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Luxury Shoes For Half The Price: A Revolution Of Footsteps

The internet has changed the retail market a great deal by opening up the doors to consumers allowing them to buy directly from sellers and designers instead of paying marked up prices. Now, the revolution is continuing on as shoes are the new wave of fashion. Shoe makers have noticed that the middleman is no longer needed to deliver customers great leather shoes.

An article published by Bloomberg discusses the new wave of shoe design citing the story of Ariel Nelson and Lane Gerson who went on to create the shoe brand Jack Erwin. Their brand was built on the idea of creating a high end shoe, making them for less, and then selling them at a price that people can actually afford.

Of course, this idea is a bit more complicated then it appears compared to shirts, dresses, and other traditional fashion wear. However, it is not impossible as the duo found out along with other shoe makers. They are not the only entry into the new burgeoning marketplace.

Paul Evans is a higher end version of the same e commerce startup that is focused on delivering high quality shoes to customers at a better price.

The real charm of Paul Evans however is that workmanship is not sacrificed at all when it comes to highly styled shoes. All of their shoes are made in a factory in Italy and crafted from high quality leathers. They also offer a large selection of highly styled shoes that far outshine any black and white traditional options available in brick and mortar stores.

This model seems to be working as shoe startups continue to find success. Footwear may be a trickier market with a 30-40% return rate, but given that the Jack Erwin guys now have a long waiting list and a retail shop it appears that cutting out the middle man works. It’s an ode to a future where the internet continues to make everything including high fashion accessible to the masses.