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At White Shark Media, We Know What the Search Engines Want to See

Millions of websites disappeared when Google updated its algorithms to better recognize quality content. Panda and Penguin destroyed entire campaigns and information site chains. However, in all the hubbub, certain companies who held strong. The reason this happened is because these companies produced quality content all along. They also respected Google’s rules and policies.


At White Shark Media, we understand the way the search engine algorithms work and we’ve always worked hard to use ethical marketing practices for our own company and for our clients. We want to make sure your website and all your marketing stands the test of time. We take this pledge seriously.


As a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner, we are certified team players with Google when it comes to ethics.


This distinction is especially helpful if you’re not sure who to trust with your new online marketing campaign. When you work with us, we assign you an account manager right away. We then take a look at your local market or the market you’re interested in targeting, (ie. national or international); and begin taking steps to build a strategy. All of our clients experience business growth when they work with us.


Many business owners mistakenly believe that managing their own PPC campaigns on Google and Bing are easy. At White Shark Media, we feel you should have complete access and control of your PPC accounts. We also believe you should understand exactly what we’re doing when it comes to promoting your campaign every month. However, we know from experience that web promotion in all its forms is a full-time job. Up until a few years ago, millions of business owners spent hours writing and building their own content campaigns, trying to manage PPC campaigns and trying to build reputations on social media.


Don’t waste any more time on ineffective strategy, contact us today!