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Tim Armour Responds To Buffett Bet

Over the past 50 years, one of the most successful investors in the world has continued to be Warren Buffett. Buffett, who has successfully become a self-made billionaire, has stood by several investing principles. One of his key principles is for people to avoid investing in expensive hedge and mutual funds.

While some people criticized this approach, Buffett officially quieted some of them this year after successfully winning a bet against several top hedge fund managers. Over one year ago, Buffett bet that he could get a better overall return by investing in an index funds as opposed to actively managed funds. In the end, Buffett was proven to be the winner of the bet.


While Tim Armour did win, some are still not sure that non-active management is the best way to go. One critic of the approach is Tim Armour, who is the head of the Capital Group. Armour pointed out that the bet took place during a period of prosperity and that actively managed funds show their true value during downturns. During bear markets, hedge funds are able to take downside risk protection while index funds are not.

Over the course of the past 20 years, Armour has led the portfolio management side of the business for the Capital Group. During this time period he has pointed out that his firm’s return on investment, net after all fees, is more than 1.5% higher on an annual basis than the overall return of the S&P 500 and other related indexes.

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Nabors Industries CEO Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is a longtime executive at the company Nabors Industries. He is currently the chief executive officer of the company. As well as being the chief executive officer of Nabors Industries, he is also in charge of another company known as Nabors Exchangeco Incorporated.

Along with being the CEO of Nabors Industries, Petrello has also been the company President since the early 1990’s. Prior to being the CEO of Nabors Industries, Petrello served as the chief operating officer where he would help provide direct management of the company. Nowadays, Anthony serves ad the chairman of the board at Nabors Industries. Before he began working at Nabors Industries, Petrello worked at a law firm called Baker & McKenzie from 1979-1991, including being its managing partner from 1986-1991.

After holding a variety of management positions at Nabor Industries, Anthony Petrello become the company chief executive officer. As the CEO of Nabors Industries, he would provide solid leadership and direction for the company. Petrello would routinely devise polices in order to help run the company more efficiently. He would meet with other managers and go over how the departments were doing. If there were improvements that needed to be made, Anthony would consult with the managers and advise them to follow his policies in order to increase sales, provide better service and also lower costs. With his guidance and expertise, Anthony has been able to help Nabors Industries maintain its status as a top energy company.

Over the course of his career as chief executive officer of Nabors Industries Anthony has been able to develop a lot of expertise as well as accumulate a lot of valuable experience in leading a large company. During his time as CEO of the company, Petrello has worked with a number of different departments in order to help them reach their full potential. Whether it is marketing, operations or accounting, Anthony has looked to help the organization improve on all levels. As a result, Nabors Industries has been able to solidify its status as one of the most trusted energy companies in the world.

As an experienced executive, Anthony often provides feedback and advice to lower level managers on how to best run their departments. He also assesses and evaluates what his subordinates say in meetings and then makes plans on how to best reach the organization’s goals. By following his advice and policies, the managers have been able to improve the overall operational efficiency of the company. This has enabled Nabors Industries to continue thriving.

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Bruce Levenson: On Top of His Game

Bruce Levenson is the quintessential American business champion, and just about all of his game plans have been winners. Levenson, a Washington, D.C. native, set the bar high early in his professional life. He pursued a journalism day job at the Washington Star while attending and graduating law school at night. See,

Not satisfied with pulling off this double play, Levenson co-founded a new business, United Communications Group, with a partner, Ed Peskowitz, in 1977. Undaunted by lack of office space, the new company and its newsletter were conceived in Levenson’s apartment. The newsletter, Oil Express, focused on growth and expansion in the oil industry.

UCG spun off into other newsletters and rebounded into databases such as Oil Price Information Service. Soon UCG became a privately-held information company specializing in news, data and analysis for everything from healthcare and oil energy to mortgage banking. An interesting turnover for the private citizen is a mobile application called GasBuddy, which points drivers toward low gas prices in their area.

With a practically unerring eye for winning business combinations, Levenson focused on markets in electronic publishing, such as a private equity firm known as BIA Digital Partners. He was recognized for his ambidextrous handling of these markets and inducted into the Software and information industry Association’s Hall of Fame in 1997 along with his partner, Ed Peskowitz. They were honored for their work with the original UCG and its offshoots.

Playing several angles, Levensen became оnе оf thе founding shareholders оf publicly-held TechTarget, аnd served оn itѕ board until 2012. In their spare time, Levenson and another partner founded a private company called DOT, featuring a cutting-edge cooking technology designed to make toast in just three seconds!

Bruce Levenson is certainly best-known for becoming a majority partner of Atlanta Hawks LLC, a collective group of business partners owning the Atlanta Hawks professional basketball team and the corresponding Phillips Arena. He served as the Hawk’s governor and controlling owner from 2004 until 2012.

Levenson and his wife Karen are deeply committed to philanthropic endeavors, leading the creation of the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership sponsored by the University of Maryland. The two also spearheaded the “Do Good Challenge”, an eight-week event sponsored by UMD students, which had students vying with their peers to ‘do good’. Levenson also served as president of the renowned “I Have a Dream Foundation”, dedicated to assisting children from low-income families to pursue and obtain a college education.

Bruce Levenson is estimated by to be worth approximately $500 million. Targeted information, transformation business creativity and perseverance has made Levenson a top-scoring professional on a tough business roster.