Ara Chackerian Passion for conservation of the Wilderness Ecosystem

Ara Chackerian is a passionate environmentalist who has put environmental issues at the forefront. He recognizes that the environment play a crucial role in the society’s fabric as it performs varies functions including recreation and resource provision. It is this love for nature that has seen Ara provide partners and environmentalists with the necessary tools needed to ensure that Mother Nature is protected.


The environment plays a very crucial role in sustaining earth’s functions and a very small group of people have taken up the mantle to ensure that it is protected at all cost. This has led to a multi-sectorial partnership between the society and public and private entities working together to manage the wilderness ecosystem. Forestry is that integral tool that keeps the whole wilderness intact and self-sustaining and to an extent protects the ecosystem from fires and storms.




Ara Chackerian being a forest expert knows to well that no two forest ecosystems are the same and that unique approaches are needed to conserve different forests. He also emphasizes that the public plays a special role in nature’s conservation and if they are given the right tools and information can help protect and conserve the forests and wildlife. In addition, conservation efforts have been made easier through the advancement of technology through proper forest management and paper manufacturing processes. One of the management practices that Ara Chackerian and other forest experts have put to good use is forest rotation which has worked wonders in conserving Michigan’s wilderness areas. You can visit



Ara Chackerian passion for nature has seen him continue to generate lots of revenues especially from the forest activities, but he has stayed true to the aspect of sustainable management of resources. Check out Vimeo to know more.


Ara Chackerian is the current managing partner of ASC capital holdings a company that focuses on assisting and investing in upcoming healthcare organizations. He is also the co-founder of TMS health solution, an organization that provides specialized treatment for resistant depression through a medical technique known as Transcranial magnetic stimulation. Besides health issues, Ara is also passionate about environmental issues which has seen him support environmental and reforestation projects in Nicaragua.



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