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Bob Reina Founder of Talk Fusion

Talk fusion is a computer, marketing tool that was invented in the year 2007. It helps companies to market themselves better. It does this through the use of video instead of only audio or printed marketing. The use of video and audio together can make the marketing experience more engaging and memorable to the consumer. Talk Fusion is now available world wide thus increasing the sales for their clients. It also has a video chat app feature. Learn more:

This app has features that add convenience that will help client companies stay competitive. ITunes and Google Play Stores use this app. Iphones, ipads and ipad touches that have the ios7 system can be used with this app. If one has an Android device access to a 4.4.3 system will be needed to access Talk Fusion. Video email is needed in today’s world and Talk Fusion is the way to go. Video email is valuable for so many reasons. The company Talk Fusion helps in all of this. The company does this by offering an excellent full package video marketing and video conferencing package. By doing this brand loyalty and customer retention can be afforded to their clients. Reduced advertising costs is also an advantage. The founder of Talk Fusion is a man by the name of Bob Reina.

Bob Reina states that his company Talk Fusion is an online platform for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd and get results online with not just print or audio but also with video. Audio combined with video is a very effective form of marketing according to Bob Reina. Very large companies now use Talk Fusion for their advertising. They can do so from any location and advertise to any location. Small businesses are also using this service to maximize their profits. Talk Fusion has a Charity Account Program. It is used to help to raise funds for non profits for no fees. Talk Fusion is the only company one needs to go to for all of their marketing needs. There is no need to set up different accounts. Talk Fusion does it all.

NGP VAN is a Unique Campaign App

NGP VAN Is an app that helps Democratic campaigns. It is extremely helpful with fundraising, organizing, and products. Not only has it helped Democratic campaigns but it has also helped with labor unions. Most campaigns use technology and lots of data for their campaign. This app can seriously help with organizing that and making any campaign all around easier.

The internet has a lot to offer us and so this app can help Democrats utilize the internet. This app is very successful and is used by multiple Democrat parties and labor unions. Campaigns are taking a more modern turn and it used to be that all campaigns were shown on TV or heard on the radio but now that is not the only way. We should use the cutting edge technology that we have now, for example, the Internet, just like in the 1950s when TV and radio were new and cutting edge. NGP VAN is a great example of this considering it is using modern technology such as cell phones and applications to help with many Democratic campaigns.


Democratic and Republican parties have used technology very differently in each campaign. Obama used technology successfully in his campaign to win the election in 2008 and 2012. Most of the transformation to technology has been lead by Democrats and it has made them more popular and helped them with an increase of votes It also helps them to be able to reach out to younger people through the use of technology because social media is extremely popular; like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Discord.

Also, using this Internet app makes it near impossible to reuse the same campaign over and over, which is a good thing. Using the same ideas over and over would mean campaign suicide. Social media and the internet are constantly changing. Most people nowadays carry around a cell phone which makes it much easier to connect to social media and the Internet. So wouldn’t it make sense to move the campaign to the internet where most of the people are viewing political messages? As it is our current president Donald Trump uses Twitter constantly to communicate with the people. NGP VAN Is attempting to make the more complicated internet campaigns much more simple for people to utilize.

The NGP VAN app makes it much easier to utilize the Internet for campaigns and this is a cutting-edge reason why it should be the go-to app for any campaign management.


Sheldon Lavin: The OSI Group’s Visonary, Innovative, Beloved Chief Executive

Global food processing company the OSI Group owes its international growth to the vision and business experience of chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin. Lavin has degrees in business, finance and accounting from Roosevelt University, the University of Illinois and DePaul University. He also spent several years in the banking industry. Lavin was also a very successful investor and had a decade and a half experience running his financial consulting company before becoming involved with the OSI Group in the 1970s. By the 1980s he owned the company and was focused on international expansion.

The growth of the OSI Group to its leadership position in the worldwide food services industry is the fulfillment of the vision Sheldon Lavin had for the company ever since he first took control of it. Lavin began by expanding to China with its emerging market of over a billion people. Over the course of 20 years, he built 10 food processing facilities there. Lavin also built facilities or acquired companies in India, Japan, Hong Kong and the Philippines. He did the same thing in Australia, Mexico and Brazil, as part of his plan to give the OSI Group a global presence.

