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The History of Foodservice Giant OSI Group

If you’re generally interested in the foodservice industry, then you’ve probably heard about OSI Group. When it comes to developing, sourcing, managing and processing food products, this is the company to beat. OSI Group was founded back in 1909 by a German-immigrant named Otto Kolschowki. Kolschowski came to America at the turn of the 20th century, and he has played an important role in Chicago’s agricultural scene. During the early 1900s, the city of Chicago’s population exploded with growth. Twenty-five percent of the city’s demographics were of German decent. Carl Sandburg, a popular American poet, stated that “Chicago is the city of broad shoulders.”

Back in the day, OSI was known as Otto & Sons. This small butcher shop was located on a corner in Oak Park, Illinois. The family-owned business sold some of the best tasting meats in the area. As word began to spread, Otto & Sons began to increase its services. As the years passed, the family-owned business jumped into the food wholesale business. This is when the company truly began to increase its net worth. During the postwar economic expansion, small businesses were powering the economy. As the larger cities began to spread outward, more and more of these small businesses started popping-up.

The company didn’t change its name until 1975. At this point in time, it had facilities in Illinois and in Utah. Thanks to its close ties with McDonald’s, OSI Group opened a facility that only catered to this popular hamburger chain. Sheldon Lavin, the current CEO of the company, has guided OSI Group straight to the top. OSI is now a multibillion dollar company thanks to Lavin’s leadership role. Thanks to his strong passion and perseverance, he has gone on to win the affluent Global Visionary Award. What more can you ever ask for? OSI Group was the top food provider of the past, is the top food provider of the present and will be the top food provider of the future.

Neurocore: Deepened reality of depression

At many times, a person may, unfortunately, be effected with disorders in life. In a bittersweet realization, these disorders can be less physical and on the other hand mental, but nonetheless just as detrimental. Depression is a large and destructive illness that affects many aspects of a person’s life. If left untreated, as so many people know, it can cause even worse circumstances for someone. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurocore is one of the various brain performance centers that offers a multitude of substantial and effective solutions to a patients’ negative depression. Rather than just focusing on depression, however, Neurocore also assists people who suffer from various mental issues that can, fortunately, be treated. Their various programs help a person who suffers from memory loss, the well-known and torturous stress, sleep deprivation, ASD (autistic spectrum disorder), ADHD (for all age ranges), migraines, and much more. Their programs have been said to help many in securing a stable life after the destructive mental illness that has affected their lives. Two of their most famous programs include the “Memory Boot Camp” and the “Core Program”. The Core Program is involved in brain diagnostics and finding ways to see how well a patient’s brain is functioning. It assists in leveraging the brain’s abilities to adapt by using brain mapping and neuroimaging. The Memory boot camp is like the name suggests, invested in exercises that promote a healthy memory. This program uses coaching for diets, sleep, relaxation and monitoring for optimal results. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

It is important for neurocore to help patients understand their problems regarding any of the following issues neurocore offers solutions for. Most importantly, it wants to help patients understand how serious their depression is, and ways that the patient can combat the problem themselves. From blogs to events and specially placed locations, neurocore provides information and ways to inform patients that their depression is more than just sadness, there are very simple ways to improve depression, and that it is a dangerous weakness. Although it is true that depression is much more than a sadness, the firm tries to make it clear that it can be cured in a conveniently simple way for everyone. This leads to the idea that depression is something that certainly can be conquered.


American Taxpayers Expected To Receive Huge Paychecks Thanks To Freedom Checks

The newly-passed tax plan commonly referred to as Freedom Checks is ready and ripe. Thousands of Americans who subscribed to this scheme have a reason to smile. Throughout the month of June, many Americans have been lining up at their different banks to receive the paycheck. Whether they have indicated that they will collect the money by themselves, via a proxy or online, investors have every reason to smile. The more than $34.6 billion that has been announced to be remitted to different accounts has only been made possible thanks to these Checks, a strategy critics termed doomed. Read this article at Money Morning.


This scheme has made it possible for thousands of men and women now afford their dream cars, home and even buy expensive gives. For instance, Mike Reed, a 53-year-old resident of Golden Colorado is happy to say that Freedom Checks has come at the right time. He is set to receive a staggering $160, 923. Lisa Luhrman a female investor from Tulsa, Oklahoma will receive a sum of $66, 570. Lisa, 57, says that it is one thing that she will live to marvel at since it has come at a time she needed the money most. Another example is a 46-year-old Doug Smith from Joplin, Missouri. Doug will receive a total of $24, 075. Although Dough did not give any remarks about the money, it is evident that thousands of Americans are now happy that they can achieve their dreams courtesy of the Checks.



