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A Look At Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Busy Year So Far

Bumble Chief Executive Officer Whitney Wolfe Herd was recently named to Fortune’s 40 Most Influential People Under The Age of 40 list. The annual list honors people who are making a major impact in the business world before they reach the age of 40.

This is a special accomplishment for Whitney Wolfe, considering the fact that she hasn’t even had her 30th birthday yet. This latest honor is just another example of what a great year this has been for Whitney Wolfe Herd. Here is a look at some important moments that Whitney Wolfe Herd has been a part of this year.

Sponsoring The Los Angeles Clippers

Bumble and The NBA’s LA Clippers announced that they were starting a marketing partnership. Based on the terms of the agreement, The Clippers will now have the Bumble logo on their uniforms. The two organizations will also work on special projects in the community to help girls and young women.

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Ending The Partnership With Facebook

In the past, Bumble app users were required to have a Facebook account. However, Bumble has changed this requirement in order to attract people who do not use Facebook. Herd now allows users to open a Bumble account through their phone number.

Working With Imagine Entertainment

Wolfe Herd joined Imagine Entertainment, one of the movie industry’s most famous production companies. Wolfe Herd is excited to serve on the board because of the different projects that the company has planned for the future.

Turning Down Match Group

Match Group owns different dating apps. Match Group made an offer to buy Bumble, but Bumble refused to entertain the offer.

Banning Guns From Bumble

Some Bumble users had visible guns in their profile pictures. However, Wolfe Herd made the decision to ban any images of guns from user profiles. Wolfe Herd said that she wants the Bumble environment to be safe and comfortable for everyone.

Academy of Art University’s Proven Success

Academy of Art University is a famous university located in San Francisco, California. It was founded by Richard S. Stephens in 1929, whom also ran the school until 1951. At that point, leadership was transferred to his son Richard A. Stephens. In 1992, the leadership changed once again to his daughter named Elisa Stephen. She continues to run the university to this day.

Under the direction of Elisa Stephens, the university has seen its attendance skyrocket. Starting from 2000 to near 18,000 by 2012, the attendance has since leveled to around 12,000 in the last academic year. The university prides itself on a 100% admissions rate. It also boasts being the biggest private art and design university in the country.

During the last 15 years, the university has increased its accreditation status. It offers degrees of all levels, and was recognized by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges in 2007. In addition, they are a member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. The demographics show that more than half of the students are female. On the side, they run the Academy of Art University Automobile Museum. This museum houses some of the rarest cars in existence.

The website Globe News Wire recently posted a press release from the Academy of Art University regarding the recent hit movie Avengers: Infinity War. A former student, Jan Philip Cramer, severed as animation supervisor. He is the most recent in a long list of alumni to have success in the Hollywood industry.

Anyone looking to get into the film or art industry would likely want to consider the Academy of Art University. They have all the required classes and have a proven track record of alumni getting into the industry. The university’s credibility and leadership has only gotten stronger over the years, and will continue to guide the university well into the future.

Securus Technologies Redesigns and Upgrades their Cornerstone Product

Securus Technologies is a leading North American supplier of civil and criminal justice technology solutions. Their focus is on public safety, monitoring, investigation, and corrections. They have now made public their launch of THREADS 3.1. This is among the most highly sophisticated, fully integrated analytical tool for Big Data” in the U.S. corrections market today. Securus proudly serves in excess of 2,200 Correctional Facilities spread throughout Canada and the United States.
THREADS Redesign Features

The redesigning of the firm’s Investigative Solutions cornerstone has the THREADS user interface coming to par with the latest web-based technologies. All this is achieved while at the same time preserving the very same powerful analysis which their customers have been used to.

The user interface navigation has been streamlined by eliminating unnecessary system actions, boosting the search function and record loading.

New Product Upgrades

The new 3.1 release have upgraded the THREADS software platform from the basic Silverlight to the more advanced HTML 5, allowing for direct integration between several other products from Securus like Secure Call Platform (SCP).The interface that is easier-to-use provides investigators with a tool that is more proactive in terms of supporting their investigations. Securus has developed a software tool requiring little training and one that is offering highly actionable intelligence as well as giving the investigator focused leads.

