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Benardo Chua : The Force Behind Organo Gold, a Leading Coffee Gournet

Bernardo Chua is an award-winning strategist and businessman. He is commonly known for his multi-level marketing strategy which he developed during his time at Gano Excel in Philippines. With the experience obtained, he opened his own company Organo Gold. A company that has grown to be one of the industry’s giants.

Chua started Organo gold out of a childhood love for a special ingredient, which his mother would give him for breakfast. Her mother had brought with her this ingredient, after her visit to China.

The ingredient, Ganoderma had been for a long time used in treatment of various health issues. For years, no one had had the idea to commercialize this mushrooms. Not until Chua started his coffee gourmet company and began to incorporate it in his coffees.

With the idea in mind and skills at hand, Bernado Chua began Organo Gold. That was back in the year 2008. He was to collaborate with other like-minded individuals and together they raised funds for the startup. Today, the company has grown from being a local company to being an international brand- thanks to multi-level marketing.

About Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a producer of healthy coffees, instant teas and beauty products. They utilize a special herb, Garnoderma, which is found in the hills of Asia and other part of Europe.

Currently, the company is rated to be competing with the United States coffee and tea market. Last year, the company reported to have over 1 million distributors, expanding their market to over 35 countries.


About Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua was raised in Philippines and was to work there before moving to Vancouver, Canada. Initially, he used to work for Gano excel, in Philippines. The company later transferred him to California to head their USA branch. That was when the idea of starting his own company struck him. Today, he heads Organo Gold. He offers training to individuals, about the special ingredient in their products and their health benefits. This way, he hopes that people can achieve financial independence while at the same time increasing awareness of the Organo Gold brand.