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From Ellipse to Charity Work, Jon Urbana Makes His Footprint Known

The Head Of Business at Ellipse Technologies, Jon Urbana is also a successful entrepreneur, is involved in helping his community, and in his spare time exploring his creative and artistic side. Here is a little about Jon Urbana’s interests in addition to his charity work.

Jon Urbana is a co-founder of a Lacrosse Camp that is held every year. The Next Level Lacrosse Camp based in Denver, Colorado. Next Level’s experienced lacrosse coaches tailor their teaching methods for each young player’s field position. This camp takes some of the best coaches from Jon Urbana’s Villanova days and professional lacrosse players into one big team to help your young child develop the skills of the pros.

Charity Work
He has a Gofundme campaign set up to directly benefit Earthforce which actively recruits youth to help with environmental cleanup and education. He is also a huge animal lover and inspired him to create a campaign on Crowdrise to help ARAS, a local charity, and a no-kill shelter dedicated to finding homes for orphaned cats to help rescue and adopt stray Denver cats.

This business executive has been a late bloomer to the world of electronic music, including a range of remixes and original video compositions. Here are some of Urban’s best music picks. He has a large following on Soundcloud, an online music venue, and a bigger one on Vimeo.

Urbana also takes amazing photographs from just about everywhere around the world. Here’s a collection of his reel rolled into one video, making it much easier to say what some could call his greatest hits. His photos are unique and quite vibrant. You can get others of his various travels.

One of Jon Urbana’s real passions is flying, he was included in the FAA Airmen Certification Database. His name was even featured in an article by FAA.

He is also very active on Social Media including Twitter and Instagram, also on Facebook.