Meet AIA Professional, Robert Ivy

The American Institute of Architects, based in Atlanta, Georgia is focused on bright designers, artists, and architects. Their goal is bringing new professionals to the network with a focus on longevity in the art community. The AIA is a private member institute with over 80,000 members. They’ve been able to develop some of their best designs in Atlanta and surrounding areas. Their commitment is education and policy by focusing on the craftsmanship of architecture. Their unique designs focus on many new talented artistic professionals. They strive to help young new artists meet their full potential with the help of dedicated AIA professionals. Read more about Robert Ivy at Tulane School of Architecture website.

Who Is Robert Ivy Of AIA

Robert Ivy has been able to lead his group with a strong communication in art. He has dedicated over 20 years to the AIA Group. As an art leader, he looks for budding talent that can contribute to the art community. As an industry professional, he wants his members to display their passion for art. As a team of professionals, he understands his commitment to the AIA Group and works diligently on many projects with notable professionals each year. He is also committed to professional art industry standards.


Robert Ivy is the first architect to be nominated for the Lifetime Achievement Award. The Mississippi Art Institute Letter (MAIL) is responsible for honoring him with the award. Thousands of professionals have been committed to art, but Ivy has a passion that has far surpassed his competitors to allow him to be honored with the prestigious award. He continues to play an active role in the art community that goes unmatched by other art industry professionals. As CEO of the AIA Group his commitment is to educating the new artistic talent that joins their network. Learn more about Robert Ivy by visiting his professional LinkedIn account today for more details. Visit Archinect to know more about Robert Ivy.

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