One will receive according to the way they invested. No single investor will get what they did not invest. But from the look of the above examples, it is evident that many people will receive huge sums of money. But as in every investment, there are rules and regulations that must be followed. Matt Badiali, who has championed for Freedom Checks for a long time says that there are many rules that must be followed in an investor, has to benefit from the scheme. “There are intricate yet elaborate laws and procedures that each investor has to follow. No one will evade a rule or a regulation and expect to receive the full potential of the the Checks,” says Matt. He adds that each investor must familiarize themselves with the 1981 legislation and its 1987 revised version that gave birth to Master Limited Partnerships. It is also clears that no one can compare Freedom Checks with Medicare or Social Security Programs.


Statute 26-F that was passed by the Congress has been the force behind the operations of Freedom Checks as well as similar MLPs. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

GoBuyside Is Helping To Change The Way Employers Find Talent

The landscape surrounding employment has been in a constant state of change since the onset of the internet age that took place in the ’90s. The days have passed when employers picked up the phone to call a local recruitment agency when in need of someone to fill a position with a company. This is because not only have recruitment methods been changed by the presence of the internet but the jobs themselves are also changing due to the ready access to information provided by the information age. Follow GoBuyside on Instagram.

GoBuyside is a firm based in New York City that monitors trending jobs in the finance industry and providing a tech-centric approach to the recruitment of talent.

The decentralization of the workplace is a prominent trend in the finance world today. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2015 nearly one-fourth of Americans who were employed performed some or all of their job functions with the use of the internet. The decreasing importance of an employees location is allowing for employers to no longer have to aim their search for employees at a specific location. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

The increase in the number of applicants has made it possible for employers to be much selective when looking to hire new personnel. GoBuyside is successfully leveraging this increase in available applicants to produce the top applicants possible for the firms that depend on its services.

While the ability to conduct talent searches nationwide naturally attracts more qualified candidates it is the screening process utilized by GoBuyside that results in these increased numbers becoming stellar hiring decisions.

GoBuyside mines the abundance of data now available pertaining to applicants from multiple sources including social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to provide employers with the most relevant information possible regarding these job applicants. In the past, it was job applicants themselves that were the keepers of the records regarding their own job histories and experiences. But in today’s world, GoBuyside is able to give employers a complete view in real time of the applicants seeking to join their company. This has caused GoBuyside to become an invaluable resource to many companies.


Investment Advice on Base Metals from Matt Badiali for 2018

When it comes to natural resources and investing in them, Matt Badiali is the expert. It is easy to see how he acquired his knowledge regarding these matters. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Earth Sciences from the Penn State University. After that, he received his Master of Science in Geology from the Florida Atlantic University. Read more about Matt Badiali at Ideamensch.

Matt Badiali did not stop learning as he worked his way toward earning a Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina. In 2004, a friend of his introduced him to financial deals and soon after, his skills were recognized. Since he started his career in the finance industry, he had helped a lot of people earn more than what they had before he gave them advice. In fact, records showed that those investors generated double to triple digit returns since they followed his recommendations.

Since 2017, he has worked with Banyan Hill Publishing where he launched his newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist. His education and involvement in the natural resource market allowed him to provide knowledge to investors interested in these stocks. In 2017, he gave some advice on which base metals to invest in and this year he is doing it again.

His predictions mentioned both lead and zinc, which he believed would increase steadily. In 2016, zinc outperformed both copper and lead as it rose almost 65% in prices. He predicted the outcome and helped investors choose the best base metals during that time. This year, he has selected zinc once again, and it looks like the numbers are favoring his forecast since zinc prices continue to increase. Follow Matt on Facebook.

Matt Badiali also talked about the price of lead, which experts have predicted to reach almost $3,000 for every metric ton. The cost is equivalent to $1.32 for every pound of lead. Industry experts have noted that there is indeed high demand for lead, which very much exceeded the supply.

Aside from lead and zinc, he also discussed copper, which is the third base metal to invest in. In 2016, he also mentioned copper, which allowed the investors to get 30% return. This year, he has predicted that it has the potential to rise over the other metals. The supply disruption that took place in China allowed copper to enjoy a massive increase for three years straight now.

