Doe Deere being fearless with her brands in Lime Crime

With her outstanding hair and bold eye makeup that she always has on, then it’s safe if someone said that Lime Crime founder Doe Deere is not an introvert and the same can be said about her brands. If you’re among the so many that are obsessed with Instagram then most likely you have not missed the feeds on Lime Crime. To her, they have tried their level best to provide what no one else will be able to since 2008. The word cult is used in most of her product, and it means being unique. There are so many changes that have been seen in the market since 2008, that’s why it’s wise that in every product manufactured it can stand out in the crowded place. That is one aim that lime crime has been able to use over the years.
First of all, Lime Crime makes sure that in each palette of makeup they will use different colors, which means that the user will get a chance of telling a story through their makeup. Lime Crime looks at each palette regarding the stories they give. They just don’t come up with random smattering collection of colors. Like original Venus was made up of all grunge and the latest Venus is made up of lavenders and purples, and still made up of some neutral colors so that to be able to wear the shades on any day.
After being born in Russia, Doe Deere family later moved to New York City, and that’s where she was raised. In 2004, that’s when her career began after registering an account on eBay that was to assist people with DIY fashion tricks. She took care of everything in the account from modeling the clothes herself, and she made sure that the brand was taken care off. She then decided that it was time for her to grow and create something new that’s when she founded Lime Crime in 2008. The mission that she had when starting her company was that she would show the world that beauty product does more not conceal imperfection as many people think. Makeup would be used in the form of freedom and away for someone to express themselves. Learn more:
To Doe, being natural does not define beauty or what is referred as the best, but beauty it’s what a woman feels that is right for her. With that it’s what inspired most of the bright colors that were at the same time magical. The name Lime Crime is inspired by the favorite color of Doe and her childhood dream of being able to come up with lipstick and eyeshadow palette that had all the crazy colors. The start of Lime Crime was all small, but she has worked hard to achieve all that Lime Crime is right now. She entirely gives her support to women that want to start their own business because she knows what it’s like. One advice that she has for young people is that they should have their voice and go after their dreams.

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