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Oncotarget and its Corresponding Fields of Research

Oncotarget is an open access medical journal that covers different aspects of oncology. It was first published in the year 2010 by the Impact Journals. It’s function is to publish papers online at a fee. Oncotarget’s mission is to come up with scientific results that are readily available. This is attained through intensive research to give room for further discovery. It is linked through their networks to different fields of study. Under the leadership of highly trained scientists, the journals aid researchers in contribution and the progress of science. The success of Oncotarget has led to the formation of sections beyond the field of oncology. Below are examples of further sections beyond oncology:

#1 Section on Pathology

Pathology section in Oncotarget was launched under the leadership of Michael Blagosklonny; who was the former Editor in Chief of American Journal of Pathology (AJP). The increasingly growing Oncotarget led to the formation of Pathology. There are several advantages of pathology section on Oncotarget as compared to ordinary pathology journals as shown below:

  • It has higher impact factor
  • Has relatively higher rapid publication
  • It is possible to submit papers rejected by other journal review platforms. Normally, it takes 1-5 days for the papers to be crosschecked.

#2 Sections on Aging (Gerotarget)

The section’s mandate is to publish high-end papers in different fields of researches related to; cellular senescence, pharmacological, signal transduction pathways, and genetics. The research also incorporates pathology model organisms in the treatment of age related diseases such as metabolic syndrome, hypertension, among others.

#3 Immunology and Microbiology Section

Success of Oncotarget has prompted the discovery of yet another section. The Immunology and Microbiology section deals in the publishing of papers in all areas in Oncotarget. Its specialty is research of cancer unrelated fields. Whereby, it incorporates the research of immunity cell development, antigen recognition, transplantation, clinical immunology, and mucosal immunology. Its submission is centralized via the Oncotarget systems. There are several advantages of this section as shown below:

  • Higher impact factor
  • Has relatively higher rapid publication
  • It is possible to communicate papers by the members of the Section Editorial Advisory Board

Lori’s Senecal Leadership and Career Experiences

Lori Senecal was about to step down as the Global CEO of CP+B at the end of 2017. Lori has been serving the agency for two years. Her term will be remembered most for winning American Airlines.

Senecal hinted that she and the Chairman of CP&B Chuck Porter confidentially drafted out a plan for her exit when she joined the agency.

In March 2015, Lori Senecal took on the role of global CEO Partner’s agency CP+B. It was the first time introducing this position in the organization. Earlier, Senecal served as CEO and President of MDC Partners Network. She maintains the role of the global chief executive officer of CP+B to date.

The founding partner and Chairman Chuck Porter on one occasion referred Lori as the ideal person to facilitate CP+B turn into a new global agency, which has the agility and flexibility of an entrepreneurial setup. The inspiration behind this was due to the incredible leadership qualities depicted by Lori.

In October 2015, one of the places of interest for CP+B under Lori’s global leadership was to land American Airlines. In a dramatic move, CP+B ripped the account from TM Advertising, in spite of the fact that the latter had worked closely with American Airlines for at least 25 years.

Lori’s strong focus on leadership and talent made advertising era to associate CP&B with “Creativity Innovators of the year.” She featured on the Adweek’s Power list that displayed the top leadership in tech, media, and marketing.

Besides, Senecal worked as CEO and Global Chairman of KBS. During her term, KBS appreciated expansion from 250-persons private organization to over 900 people globally.

Before joining KBS, she headed the flagship New York office of McCann Erickson. Earlier, Lori had also worked as a Global Chief Innovation Officer for McCann World group.

The fourth daughter of a retail-worker-turned-shop-owner and a schoolteacher, Senecal says she was brought up in a very competitive environment which helped her to study how to fight for attention since her birth. “I felt an urge to peruse my path and split away from the pack,” She says.

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