NGP VAN is a Unique Campaign App

NGP VAN Is an app that helps Democratic campaigns. It is extremely helpful with fundraising, organizing, and products. Not only has it helped Democratic campaigns but it has also helped with labor unions. Most campaigns use technology and lots of data for their campaign. This app can seriously help with organizing that and making any campaign all around easier.

The internet has a lot to offer us and so this app can help Democrats utilize the internet. This app is very successful and is used by multiple Democrat parties and labor unions. Campaigns are taking a more modern turn and it used to be that all campaigns were shown on TV or heard on the radio but now that is not the only way. We should use the cutting edge technology that we have now, for example, the Internet, just like in the 1950s when TV and radio were new and cutting edge. NGP VAN is a great example of this considering it is using modern technology such as cell phones and applications to help with many Democratic campaigns.


Democratic and Republican parties have used technology very differently in each campaign. Obama used technology successfully in his campaign to win the election in 2008 and 2012. Most of the transformation to technology has been lead by Democrats and it has made them more popular and helped them with an increase of votes It also helps them to be able to reach out to younger people through the use of technology because social media is extremely popular; like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Discord.

Also, using this Internet app makes it near impossible to reuse the same campaign over and over, which is a good thing. Using the same ideas over and over would mean campaign suicide. Social media and the internet are constantly changing. Most people nowadays carry around a cell phone which makes it much easier to connect to social media and the Internet. So wouldn’t it make sense to move the campaign to the internet where most of the people are viewing political messages? As it is our current president Donald Trump uses Twitter constantly to communicate with the people. NGP VAN Is attempting to make the more complicated internet campaigns much more simple for people to utilize.

The NGP VAN app makes it much easier to utilize the Internet for campaigns and this is a cutting-edge reason why it should be the go-to app for any campaign management.


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