THREADS 3.1 now comes with several additional features like the capability of listening to SCP calls that are within the THREADS app, context-sensitive reports, guided real-time analysis, and customized printing and mapping. THREADS 3.1 effectively has elevated Securus’ technological solutions to the platinum level, and they are upgrading existing customers free of charge.

Securus Other Services

Over the last three years, Securus has made investments worth $600 million towards the acquisition and growth of several hundred efficiency, security, and safety related products.

Securus Technologies focuses on facilitating secure connections where it matters most. For example, the Securus At-Home visitation technology enables you to remotely visit your incarcerated loved one through an internet connected computer using a web camera.

Serving over 1,200,000 inmates spread throughout North America, and in excess of 3,450 law enforcement, public safety and correctional agencies, Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

The firm is committed to connecting and serving through offering emergency response, investigation, public information, incident management, bio-metric analysis, information management, communication, inmate self-service, and monitoring services & products in order to make the globe a more secure place to live.

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Skout Practices Act of Goodwill

Skout has practiced an act of goodwill that is bound to give this company more exposure to the masses. This is the type of app that has evolved as one of the most fascinating applications of this time, and people are discovering that this is a company that is using technology in a very interesting manner.

It was easy for Skout to do this because the technology was already in place. This is a popular app with millions of users. It didn’t take much for Skout to run a virtual day of giving ad for those that wanted to contribute to feeding the hungry. There were more than 20,000 people that benefited from this partnership between Skout and the Marin Food Bank. This was impressive for Skout because it shows just how much technology is used to help end hunger.

There are millions of Skout users that got the chance to see this ad. One can only imagine what could happen if more people got registered on the site. The act of goodwill by Skout has prompted some people to join the site. It is free site that has been coming up in a lot of conversations lately. The fact that this company has a CEO in place that felt the need to do this has totally transformed the look of the company. It is no longer just another social media app. It is an app company that is socially aware. It is the app company that takes on social responsibility. All of these things make people gravitate more towards Skout. This is the company that giving back while providing a fun online environment for people to meet one another. That is the thing that has made this the app that a lot of young people are taking interest in.

Skout was also the app that prompted many college students to participate in Random Kindness Week. These are the type of events that prompt young crowds of teenagers and young adults to spring into action. This Skout app has certainly made the social media world a lot more interesting.

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Skout App Encourages Random Acts Of Kindness

The Skout app has taken on a new idea to help encourage their users to engage in random acts of kindness. There are plenty of these acts going on any time of day all around the world, and Skout really wants to shine the light on this reality. As such, they are promoting Random Acts Of Kindness week.

The company wanted to know exactly which types of acts of kindness meant the most to people. It may not be surprising to see which were on top of the list, but they wanted to be sure that they were getting good information on this. To figure it out, the company put out a survey of college students to ask them to rank certain types of acts of kindness that they care about.

This survey was a broad one that included more than 180 countries and 16 different languages. It was truly something that got a feeling of the pulse of this question. Skout was exactly the type of app to perform this kind of survey.

Skout is a social app that helps people from all around the world connect with one another. The reality is that Skout is a geolocated type of app that helps people connect with each other in a local region. It is used by many for dating purposes, but there are some who simply use to find other people who have similar interests to them and are in the same area.

It is a revolutionary product that people are using in the place of some of the other social media that they used in the past. Some of the other social media platforms are getting a little stale, but this one is exciting and brand new. Plus, people can be totally themselves on the Skout app because they are talking with strangers and not necessarily friends and family.

No matter what one decides to use the Skout app for, there is no question that people are talking about it. It is quickly becoming a gathering place for people who care about meeting others and sharing new ideas. If you have an app like Skout sending out surveys about random acts of kindness, that probably gives you a pretty good idea about the type of people who are behind the company in the first place. Considering all of this, it is a good time to check out this app.

