lessons. She also mentioned how she has experienced other cultures and languages. All of those things have helped her understand that music was her destiny.

Luque has enjoyed a lot of success in the music world. Her first single premiered in 2011, and Archie Pena helped her compose it. The single went on to become a huge success and helped her land a nomination for Female Pop Artist of the Year. This was in the Premios Lo Nuestro.

In 2012, she released a second single titled Miracle, and it was written by Archie Pena. That single also went on to become a hit and it landed on the number one spot on the Record Report in Venezuela. It stayed at the number one spot for more than three months. The song was remixed by DJ Ralphi Rosario, and the remixed version landed at the number 11 spot on the Billboard Dance Club.

Social Media
Norka Luque is active on social media. She has an official Facebook page, which has over 40K followers. On her Facebook profile, she shares a range of content that relates to her music. For example, she shares articles written about her, as well as videos. She also keeps fans updated about what is going on in her life and her career.

If anyone is interested in learning more about this amazing musician, then they can follow her on social media. She also has an official website.