The OSI Group’s expansion in Europe was another important goal for Sheldon Lavin. He began by building new facilities in Hungary, Spain and Poland. Then he dramatically increased the production capacity of the OSI Group’s meat processing facility in Toledo, Spain. Lavin then acquired Baho Foods, this increased the company’s customer base in Holland and Germany. Next, Lavin attained a controlling interest in the food production company Flagship Europe which is based in the United Kingdom. This combination of building production facilities and buying companies gave the OSI Group customers in two dozen European countries.

One of the important keys to the successful international expansion of the OSI Group is attention Sheldon Lavin has placed on producing high quality, nutritious, tasty, innovative food products designed to satisfy the needs of people from diverse cultures. Lavin’s ability to work in harmony with foreign governments and local suppliers and marketing people also helped. Plus, Lavin instituted award-winning environmental management and worker safety policies and procedures, developed and maintained a family atmosphere in the company and created a generous benefits package for workers.

As a result the OSI Group has a happy staff and low worker turnover. And Sheldon Lavin is a much beloved, highly successful, chief executive.

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The RealReal Excels in Authentication of Luxury Brands

Many of us love luxury brands such as Hermes, Coach, Chanel, and more. Many of us also do not like the price tags brand new luxury brands carry. Some of us have found great deals online. The issue is that we have also found out we paid luxury prices for knock-offs. Fortunately, Julie Wainwright founded The RealReal in 2011. The RealReal began as an online consignment for luxury women’s clothing but has since branched out into men’s clothing, jewelry, and more. They have started brick and mortar stores since then, with one recently opening in New York’s SoHo.

What sets The RealReal apart is its authentication services. They ensure every item sent to them is authentic before listing it on their website or putting it into their stores. There was a recent meeting at the new Wooster Street store that taught a small group how to authenticate a handbag. Clair DeBoer, a valuation manager for handbags at The RealReal, used several Hermes Birkin handbags as a lesson in authenticity. She showed the group members were given gloves, and then handed the handbags, which, if authentic, were worth over ten thousand dollars.

Group members were directed to look at the stitching on the handbags, smell the leather, check the front key for smoothness of use, and even check the zipper. Each of these factors can be an indication of the authenticity of the handbags. The group determined there were two knock-off bags. DeBoer commented that sometimes there are a lot of fakes sent in, likely because someone was gifted the handbag and was not aware it was a knock-off.

Julie Wainwright had the idea to start a luxury consignment after a shopping trip she was on where a friend of hers bought several luxury items on consignment. When Wainwright asked her friend about buying on consignment, the friend said that she got a good price, so did not care what the items were consignment. It was then Wainwright realized there was a gap in the market for an online luxury consignment shop. Thus, The RealReal was born.

The Success of Sheldon Lavin

For you to be successful, you got to have the ability to hold on to your dream. When things get tough, you have to persevere and do what you need to do, to make a difference. As you start up, many people do not risk funds to assist you. People only join in when the going is great. Well call it mean, but that is just how human beings are, they love ready-made things.

Sheldon Lavin is among the individuals who stood with his dream until he made it come true. Lavin’s idea was to start a stream of companies to help in the distribution of foods. The only way he could achieve this was by becoming a financial advisor.

Sheldon Lavin says that he was very scared at first. He felt like his abilities were not up to the standards. He says that it is normal to be afraid when you are starting a new venture. The only thing you need to do is continue with your plan.

Recently the India’s Vision World Academy awarded Sheldon with the Global Visionary Award. The program has been in existence for the past five years now. The purpose of the academy is to appreciate those who struggled at all means to make their dreams come true. They are also motivated to keep pressing on in their journey. The other purpose that the academy gives the award is to see that they motivate the upcoming investors to overcome all their challenges.

Sheldon Lavin says that his breakthrough happened when he met the Otto & Sons. They wanted to be financed. He believed in their strategy and financed their expansion. Later, when the father retired, the sons invited him to become their partner. Later, Lavin realized that the jobs were very promising and he decided to join the firm on a full-time basis. He says he is very grateful for the decision he made because today, the OSI Group is nationally recognized. The progress has been amazing, and they continue to cover more areas.

