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Clay Siegall’s Contribution in Cancer therapy.

Clay Siegall is the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Seattle Genetics Inc. All this begun in 1997 when he co-founded Seattle Genetics Inc. In 2000 Clay became the president and later in November 2002. He was appointed as the chief executive officer. Clay. B. Siegall has been in cancer research for almost 20 years and over the time has made several achievements in cancer research and therapeutic development.

Clay’s efforts to shake up cancer therapy, has not gone disregarded and in a recent post by Jesse Boskoff, Clay Siegall has been described as a passionate doctor aiming to improve the lives of cancer patients. The post also talks about the company’s success over the last five years. This has been attributed to the many years of research as well as his Ph. D in genetics which he received from George Washington University and has helped him increase his professional achievements.

His role as the CEO.

Under Clay’s leadership, Seattle Genetics received approval from the U.S Food and Drug Administration, to broaden their scope and this led to improved antibody cancer therapies including ADCETRIS (brentuximab vedotin). As the CEO Dr. Clay Siegall has also steered Seattle Genetics Inc, in fund raising activities and this has resulted in the company securing approximately $675 million through private as well as public financings.

Clay Siegall’s contribution to the cancer research community.

Before co-founding Seattle Genetics, Clay researched with the national cancer institute, and this has played a significant part in shaping his role in cancer research. Clay has been actively involved in cancer therapies and providing better treatments for cancer patients. Under his leadership, Seattle entered into licensing Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKlien, Genentech, and AbbVie drugs that are used in the cancer treatment and research.

Dr. Clay also advanced an older treatment the antibody drug conjugate that is now used globally to treat cancer patients.

Apart from cancer research, Clay is also the author of more than 70 publications; and he works on the board of directors at Alder BioPharmaceuticals. Clay has made significant achievements in cancer research and treatment, and also holds 15 patents to his credit.