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Tony Petrello- Great track record in managing Nabors Industries

The role of Tony Petrello in development of Nabors Industries is clear to everyone who has gone through his profile as a business leader. Since he joined the oil and gas drilling firm in the 1990s, he has not relented from making it a top company in the world. He has used his brilliance as a manager to bring positive results for the company. Although he came from the legal sector and had no training in business management, his results show of a man who has gone beyond education to become one of the top corporate executives in America.

Tony Petrello gained prominence as when he was featured as one of the top earning CEO in 2015. Since then, many people who did not know him have tried to understand what he is all about. More information about the CEO has been revealed on how he took a fledgling company a made it a top company globally. His contribution to the success of this firm is an inspirational story to anyone who has dreams of working in the corporate sector. He has worked brilliantly helping the company move from one level of success to another. His achievement in management has been impeccable although he has never stepped in a business management class to be taught how to manage a business. He has worked his way up from a legal and math background to becoming a top executive.

Nabors Industries is a company which was established in the 1960s. Tony Petrello joined this firm in 1991. He was hired by the management then because he showed great abilities in dealing with problems facing the company when he was the legal counsel for the firm. He was later appointed the Chief Operating Officer, a position he held for two decades until he was promoted to the position of the CEO.

Tony Petrello left a good track record of results as the COO. In fact, it is his success while working as the COO that made him be promoted to the position of the CEO. He has proved that he had everything it takes to lead the firm. His contributions as the COO were part of the reasons the company was making very good results every year. He initiated the expansion of the company which is one of the reasons why the company has been doing very well. Currently, the company has operations in over 25 countries’ besides supplying drilling technology to numerous other locations.

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Proteostasis is Only Worth Their Cash Value According to Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi’s private investment company Kerrisdale Capital has issued another negative report on a pharmaceutical company that is banking on a drug that is currently in development stages. In the past, he has issued reports on the development stage companies Bavarian Nordic, Unilife, Sage Therapeutics, and Pulse Biosciences. This time Sahm Adrangi and Kerrisdale have their sites set on Proteostasis Therapeutics and their new drug that is known only as PTI-428. Proteostasis’ PTI-428 is a drug that is said to treat cystic fibrosis. Cystic Fibrosis affects many organs of the body, but the most deadly is the lungs. Thick mucus builds in the lungs and is highly detrimental to lung function.

The Food and Drug Administration of the United States recently granted PTI-428 “orphan drug” and “breakthrough therapy” status. This status allows the drug to be fast-tracked for approval based on the lack of other viable treatment options for the disease. After this announcement, Proteostasis saw their stock prices double. After Sahm Adrangi and Kerrisdale announced their plans to short the company based on the research that was performed, their stock price dropped.

Sahm Adrangi believes that the data published by Proteostasis following the Phase 2 trials of the drug was purposely skewed to make it seem far more effective than it actually is. This is based on the very small sample size of the placebo group and the difficulty in testing for the biomarkers that were mentioned in their research. Sahm Adrangi and Kerrisdale Capital have their doubts on whether Proteostasis actually knows how their medication is actually supposed to work.

Sahm Adrangi was a student activist during his time at Yale University, unhappy with the methods of his peers he went about it a different way after graduation. Known as a value investor, when Adrangi makes the decision to perform a short attack on a company as he is with Proteostasis, it is many times based on his moral judgment of their dishonesty and bad business practices. With his long history of success in investing, his predictions on Proteostasis is making others take notice.

Financing a New Business Idea

One of the most significant challenges of starting a company is finding financing. Some business owners have an idea that requires capital to get started. Few business owners can go to a bank to receive a business loan. Instead, business owners must get creative about their financing options.

Robert Deignan started ATS several years ago. Since that time, he has built the company into a massive success. When he started, he struggled with a lack of capital. Although he applied for business loans at banks, he was repeatedly denied. He decided to work with venture capitalists in the area. He was able to get the financing he needed and took the company to a new level.


When Robert Deignan attended college, he was able to meet with excellent business leaders across the country. He graduated with a degree in organizational development from Purdue University. After earning a job offer from a local company, he quickly advanced in his career. Although he could have a successful career at a large company, he decided to start his own business.

Financial Planning

Some business leaders make the mistake of ignoring financial planning until there is a significant issue. Many business leaders are notorious for neglecting their taxes until the end of the year. Robert Deignan hires experienced tax planners to help him with this process. He would rather spend time working with tax professionals who can add value to his business.

Future Goals

Even though ATS Digital Services is a massive success, Robert Deignan still has multiple plans for the future. He is excited about the changes he is making to the company, and he expects the company to continue expanding. Anyone who wants to work with Robert Deignan should reach out to him. He is great about offering advice to new business owners who are struggling to succeed.

