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Fabletics and Marie Claire

In a recent article in the Marie Claire Magazine, Kate Hudson reveals her new line of athleisure dresses as well as performance wear swimsuits. These will be launched mid-April and should not be missed. Kate Hudson is the co-founder of their Pinterest boards. Together with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler the 3 of them realized there was a niche in the activewear marketplace that was still untapped. The luxury sports wear brand has been active since 2013 and has since come a long way. The company has spread its reach globally giving women all around the world access to affordable active wear with a superior quality. The Fabletics brand has since inception mainly targeted women however in June 2015 they launched their first mens line known as FL2.

Kate hudson has always been a role model for those young women looking to stay slip, fit and active in their daily lives. This is the type of lifestyle that Kate Hudson tries to promote through Fabletics of active wear clothing. Active wear since its inception has typically been very expensive and often not affordable for the average person. This was the niche that the 3 cofounders took advantage of and decided to launch an affordable version of active wear yet still retain the quality of other more expensive brands.

In the interview at Kate Hudson shares that the idea for the new line of athleisure dresses was a normal progression for the line. Active women should also feel comfortable when going on a night out and therefore the athleisure dresses suit any occasion. The athleisure dresses of Fabletics can even be warn on a date night according to Kate Hudson. She shares that she would see no issue to wear the dresses to dinner or out on the town. The dresses incorporate the same performance materials that are used with the other lines of active wear and therefore it is not an issue to even perform light exercise in them. The idea of Fabletics is to provide the wearer with a more mobile experience. Comfort is everything with this line but still remain sexy and up to date.

Some of the dresses also feature built in bra’s. The Tropez dress is one of those dresses however those that do not have the bra fitted into the dress are very easy to wear a sports bra with. The active wear dresses tuck everything in very neatly, the same way a pair of leggings do and therefore everything fits well and is extremely snug. For this very reason it is not required to wear any spanx as the dresses do that for you. The companies mantra is, live your passion every day, and this is evident with these dresses.

JustFab Curvy

It is true, JustFab has released a plus size collection. This plus size collection features 35 pieces that they will be adding to very soon. JustFab is an online subscription for fashion that carried standard sizes before now. It’s an exciting time for JustFab introducing this new line.

The line consists of some very simple and safe picks. Though they may be safe, it’s a good building block for plus sizes. The Curvy Fashionista blog which gives great fashion information to curvy women would like to see them bring in some fun pieces that are usually reserved for thinner women. JustFab also announced that they are styling looks with shoes, bags, and jewelry any girl could use! The line consists of easy and smart styles that would work well for a quick trip away or just taking a nice day to get out and enjoy spring and summer.
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From a beautiful jumpsuit, great and figure flattering wrap dress. and mix and match separates that can create tons of great looks, JustFab has done a great job. Sizing for the plus size line goes up to 3X or 22-24. This has opened the door to so many women looking for an online subscription for great clothes. To be a VIP member for JustFab the cost starts at $22.95, which is very affordable. Even if someone isn’t looking to do the VIP collection that’s fine too but you will need to sign up with JustFab to look and shop on your own.

The online subscription through JustFab works pretty easily. First you register and then answer a series of questions that help a stylist make choices for you each month. Should you not like your choice for the month you simply change it for something else before it’s shipped. If you choose to opt for a month you can, just make sure it’s before the ship date. JustFab has a lot of tails wagging to see where this great new line is headed.

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The World of Fashion Expert Doe Deere

Fashion is not just about dressing. Fashion can also serve as a means of self-expression and an artistic medium at the same time. Many people try to figure out the best possible way for them to decide to dress and use fashion to help them look and feel good. The right kind of outfit can do just that. Getting help from a fashion expert can also help people discover their own inner sense of style. A fashion expert like makeup entrepreneur and fashion stylist Doe Deere can help anyone figure out how best to think of fashion and how to help them create their own inner understanding of the rules personal fashion.

Deere has spent many years working in the fashion industry. As a result of her love of fashion, she started her own makeup company. Lime Crime lets people pick out makeup that is contemporary and yet flattering to a wide variety of skin tones at the same time. In creating Lime Crime, Deere showed her customers that it was possible to break fashion rules and do so in a way that allowed them to be able to feel comfortable and confident. Deere shares her other personal rules to break in a recent article for Bustle Magazine.

Here, she reminds her readers that many kinds of fashion rules can be broken and people can still look good at the same time. Like many of her readers and most devoted fans, she knows the rules and likes to have fun with them. That’s her ideal fashion rule: have fun. Unlike others who tell us to dress our age, Doe tells her fans that they can dress younger or older if the mood strikes them. She likes to wear clothing that can help her feel playful and recapture some of the feelings that she had when she was younger.

She also likes to play around with fashion in other ways. While fashion rules sometimes tell us we should wear a business suit at a business meeting, Deere likes to throw such windows out the window. She has a closet full of great ball dresses that she wears whenever she likes including on ordinary shopping trips of all kinds. This kind of free approach to fashion can allow anyone to decide that fashion rules may apply in certain circumstances, they need apply to people at all times.

Fashion, according to Deere, can be one in which it is possible to take the rules they know and use them in ways that also allow for an individual’s full range of self expression and their own understanding of what works for them and helps them feel more confident and happy no matter what they happen to be doing at the moment. This kind of inner confidence and sense of knowing what works for any given person can be the best possible fashion rule of all. Those who follow Doe Deere will continue to look to her for the best kind of helpful fashion advice.