Matt Badiali has expressed that among the best ways to invest in base metals is to communicate with miners, especially the copper miners. The advice applies to most investors, but it will definitely help those who have not yet been exposed to this market.


The Chainsmokers Give Insight On Their Careers

Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers has recently done several interviews wherein he has talked about the band and their aspirations, their own upcoming, and what it all means for them. Since the duo first started releasing music, everyone has wanted to get a piece of them around the world for their smash hits and amazing collaborations, including the major hit “Closer”.


During the time that Alex was working as a DJ around New York, electronic dance music was starting to become popular among audiences and Alex himself was quickly overtaken by the sounds. As Alex focused harder on his music and perfecting his dance music, he was introduced to his now partner, Andrew Taggart. Alex Pall’s original partner decided to withdraw from the music team. Andrew and Alex both had similar ideas and goals in mind for their music and it took no time at all for them to start producing sounds seamlessly together.


The Chainsmokers have built a large following over the short number of years they have been in the music scene. Much of the reason for this according to Alex is because the Duo writes their own songs and they bring true feelings and stories from their own lives. Alex and Andrew are capable of creating music that relates to everything they produce.


One of the most exciting things for Alex is that fact that their music appeals to all different audiences and not just the younger generations. Based on social media presence and feedback, people from all over the world have taken an interest in the Chainsmokers sounds. Part of the reason for this is the fact that Andrew and Alex purposefully changed up their music to reach out and appeal to more than just the young partiers out there. Currently, the Chainsmokers are working hard to create new sounds for their fans around the world and have all but rebranded themselves in the music industry.

Tony Petrello- Great track record in managing Nabors Industries

The role of Tony Petrello in development of Nabors Industries is clear to everyone who has gone through his profile as a business leader. Since he joined the oil and gas drilling firm in the 1990s, he has not relented from making it a top company in the world. He has used his brilliance as a manager to bring positive results for the company. Although he came from the legal sector and had no training in business management, his results show of a man who has gone beyond education to become one of the top corporate executives in America.

Tony Petrello gained prominence as when he was featured as one of the top earning CEO in 2015. Since then, many people who did not know him have tried to understand what he is all about. More information about the CEO has been revealed on how he took a fledgling company a made it a top company globally. His contribution to the success of this firm is an inspirational story to anyone who has dreams of working in the corporate sector. He has worked brilliantly helping the company move from one level of success to another. His achievement in management has been impeccable although he has never stepped in a business management class to be taught how to manage a business. He has worked his way up from a legal and math background to becoming a top executive.

Nabors Industries is a company which was established in the 1960s. Tony Petrello joined this firm in 1991. He was hired by the management then because he showed great abilities in dealing with problems facing the company when he was the legal counsel for the firm. He was later appointed the Chief Operating Officer, a position he held for two decades until he was promoted to the position of the CEO.

Tony Petrello left a good track record of results as the COO. In fact, it is his success while working as the COO that made him be promoted to the position of the CEO. He has proved that he had everything it takes to lead the firm. His contributions as the COO were part of the reasons the company was making very good results every year. He initiated the expansion of the company which is one of the reasons why the company has been doing very well. Currently, the company has operations in over 25 countries’ besides supplying drilling technology to numerous other locations.

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Immigrant Activists Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey in the war against inhumane acts towards immigrants in Arizona

When the son of a construction worker who dropped out of university meets another dropout, seldom any progress is expected.

Such however, is not the story of Jim and mike, both university dropouts, who have been the force rallying behind the better treatment of immigrants. Theirs is a bitter sweet story because they found their calling after being thrown in jail for wrongful arrests in the era of Sheriff Joe. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Arpaio of Maricopa County in Arizona

Most people come out of jail subdued, with no fight left in them, in this instance however, jail was the wakeup call for Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey, who had been arrested in the night at their own doorsteps for articles they ran in their newspaper the Phoenix New Times exposing the sheriff department for unlawful practices.

Jim and Mike’s brainchild: The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Spending 23 days in custody is not the best experience especially for innocent people and Jim and Mike were not about to let that slide. They sued the county and with the $3.75 million they won from the lawsuit, begun the journey they still walk today.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was set up by Jim and Mike to help Latin-American groups in their state of Arizona. This is the reason why any immigrant in the state of Arizona County will easily identify Jim and Mike, because they were their knights in shining amour in their years of destitution.

