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Wen by Chaz Tested by Emily McClure

Advertising plays an important part in determining our buying preferences. As consumers, we tend to believe what appears before us in print and media advertising. The most successful advertising campaigns cement names in our minds which identify advertised products; for example kleenex, coke, ford, chevy are all specific product names which we use to identify a product. To a lesser extent we have a litany of product names that represent quality, again examples Rolls-Royce, Tiffany, Rolex, Channel, Bulgari, Nike, Hugo Boss, Ferrari. These companies have achieved recognition for quality by the consumer’s associations with the mentioned products.

It has almost become a game; all you have to do is think of any product that is used, and there will be a name associated with it. Fifty years ago if you were asked to mention a name of a hotel; you’d say, Hilton. That evolved to Howard Johnson and now, Trivago. You can see how advertising enters into individual buying preferences.

We are bombarded by advertising on websites like Ebay and in some ways, we are inured to advertising claims. In this case, the product endorsement plays a part in the process of determining our purchasing decisions.

Recently, Emily McClure completed an in-depth study of a product’s claim. She tested (posted here: an all purpose cleansing, moisturizing and conditioning shampoo, Wen, in an article published in Bustle. McClure works in a beauty salon and is a self-confessed addict to examine the claims of various beauty products. It is her business and, naturally, beauty products used in her industry are of interest to McClure. She offers her week-long test of the beauty product for readers to examine.

Wen by Chaz is a popular all in one beauty treatment on the sephora beauty market that, also, energizes fine hair, and McClure is a women with hard to manage fine hair. The results of her week-long study were, however, mixed. Read the full article about WEN.

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