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James Dondero helps with a large grant to The Family Place

Family violence is at an all-time high in Dallas, Texas and the police have asked for help in solving this. James Dondero who is the co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management has recently announced that he will award a grant of 1 million dollars to help the Family Place. The Family place helps over $22,000 victims annually. The Family Place is currently the leading organization that supports victims of domestic violence.The Family Place’s 21st annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon had had quite the excitement when it was announced that James Dondero would help to raise the final 2.8 million needed to complete the $16.5 million. The grant is administered through the Highland Dallas Foundation and will match up to 50 percent of all funds raised with a cap of 1 million dollars.

Highland capital management is registered with the SEC and controls around $16 billion dollars of assets which are currently under the firm’s management. The company was founded in 2003 by the managing partners – Jim Dondero and Mark Okada. The firm Highland Capital Management LLC is one of the most well-funded, largest and experienced alternative credit managers in the global marketplace today.A significant portion of the income produced by Highland is used in Philanthropic endeavors. Highland uses one of their subsidiary companies the Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc. to maintain their charitable work. Currently, the headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. Highland also maintains offices in Sao, Paolo, Singapore, New York, Seoul, and Singapore.

Dondero chose the Family Place to bless with a large sum of money because as he is quoted as saying “The civic community in Dallas gets things done,” Dondero said. “We at Highland Capital Management were impressed by the way The Family Place, through avid philanthropic support, took this concept from inception to the final stage of this campaign in just a year. We are proud to invest alongside many of the most generous and thoughtful in the community.”For more information : Click Here.

Laidlaw & Company Has Creative Investment Options For Its Clients

Laidlaw & Company is a great place for people to come when they need help investing their money, and every client can get a creative way to invest that is a lot different than just spending money. A lot of people think they can just invest their money without a thought in the stock market, but they do these things on their own just because they do not think they can afford to work with a broker. Laidlaw is just like any other investment bank, and they will charge the same commission and an online site does. The difference at Laidlaw & Company is that people get personal service.

The personal service that people get at Laidlaw & Company as a BrokerCheck FINRA organization is going to help them make sure that they can spend their money in the right way. The broker at Laidlaw & Company is going to make it easy for people to manage their money, and the broker is going to keep their clients updated. The clients can ask for changes, or they can call in for clarification on something that they are doing.

Clients get to change the way they are investing at any time, and they get to have the freedom to choose from a lot of options that include capital markets, stocks, bonds, commodities and wealth management. There are some people who are not sure where to start, and they will just go to the Laidlaw & Company or SEC office for help. They can get a whole account set up when they call, and the broker will make sure that the client gets what they want. The clients who come to Laidlaw are going to be able to make sure that they are making the most of the money that the clients are spending at Laidlaw & Company.