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Tips that Goettl Suspects you don’t know about keeping your HVAC in Perfect Condition

The comfort level that you will experience in your home depends on among other things, the type of HVAC you install and also its efficiency. As the surroundings become hotter and more humid, you will need the system to bring down the temperatures, clean up the dust in the air and keep the humidity levels down. When the system is not working properly, it ends up consuming too much electricity and with time, it might even crash altogether. It is therefore recommended that you take time and assess the system that you have for the sake of your comfort this season.

The first thing you need to check for is the SEER rating of the unit. The recommended SEER setting for a new system should be 13 and above. Anything below that means that the system is costing you more energy than it should. Goettl also states that old systems should have a rating of at least 9 because this is what will assure you of maximum efficiency.

Other tips that can help you succeed with your system include making sure it is always in the shade, applying window film to reduce the sun’s rays in the house, weatherizing your home into areas that need different temperature levels, cleaning and replacing the air filters and generally making sure that a system maintenance is run in the unit after every few months.

About Goettl

Goettl is one of the oldest and most reliable HVAC companies. The company is based in Phoenix Arizona but has branches in Las Vegas and other places. The current owner and CEO of the company, Ken Goodrich has really transformed the quality of the services they deliver to their clients.

He purchased the company because since childhood, he had always admired his father’s work in the HVAC industry. The company’s top values include tradition, quality service delivery to customers, honesty, reliability, innovation and attention to detail. The company is highly recommended by their clients.

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