Jim and Mike’s journey has been long and eventful. Journeys that saw two dropouts from Arizona State University, establish their first venture Phoenix New Times then move on to Village Voice Media Holdings, both companies that were the best example of free media, investigative reporting and journalistic instincts without fear or favour. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Although they sold their media outlet to concentrate on their foundation, Jim and Mike continue to be journalists at heart especially since they now also run a website called Front Page Confidential that is the whistle blower for crimes against free speech and the First Amendment.

In recent times, however, what may appear to many as a party pooper, Sheriff Joe Arpaio was pardoned by the Trump Administration and is today a free man despite his obvious crimes.

Jim and Mike have however taken that in their stride and continue to fight the good fight for the people that do not have the power to do so for themselves.

More about former Sheriff Arpaio

Arpaio may be a hero to nationalists and people that hate immigrants but is the man who used his power to trample upon the rights of the Latino and Hispanic communities during his tenure by breaking the First Amendment and often being let off the hook.

Mike and Jim however, momentarily ensured he got what he deserved by letting him charged for his crimes. He did not finish his jail term however, something that does not sit well with activists.

Malcolm CasSelle: Combating Fraudsters in the Online Gaming World

Online gaming has been around for decades, and through the years, it has been one of the most entertaining ways to experience leisure and recreation. Because of the numerous developments in the industry, and the rising demand for games, the online gaming industry grew to become a billion-dollar business. One of the most popular genres of online gaming are role-playing games, and players are serious about collecting rare items in-game that can be sold or traded with other players around the world. It has been a practice for a long time that hard-core players will be doing everything in-game to obtain a rare item. Some are paying for the rare item and trading it later on to others for a higher price. Because of the number of trades happening within the online world, some scammers and fraudsters decided to join the party, stealing items from legitimate gamers. In other cases, players are being robbed of their money for an item that does not exist.

Malcolm CasSelle is an online gamer himself, and he knows the problems faced by players around the world. Malcolm CasSelle became known recently because of the creation of the WAX platform. This platform is used to deter scammers and fraudsters, and its effectivity can be observed by checking the number of people who are trading within the game today compared to the previous years. Because of the prevalence of these scammers, online gamers started to feel unprotected online, and they are dodging trades that could end up disastrous for them. Because of the mounting complaints regarding online scammers, Malcolm CasSelle had the idea to create the online world more trader friendly.

Using his knowledge in the field of computer programming, he created a platform known as the WAX platform. His creation uses the blockchain technology to ensure that no scammers and fraudsters will be able to transact with legitimate players. The WAX platform helped reduce the number of people who think that the online world of trading is an unsafe place, and many started to restore their confidence back to the online gaming industry because of the creation of the WAX platform.


Nick Vertucci: Becoming Wealthy Through Real Estate Flipping

Real estate flipping is a practice that promises the best way to earn money and the quickest way to be rich. The method was popularized by Nick Vertucci, an American businessman, and entrepreneur. According to his online academy for real estate flippers, the method would require the purchase of a dilapidated home, especially those that are already abandoned. The real estate flipper would have to invest in fixing the house, especially the ceiling and the plumbing system. The walls should also be repainted, as well as the exteriors. It is not necessary to buy new furniture inside the house, as what the buyers would look at would be the structure itself. After renovating the house, the real estate flipper would have to work with a real estate broker to look for potential buyers. Newlyweds and families who are looking for cheap homes form the biggest percentage of customers that rely on real estate flippers. Nick Vertucci became a successful real estate flipper as he sold thousands of houses in North America. Today, he is managing his real estate flipping academy, and he is also making tours across major cities in the continent to share his experiences in life, and how real estate flipping changed him.

His life story is featured in the book “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed,” which is authored by Nick Vertucci himself. According to his story, he faced several challenges during his childhood. One of the challenges that he had to face was the death of his father. It was devastating to his family, and his mother had to work hard to provide for him and his siblings. The young Nick Vertucci understood that he had to make a sacrifice, and once he reached 18 years old, he decided to live on his own and establish a business that deals with computer parts.

His business did not last long, as he went bankrupt after the crash in the early 2000s. He had to look for other opportunities on how he could earn money, and his friend told him to attend a seminar about the method known as real estate flipping. Nick Vertucci became interested and joined the seminar. He learned so much about the practice and decided to do it himself. It was difficult to sell a property at first, but with determination and hard work, everything becomes easier. He was able to sell a lot of properties, giving him access to more wealth.