Jordan Lindsey and Openness in Trading

Wall Street is known as a land of secrets. It is a place where incredible sums of money are made and lost every day, and often the key to maintaining a profit is making sure that the other players don’t know your next move. Whether it is a particular take on a set of facts, or a particular piece of data that others have overlooked, information can turn the tide, and it is rarely given away for free.

Nowhere is this more true than in ‘algo’ trading. Algorithmic trading, or trading based wholly or in part on the results of computer algorithms, is a relatively new, and highly secretive industry. Computers don’t discriminate, and a program that works for you will just as easily work for your competition, so naturally the details of one’s process would become secret by necessity.

However not everyone lives by this rule. Jordan Lindsey, founder of JCL Capital, operates on a very different wavelength. A self taught programmer and trader, he was an early adopter of algorithmic trading, especially in the realms of FOREX and cryptocurrency. A lover of sports and a traveling philanthropist, he does not fit the stereotype of a Wall Street trader or a lifetime computer nerd. However, his technical skills have been proven in the market, and he has consistently worked towards a goal of making market trading accessible to the average individual.

Lindsey’s JCL Capital was founded not only to make profitable trades, but to provide a forum for people to gather, discuss trading, and learn how to profitably trade using proven analytical methods and relevant data. To this end, Jordan Lindsey has continued to make his methodology public, providing real time market analysis and explanations of analytical methods to the general public.

This openness has extended into Lindsey’s work with cryptocurrencies. He has created an autonomous bot designed to analyze data in crypto trends to predict the rise and fall of coin prices. Designed to operate efficiently and transparently, it is another facet of a more public minded trading philosophy.

All together, Jordan Lindsey brings a surprisingly open and communicative trading career to what is traditionally a silent and secretive field.

Jeunesse Global Customers Receive an Abundant Combination of Skin Care Product Choices

Jeunesse Global’s slogan is: “we are generation young.” The company has delivered the results of the slogan successfully for almost a decade. Since 2009, Jeunesse Global has continued to redesign the skin care market with the finest level of products that contribute to customers reaching a youthful appearance and slowing the aging process. It is fitting that the success of Luminesce skin care products would remain throughout this time since the founders Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray have perfected the vision for helping people reach their highest potential with continued cutting-edge formulas, respected distributors, and clinically proven products.

With all of Luminesce skin care products, customers receive the exclusive proprietary APT-200. The formulated APT-200 is a cutting-edge compound that not only works much more efficiently for serums, creams and cleanses than harsh chemical additives, but it is also unique for providing the necessary hydration to the skin and helping to preserve a healthy glow.

When customers purchase Luminesce products, they receive an abundant combination of choices to take care of all their skin care needs. Cellular Rejuvenation Serum contributes to the process for minimizing the look of wrinkles and fine lines that develop with age. Flawless Skin Brightener reduces the hyperpigmentation of the skin to refine pores and revitalize the overall skin tone. The Hydrashield Mask helps to soothe the skin and extract the pollutants that become embedded beneath the dermis layer of the skin, within 20 minutes. After the process has been completed, you’re left with a fresh skin that is able to absorb the nutrients of other Luminesce restorative products.

Daily Moisturizing Complex soothes the skin with fruit and legume extracts that help the skin continue looking vibrant. Advanced Night Repair allows users to awaken looking refreshed and well-rested. The end result is a more firm, smooth and youthful appearance. The Essential Body Renewal is a non-greasy moisturizer that rejuvenates the skin from head to toe.

In addition to the effectiveness of Luminesce skin care products, customers also receive packaging that is award-winning. In 2017, the Flawless Skin Brightener was recognized by Graphic Design USA for the American Package Design Award.

Lacey and Larkin’s Discontentment Over Arpaio’s Pardon By President Trump

In October 2017, Susan Bolton, a US District Judge acquitted Joe Arpaio, a former sheriff of Maricopa County following a directive from President, Donald Trump. Joe Arpaio was the Sherriff who was responsible for the wrongful arrest and detaining of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Lacey and Larkin are two great media personalities who were arrested for publishing an article exposing Joe’s misdeeds.

Following his pardoning, Lacey and Larkin were furious and displeased. They condemned President Donald Trump for doing such a thing. They also blamed the judicial system stating that it had failed and it was a total injustice for all the things Joe Arpaio did. They believe this a move by Trump to gain supporters and it was truly wrong and Joe Arpaio had to pay for everything he did.

Jim Larkin, a civil rights activist and a great media personality was born in Phoenix and attended the Arizona State University for sometime before dropping out. While in campus, Jim Larkin met Michael Lacey and they became close.

Larkin and Lacey teamed up to form the Phoenix New Times. This was a weekly paper published to address a wide range of issues.

