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Revitalizing Dallas One House At A Time

Dallas, Texas is just like other major American city in, but the big “D” is currently doing what other major cities can’t or won’t do. Low income communities line the streets of most cities, town, and villages, but Dallas has one of the best revolutionary blueprints for providing homeownership to lower income people. With a struggling economy over the past decade, home loans have decreased drastically making it much harder for people to purchase or save up for a home they can call there own. Luckily there are three well known organizations that are willing to combine their efforts and support well deserving people with loans.

Habitat For Humanity, Dallas Neighborhood Homes, and NexBank are setting the mark in western society with a great new game plan. The goal is to provide low income residents of Southern Dallas with home loans for the next 5 years. The idea is to provide at least 100 loans per year for people in specific zip codes in a specific area. This may sound tough to do in any type of economy, but NexBank is leading the charge by providing around $50 Million in loan support. The financial institution is a regional bank in the Dallas Metropolitan Area and one of the city’s most successful. NexBank is a mortgage, commercial, and investment institution and as of June 30, 2016; has racked up to $3.5 Billion in assets.

The non-profit mortgage service provider “Dallas Neighborhood Homes” and the well known “Habitat For Humanity” are the other connecting pieces to the pie. The plan has a solid foundation to stand on and each organization delivers on their end of the bargain. This action simply equates to providing deserving families with their very own home, which also translates to a better quality of life. This is truly how you get things done in the 21st Century. Nexbank back’s it’s word fully and provides the necessary funding for such a huge undertaking.