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Financing a New Business Idea

One of the most significant challenges of starting a company is finding financing. Some business owners have an idea that requires capital to get started. Few business owners can go to a bank to receive a business loan. Instead, business owners must get creative about their financing options.

Robert Deignan started ATS several years ago. Since that time, he has built the company into a massive success. When he started, he struggled with a lack of capital. Although he applied for business loans at banks, he was repeatedly denied. He decided to work with venture capitalists in the area. He was able to get the financing he needed and took the company to a new level.


When Robert Deignan attended college, he was able to meet with excellent business leaders across the country. He graduated with a degree in organizational development from Purdue University. After earning a job offer from a local company, he quickly advanced in his career. Although he could have a successful career at a large company, he decided to start his own business.

Financial Planning

Some business leaders make the mistake of ignoring financial planning until there is a significant issue. Many business leaders are notorious for neglecting their taxes until the end of the year. Robert Deignan hires experienced tax planners to help him with this process. He would rather spend time working with tax professionals who can add value to his business.

Future Goals

Even though ATS Digital Services is a massive success, Robert Deignan still has multiple plans for the future. He is excited about the changes he is making to the company, and he expects the company to continue expanding. Anyone who wants to work with Robert Deignan should reach out to him. He is great about offering advice to new business owners who are struggling to succeed.

Andy Wirth Seeks Gondola Link Between Iconic Lake Tahoe Resorts


Two of the most iconic and legendary ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe region are planned to be linked together using a gondola system that has been discussed for a number of years. Powder Magazine is reporting the company that controls both Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows is about to submit plans to Placer County planners and the U.S. Forestry Service in a bid to have the gondola built between the two resorts. Squaw Valley Holdings CEO believes the gondola link will be a major source of attraction between the two distinctly different, but equally popular resorts that are separated by a small ridge.

Andy Wirth has been seeking the best ways to assist the local economy and create jobs within the Placer County region Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are both located within. Amongst the plans Wirth has developed over recent years is a plan to redevelop the base village at Squaw Valley, which has seen Wirth and the designers of the planned village conduct numerous public meetings to gauge the reaction of the public to the development plans.

Wirth has been active in the local community since returning to work at Squaw Valley following an injury that severed his arm during a skydiving accident. The resort management executive underwent a large number of surgeries and rehabilitation techniques before his arm arm was returned to full working order. Although Andy Wirth has stated he will no longer take part in skydiving jumps he does live an active outdoors lifestyle.

Negotiations have finally taken place between Andy Wirth and Troy Caldwell, the owner of land between the two resorts. An agreement is stated to have been reached between the two parties over a deal to begin construction of the three part gondola service. Andy Wirth is seeking public support for the plan as he feels it will benefit both resorts and the local economy in a major way by increasing tourism.