At that time, Jim Larkin was the head of advertising and Michael Lacey the executive editor. The two worked hard every single day to make the paper better and better. Within no time the paper’s popularity grew across the nation.

In 1983 in a move to expand, Lacey and Larkin purchased “Westwood.” Thereafter the brand continued to grow to where it is today a huge media house working alongside the big names in the industry like LA Weekly and Miami News Times. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The two continued to write and publish stories through their media channel until their work suddenly cane to a stand still fir sometime. It was on October, 2017 when armed police officers from Maricopa County arrested Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. This was after Phoenix Times News published numerous stories about him and his misdeeds while in office. Some of the misdeeds included financial irregularities and overall mismanagement of the office.

They were arrested and jailed but in less than 24 hours they were released and charges dropped following a large public outcry. Thereafter, there was a long court battle that resulted in them receiving $3.7 million as compensation. They used to the money to set up Frontera Fund to help the Hispanic community and fight for their rights who for a long time they said had been going through a lot of abuse and discrimination.

Formed by Lacey and Larkin, the Frontera Fund is an organization driven towards fighting for equality for the Hispanic community. Specifically, the Frontera Fund was formed to fund old and new groups of attorneys who specialize in advocating for the civil, human and migrants’ rights.

Lacey and Larkin are also the founders of the Phoenix New Times. Over the years, they have invested a lot of resources, money and time in the media industry. As a result, they have risen to the top and are known for the commendable work they do.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Bring Attention to Issues

When Larkin and Lacey were illegally arrested, they saw there were some things that were happening that would make it easier for them to talk about corruption. They wanted to show people things were happening in the world around them and that’s what made them the best they could be at the job they were doing.

For Lacey and Larkin, the fame they received from the arrest that had happened was just the thing they needed to show people how things were affecting them and how it was going to get better if they had the help they needed.

Both Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin knew they could try to help other people out with the issues they were dealing with. They had received the arrest and the charges because of a story they published about corruption. Instead of just dealing with the story, the sheriff’s office proved they were corrupt and arrested the men.

They did it in a way that was sneaky and they actually broke into their homes in the process. While they did this, they had no reason to arrest them. In fact, they had always been within their constitutional rights, but that didn’t matter to the sheriff’s office.

After they were arrested, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin realized they had not done anything wrong. They collaborated together and used the information they had learned as activists to try and fight the charges.

They wanted to get away from the situation because they knew they hadn’t done anything wrong. They also knew the sheriff’s office was more corrupt than they had thought and they wanted him to have to pay for the damages he caused them and other people.

The idea behind what they were doing was to make sure they could get out of the charges. They didn’t care they were arrested, but they wanted to prove a point to other people that they could fight and win even against corrupt law enforcement officials. The men made the choice to fight and that’s what led to them making the best decision of their lives.

After they had gotten out of the charges, they decided to sue the sheriff’s office. When they did this, they were giving others a chance to see they could actually make a difference too. It helped them and gave them the money they needed to start the Frontera Fund for others.

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Aloha Construction: In Pursuit of Greatness

For most logical people, the home is definitely the most prized physical asset. This is the place that provides you with safety, security, relaxation and enjoyment. Unfortunately, homes will run into issues at some point or another and if you don’t take care of the issue, things will certainly go down-hill. For those who need solutions for home repairs and reside in the state of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, Aloha Construction should definitely be a strong consideration.

Aloha Construction is a family-owned and operated general contracting company in Lake Zurich, Illinois. This company has been providing excellent home improvement services throughout the region. This includes the municipalities of Lake McHenry, Washington, Peoria, McClean, Tazewell and many more. What services are available? The answer is very simple because this contractor covers a broad spectrum of repair services such as stucco insulation, door installation, gutter cleaning, vinyl siding repair, window installation, roofing services, roof cleaning, waterproofing and numerous other services. As of today, this company has completed well-over 18,000 home renovation projects. When choosing a contractor, due diligence should be adhered to on the highest level. Aloha Construction has an extended resume of success, and the company’s customers will back-up all claims. Unlike the fly-by-night contractors, (AC) is fully-licensed as well as insured, which ensure you of the best possible work. To know more about the company click here.

Roofing is one of the most common area’s of a home that receives extensive damage thanks to mother nature. Wind, rain, debris, ice, heat and cold temperatures can take a toll on this specific region of a house. This team of trusted individuals are well-versed in dealing with roofing issues and are highly-knowledgeable in the different types of roofing material. The company has a multiple-step inspection process, which can identify any issues that are questionable. You won’t find this action with most of the competitors. This only scratches the surface of what Aloha Construction can do, but if you need any home repair services, this company has the expertise to get the job done right.