The role of NGP VAN in political campaigns

Technology is gaining prominence in its application in political contests. From 2004, various political organizations in the United States have been working closely with technology firms to boost the use of technology in voters’ mobilization. The growth of technology has seen many people own smartphones devices which have access to the internet. This development has created a chance for technology experts to look for ways through which smartphones can be used a tool for campaigns. Information is easily accessible to the people, and this is the reason why technology has such a big role to play in politics. By creating one platform, you can bring millions of voters together, which in any case is the dream of every politician. A politician wants to address as many people as possible and convince them that he or she is the right candidate.

The Democratic Party started applying technology in its campaigns in 2004. When we talk about technology in current times, we are no longer referring to things such as TV and radios. These are the methods which have been used since the 1950s. In the current era, technology is about data-driven technology. The application of the internet in campaigns is what we are talking about.

Technology-based campaigns are being done through websites and mobile applications. In 2012, President Obama had launched a campaign tool known as Pollwatcher which was developed by NGP VAN. This app played a significant role in bringing together the supporters of his candidature. Through the app, he was able to meet the people whom he could not have managed to meet physically. The app had over 14 million subscribers. It was a central point of canvassing for the team supporting Obama.

NGP VAN provides the best technology for high stake political contests in the United States. With hacking and other unethical practices being applied by opponents, it is important to have technology company which understands what is needed to make websites or apps which cannot leak any information to the opponents.

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