Connection Apps Like Scout Seeing Big Revival

In the past, many apps focused on ease of use and productivity. This was a big deal for smartphone users and it was something that they hoped to continue seeing in the world of app development. While there is no slowing down for these types of apps, other ones are beginning to take off in an unexpected way. Social apps are allowing more people to connect in a world where dropped calls and no Tweet backs are the most common forms of disillusioned miscommunication. These apps are the next big thing, despite their near-ancient concept in the way that they connect people.

Skout is one of such ancient apps. Developed in 2008 and originally created for the first iPhone, Skout has come a long way since it was first created and showed up on the scene. Skout has evolved from a quick connection app into something that people can use to connect with others on a friendship, dating or even just a mutual city connection. It is a great app for people who want to find friends and for people who need to meet up with others in a city that may not be their hometown.

Apps like Skout are seeing a major resurgence in the people who use them. These apps were once something that was just conceptual, but they are becoming more popular. They are the underbelly of social media and have taken the back face of sites like Facebook and Twitter. While you can still remain relatively anonymous while you are on Skout, you can continue to connect with people. Most users will not find their middle school teacher, their parent’s best friend or the kids that they babysit on the weekends on the Skout app. It allows users to essentially have blind or online dating at their fingertips.

In the first quarter, these dating apps showed that they were going to be a big thing for the coming year. Valentine’s day will soon be upon us and these apps are only going to increase in their use during that time. Nobody wants to be alone on the big V and many people will start looking early for a great date or someone to take them out to dinner. Dating apps are the place to find someone to go out with or even a new best friend to stay in with on Valentine’s Day.

As one of the oldest apps for dating, Skout is constantly fighting to be the best. While the app was once the very best because it was the only one, it must maintain a level of newness and satiety for the users. Skout has made big improvements in the way that it offers users different options. People can find others who are in their hometown, people who are the same age and people who are from across the globe. Skout makes it easy for anyone to be able to find someone that they can connect with, whether they are looking for friendship or a mate.

How Apps Improve Dating

Believe it or not, apps have improved dating. There are many new activities that people on dates could participate on with their smartphones or tablets. With the right tablet, they could watch movies or play games together on their devices. This makes for even more fun activities on dates. However, it is a double-edged sword. On one hand, people could find themselves enjoying eachother’s company while playing with their smartphones. Then there is the other extreme that has people on their smartphones and ignoring each other. At that point, the date could be considered a failure for both parties.

Among the apps that improve dating is Skout. Skout has made it easier for people to meet someone. One of the features that make it easier for people to find a date is the ability to search globally for someone. While most dating apps confine someone to the local area that they live in, Skout expands the limit of the user’s dating horizon. This gives way to more options and greater possibilities. This results in less frustration on the part of the user because he knows that he still has a chance to land that date even if he couldn’t in his local area.

One good thing about Skout is that it protects people from dishonest users. Every user has heard the story of someone who used a fake or old picture of someone who is better looking. Then when the person showed up for the date, the actual person was different from the image that was presented to the date. This often results in a lot of confusion. Often times, it doesn’t end well. Fortunately, Skout is helpful about protecting people from such circumstances. Skout has a way of making sure users are honest.

Among the other ways that apps improve dating is that it allows people to look up examples of a good dating experience. They could get ideas on what they could do as an activity. When it comes to dating, creativity is what helps with the success of the experience. Therefore, it is important for people to open their minds and expand their horizons so that they can have greater chances for dating success. It also helps people work on their personality in order to improve their chances. However, they have to be their own unique person. After all, their date is dating them, not the other person.

Apps can be used to an advantage when it is done right. If one is not careful with his apps, then he could find himself absorbing the wrong information. What it all comes down to is self knowledge. While a lot of the advice works in general, it often backfires for some that try to apply it to their own situation in dating because they did not translate its meaning to them. As a result, they come off awkward and fall on their face due to their misuse of tips given to them. A man that knows what works for him is going to have the most success with dating apps.

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