Getting Inside The Head Of Roseann Bennett

As a therapist who specializes in marriages and family issues, Roseann Bennett has been helping people in her career for more than 10 years now. She has prided herself in helping as many people as possible from all walks of life. She helps countless individuals and families make it through some of life’s most difficult challenges. As part of her treatment specialties, she works with people regarding a whole facet of issues such as marital and family therapies, individual therapy, case management, treatment planning and crisis management. Throughout New Jersey in particular, she worked with many young adolescents and families.

Bennett has proven that she is a compassionate therapist who has a very diverse background in therapy and assessing certain situations that need to be dealt with carefully. She is also a business leader who is a forward-thinker.

Balancing Home And Work Life

As any professional can testify, it is always hard work to balance your home and work life. Roseann is a professional marriage and family therapist at work. However, when the day ends, her other profession of being a wife and a loving mother begins. She feels that to be the best at both, she has always had to sacrifice something of her own in the process. Whether it be self-care or sleep, she puts everyone else’s needs above her own. She has admitted that she often struggles with the difference between getting what she “needs or wants” and lets things slide when she shouldn’t for the sake of everyone else.

Her Daily Tasks And Responsibilities

Her daily tasks and responsibilities vary greatly each day. However, she always starts her days early and she can be found doing a variety of tasks such as developing programs, having therapy sessions and writing policy. She puts her therapy with her clients at the top of her priority list each day. A majority of each of her days goes to helping those that need it.

Productivity Tips

She has a lot of tips for people looking to be more productive in their day-to-day tasks. Her biggest tip that she can offer is to vary your time of attention greatly. Give your ideas a lot of intense thought, then walk away to ponder a bit. Afterwards, come back to revisit the idea with a fresh mind.

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