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Talkspace Brings Psychotherapy Online

Talkspace commenced in 2012. It is an online counseling company that links patients with mental health experts on the internet. Plans offered by the company do not charge insurance and have a starting rate of $32 for a week, and permits customers to choose a therapist that they will be conversing with online.

Currently, Talkspace has already treated more than half a million people. Patients check-in with their therapist once or twice a day through email exchange and video-chat sessions, should the necessity be great.

CEO and co-founder, Oren Frank also revealed that 70 percent of the clients are women, and the company has more calls from women requesting for therapy sessions.

Talkspace has a staggering growth of 70 percent to 80 percent since November 2016, and most patients are Millennials with age ranging from 33 to 34.

The following are the advantages one can have when using Talkspace:

Anonymity – customers are not required to reveal their real names and identity. During registration the only information requested are: username, billing information and email.

  • Media sharing – customers and therapist can send videos and pictures during the course of the therapy session.
  • Convenient – customers can connect with their therapist anywhere and anytime.
  • Never waste an appointment – there are no time restraints, customers can talk with their therapist as little or as much as they want and all that for the monthly fee.
  • Have time to think before responding – customers are given time to think before responding. Unlike in real time where the client/patient has to respond immediately.
  • Can request a new therapist easily – switching therapists is easy just go to the app and request for a new.
  • Low cost – package fees range from $32 weekly and $128 monthly, which is cheaper than the standard sessions of $80 – $300 per session.