Sheldon Lavin says he began making his profits, in his first year in business. The secret behind his quick success is investing on a large-scale basis. He advises the young investors who have the financial ability to invest in large quantities. He explains that this helps in minimizing the cost of the business as one is able to enjoy the benefits of the economies of scale.

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OSI Industries, a tip of the iceberg

OSI Industries is a global pace-setter in all matters to do with foodservice and food brands. The premier food provider has partnered with the best firms in the world to provide solutions that increasingly excite consumers. OSI’s established works include custom food solutions that are aimed at satisfying consumer’s needs, impeccable food safety and a commitment to sustainability throughout their extensive work. OSI industries success has been made possible through deep-rooted core values that have seen their employees deliver nothing but the best. Some of these values including working as a team, acting with utmost integrity, and doing what is best for the group.

OSI Industries over the decades has had a firm commitment to excellence with its main principle of putting consumer needs first and meeting any challenges they may encounter through their innovation and teamwork. Every individual working for OSI knows that their efforts are part of a greater team group that encourages the use of their skills in a conducive working environment. With this mind, OSI has been constantly growing, evolving and innovating enabling it to have a global buying power in the industry. OSI is also known for exemplary high standards when it comes to purchasing products from vendors. This has been echoed through efforts of establishing good partnerships. This positive reputation and teamwork have enabled them one of America’s top 100 food companies.

Recently OSI Industries acquired Baho Food, a manufacturer of convenience food, snacks, and deli meat serving the food service and retail segments. Though the financial terms weren’t disclosed, this move was well come by the group’s President Mr. David McDonald. He said that the addition of Baho Food to the group gave OSI a broader presence in Europe. He further added that Baho’s portfolio of products and brands complemented OSI’s current processing strengths and capabilities to best serve the evolving need of their customers. John Balves, Baho’s food managing director was excited about the move noting that OSI has outstanding relationships with its customers and they will be able to leverage on the experience and capabilities of OSI.

OSI Industries was recently awarded the prestigious Globe of Honour Award by the British Safety Council for corroborating exemplary commitment to environmental safety. In order to receive this award OSI had to receive 5 stars during the British Safety environmental awareness audit. After successfully doing this they had to demonstrate to an independent panel of experts that their outstanding management of environmental issues and worker health safety extended throughout the whole business.

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The Philanthropist Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is one of the known philanthropists that has been a role model to many people, born and raised in Haifa Israel Adam says that he got assistance from his friend who trained him well on how to be a philanthropist and later he learned from the business partners. He later became popular and was once a co-founder of Israelite American Council where he worked for quite period of time and gained more skills, currently he is the chairman of the board.

Milstein together with his wife later formed the Milstein family foundation where they offer charitable and philanthropic services such as doing fundraising to help support some programs and also enhance a good relation in partners. The foundation formed by Milstein and his wife has continuously assisted many philanthropic organizations by funding and giving them support. They greatly invest in every project they support to ensure that they are able to bring different partners to work together and be able to share new ideas and strategies. Adam Milstein believes that some organizations try to praise themselves and let out the negative part of other organizations so he works to achieve the empowerment of these organizations and make them favorable to work with others.

The philanthropic Adam Milstein has been able to develop many programs that have enabled him to make his donations in a good way. He says that much of his time is always spent in his work as a philanthropist and the daily effort that he puts to ensure that he has empowered other organizations. His organization has been able to support many Jewish students who are much willing to be in the conference that is in partnership with other organizations. Lastly, Adam Milstein has been able to achieve a lot as a philanthropist and become a roll model to many other people.

Equities First Holdings news- Best loan packages

Equities First Holdings is a shareholding financial institution that is working closely with various business organizations to meet the needs of the business environment. One of the challenges that face people in business is lack of financial partners who are for the interests of the business. Equities First Holding is standing with business people helping them overcome the challenges that come with lack of proper financing. The financing options that are available with this firm are the best. One does not have to struggle with the challenges that face business environments when there is a firm willing to work closely with businesses to assist them to find affordable means of financing. Equities First Holdings is able to meet the needs of the people through loans packages that are effective and ones that will serve the needs of the best in a much effective way. Equities First holdings promise every individual or business organization the best service delivery.

