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Fabletics – Breast Cancer Awareness

The moment Fabletics launched, it was immediately apparent that it wasn’t going to be the typical celebrity-driven startup. When Kate Hudson partnered with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg to create Fabletics, they did it with a clear goal in mind: To offer the public stylish, high quality activewear at affordable prices.

The result of that vision, and the hard work that was put in to make it a reality, was a brand of clothing that was early in on the craze for athletic wear that’s currently ruling both the runway and retail. In many ways, Fabletics helped pave the way for activewear to transcend its status as accessorial and enter the world of fashion. Powerful and feminine at the same time, these clothing items are an inspiration for strong women to stay active, clear obstacles and get things done.

Not only that, but they are amazingly comfortable, ensuring anyone who wears them will be able to adapt to any situation, no matter how demanding, without giving up style. More importantly, however, is the fact that the clothing is designed to make women feel good being themselves. The company’s mantra, “Live Your Passion,” perfectly sums up its desire to empower women, offering a stylish alternative to common activewear at truly affordable prices as seen on Pinterest. With over a million customers already signed onto the subscription fitness apparel, and Kate Hudson winning the Glamour Women of the Year Entrepreneur Award in 2015, saying this has been a successful enterprise would be an understatement.

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For Hudson, however, entrepreneurial success is only the beginning. Driven by the desire to influence women’s lives in a positive manner, she is currently working closely with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) in a joint effort to combat breast cancer. To this end, the partnership has become a part of Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, a U.K. based campaign with 20 years of existence that works with prominent members of the industry, promoting and funding anti-cancer activities such as medical research and support for people affected by the disease. Truly invested in this fight, FTBC has already made amazing strides by establishing a grant-making program for breast cancer screening, treatment and survival.

The organization also created a fund that aids immigrant and low-income women affected by the disease. Proud of being an ambassador for such a noble organization, and grateful for being able to use her talents for a good cause, Hudson has committed herself and her company to the goal of eradicating the disease. Accordingly, InStyle has created a FTBC-branded outfit, donating the proceeds from it to the campaign. With all this, it’s clear that Fashion Targets Breast Cancer couldn’t have chosen a more fitting ambassador for its cause.

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Fabletics Is More Than a Brand; It Is a Collection of Fashion Advantages

Even those who would rather die than step foot in a gym have heard of the Fabletics brand and they have grown to love it. An impressive amount of clothing exists in Fabletics and each piece is more enticing than the next. Despite the brand sustaining a heavy presence in the athletic community, it has also done well in more dressy situations. That is correct–women are wearing Fabletics out on the town, in the workplace, and to special events within reason. There is really nothing that Fabletics cannot offer a woman with, so why not channel your inner Kate Hudson by understanding the many advantages of this brand?

It Is Affordable

People tend to see a celebrity endorsing a brand and immediately think that every item will be out of their price range. Though Kate Hudson elevates Fabletics with her perfect face and body, the clothing is still incredibly affordable, which is a trait that even the starlet herself appreciates. Making mention to how Hudson was once astounded by the price of a simple pair of leggings, she is proud to boast of how affordable her brand is. The majority of the items tend to fall under $30 while some of the dressier pieces might reach $50 on However, first-time buyers receive their first outfit for only $25, a reality that is hard to resist.

The Pieces Are Diverse, Fueling Their Affordability

What is budget-friendly if you are only able to wear the piece once in a while? Most of the time, this brand has simple pieces that can be worn in many different situations and that can be matched with countless other items from Fabletics. This reality eliminates the need to buy hundreds of clothing items just to make a few outfits in order to survive between laundry days.

The Clothing Is for All Women

It is fairly disheartening how intolerant the world has been for so long. Too often, even average sizes were difficult to find as a result of the emphasis society places on being trim. Fabletics, though, is for women of all sizes and body types and they will look stunning no matter what. Of course and to further eliminate any body concerns, the fabric will be comfortable regardless of the size that you order it in, ultimately abolishing tight-fitting attire that will ruin your day.