Prescient financial whiz Paul Mampilly Predicts the Bitcoin Bubble

Paul Mampilly has seen bubbles come and go. With over 25 years of investing experience, he knows what to look for in the case of an imminent asset bubble. Paul had warned friends of his about the imminent fall of the dot com bubble correctly. However, his friends were too caught up in the rapidly increasing profits of the moment and didn’t heed his advice. Many of those friends lost almost everything.

Paul Mampilly believes the same thing that occurred with the dot com bubble in the late 90s is now on its way to cryptocurrency. Mr. Mampilly sees the same causes of the dot com bubble emerging with currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and others. He sees that this is something that is the newest fad of the moment. A lot of people want to get in because they hear the stories of their friends getting in, or of people on the news getting in and making millions of dollars. This is what is driving up the prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This kind of activity leaves the currency vulnerable to large fluctuations and manipulations of its value. In the beginning of 2018, 1 Bitcoin was worth $20,000, however now it has leveled after a drop to a little over $8,500. Paul Mampilly believes the presence of such large volatility in currency is a sign that if people stop seeing the value in the coin, it could then drop to nothing, similar to many stocks in the dot com bubble age. Learn more about Paul Mampilly at Crunbchbase.

According to Paul Mampilly, the growth of Bitcoin is ultimately unsustainable, its gains unrealistic and untenable, and he foresees a hard crash. That being said, he does see opportunities available not only after any potential crash, but also within the underlying technology itself. Cryptocurrencies run on a blockchain, which is a ledger which uses the solving of problems to confirm the transactions. Currently, it mostly resides in cryptocurrency, but has many applications in the medical, industrial, and real estate fields, just to name a few. This aspect, Paul Mampilly believes to be very promising.

Initial coin offerings, or ICOs, are quickly becoming the new way for companies to raise funds. Eventually, many cryptocurrencies could be traded next to stocks if not the subject of entirely new exchanges. In this is what Paul Mampilly sees the true value of the blockchain. Watch videos on Paul’s Youtube channel.

FIG Manages Billions

The Fortress Investment Group is as strong as it is today because of the five core competencies that make up a successful investment management firm. They discovered these core competencies and early on and have since grown to be a juggernaut business that they are today.The Fortress Investment Group began in 1998, with a few million dollars that they were able to invest. Since that time, they have made wise choices, which ultimately have yielded them billions of dollars of assets. As of December 31, 2017, they managed more than $43 billion. This money was comprised of investments from 1750 different corporations who all trusted the Fortress Investment Group to turn them a hefty profit. The Fortress Investment Group keeps itself strong by diversifying its portfolio. They have over 1500 workers who all specialized in one of four areas. They then put their funds in one of those four areas which keeps it both diversify and underneath expert surveillance.

The four categories are private equity, permanent capital vehicles, credit private equity, and credit hedge funds. Each of those has $6.5 billion, $7.8 billion, $15.1 billion, and $8.9 billion respectively.The Fortress Investment Group is known for its diverse accumulation of investments around the globe that are only acted on based on deep experience and market wisdom. The Fortress Investment Group has utilized five areas of expertise in order to keep dominating the market. The first was their vast industry knowledge. Their team not only specializes in one of the four areas mentioned above will also hold advanced degrees in multiple business sectors. This allows them to operate various different portfolios for companies and execute investments with advanced strategies. In addition, they have sector specific expertise which allows them to build relationships with companies and institutions and individuals around the world.This also allows them to be experts in operations management. This team is so area specific that they can untie the tightest not in complex investments.

This allows them to assess their operations and structure themselves accordingly to approach the challenges and unique and strategic ways.They also specialize in consulting with corporations that are looking to merge. By working with the corporate Board of Directors, executives, managers, and shareholders, they can develop a strategy that allows you to extract the greatest amount of money possible in any given situation.Also, the Fortress Investment Group mostly deals with asset-based investments. They have spread money throughout their private equity and credit funds to specialize in this type of investing. They are experts in real estate and can help you price, finance, and oversee the management of many physical locations. It is widely known that this gives them a substantially large cash flow every month and gains their company grant profits.The last area where the Fortress Investment Group is strong is in the area of capital markets. By buying dead and managing credit they create low-cost, low risk adventures which in turn makes them substantial profit over a long time span.