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The Trabuco: From The Middle Ages To Modern Times

Warfare in the Middle Ages was a very different animal than that of today: instead of handguns and bomb-detecting robots, soldiers wore heavy armor and used swords. If a knight of the Middle Ages dropped his sword, he would be forced to use whatever he could grab. Hand to hand combat was a relatively simple affair: whoever was still alive in the aftermath was the winner.

Combat outside the battlefield, however, was a bit more complicated, especially if the knight’s enemy had a castle. Smashing one’s sword against rock walls was not only a complete waste of time, it would pretty much make the knight an open target for anyone in the castle.

Enter the trabuco, or catapult, a siege weapon developed by the Chinese around 400 B.C.E. but not introduced to Europe until about 600 AD. Other names for the machine include trebuchet and counterbalance blunder. The trabuco enabled invading armies to smash through fortress walls and pelt those inside the walls with a wide range of projectiles. On projectiles included sharp rocks, heavy metal balls, and diseased bodies on at least one occasion.

The trabuco was actually a simple machine to build, but not so easy to aim. It consisted of a large wooden arm mounted to a wooden wheeled base. A sling was attached to the arm in order to hold the rocks to be thrown at or over fortress walls. On the opposite side of the arm was a large counterweight that was pulled to allow the large sling to release its payload according to The counterweight, usually a large rock, had to be at least 100 times heavier than whatever was being launched from the sling in order for the machine to work properly. Aiming was almost nonexistent; the soldiers launched the sling by pulling ropes attached to the counterweight and hoped for the best.

Today the trabuco has become a teaching tool for demonstrating the effects of potential and kinetic energy. Huge trabucos are used for throwing pumpkins and miniature ones are built to complete any castle diorama. Countless schoolchildren around the world have learned about physics through studying and even building a trabuco.

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Lacey and Larkin’s Discontentment Over Arpaio’s Pardon By President Trump

In October 2017, Susan Bolton, a US District Judge acquitted Joe Arpaio, a former sheriff of Maricopa County following a directive from President, Donald Trump. Joe Arpaio was the Sherriff who was responsible for the wrongful arrest and detaining of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. Lacey and Larkin are two great media personalities who were arrested for publishing an article exposing Joe’s misdeeds.

Following his pardoning, Lacey and Larkin were furious and displeased. They condemned President Donald Trump for doing such a thing. They also blamed the judicial system stating that it had failed and it was a total injustice for all the things Joe Arpaio did. They believe this a move by Trump to gain supporters and it was truly wrong and Joe Arpaio had to pay for everything he did.

Jim Larkin, a civil rights activist and a great media personality was born in Phoenix and attended the Arizona State University for sometime before dropping out. While in campus, Jim Larkin met Michael Lacey and they became close.

Larkin and Lacey teamed up to form the Phoenix New Times. This was a weekly paper published to address a wide range of issues.

At that time, Jim Larkin was the head of advertising and Michael Lacey the executive editor. The two worked hard every single day to make the paper better and better. Within no time the paper’s popularity grew across the nation.

In 1983 in a move to expand, Lacey and Larkin purchased “Westwood.” Thereafter the brand continued to grow to where it is today a huge media house working alongside the big names in the industry like LA Weekly and Miami News Times. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The two continued to write and publish stories through their media channel until their work suddenly cane to a stand still fir sometime. It was on October, 2017 when armed police officers from Maricopa County arrested Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. This was after Phoenix Times News published numerous stories about him and his misdeeds while in office. Some of the misdeeds included financial irregularities and overall mismanagement of the office.

They were arrested and jailed but in less than 24 hours they were released and charges dropped following a large public outcry. Thereafter, there was a long court battle that resulted in them receiving $3.7 million as compensation. They used to the money to set up Frontera Fund to help the Hispanic community and fight for their rights who for a long time they said had been going through a lot of abuse and discrimination.

Formed by Lacey and Larkin, the Frontera Fund is an organization driven towards fighting for equality for the Hispanic community. Specifically, the Frontera Fund was formed to fund old and new groups of attorneys who specialize in advocating for the civil, human and migrants’ rights.

Lacey and Larkin are also the founders of the Phoenix New Times. Over the years, they have invested a lot of resources, money and time in the media industry. As a result, they have risen to the top and are known for the commendable work they do.

Greg Secker invites former champion for noble cause

Greg Secker is a man who understands success very well. Many respect him because of the career life he has led in the last two decades. Secker is an investor, trader, motivational speaker and philanthropist. These many titles, however, do not influence his achievements in the tight markets. Despite having a very busy and complicated life, the businessman believes that the best and most enjoyable role of a man in the community is being a good father to your children. The businessman has enjoyed a great career in different departments, but he has also set time to be with his children. Secker does not want to be far from his children so that he can make an impact in their lives as they are growing. This is most probably one of the reasons he retired early.

Unlike most of the people in the traditional setting, Greg Secker made his huge wealth when he was a young man. The businessman opened several trading companies under his name, and most of them did so well in the complicated times. The success of these companies made him one of the wealthy individuals in the American society. Acquiring wealth at a tender age was a great achievement for Greg Secker. Unlike most tycoons in the world, Secker has been focusing on helping the needy and less fortunate individuals living in many parts of the world. His philanthropy nature had made him win hearts of very many investors in the United States.

Secker had been donating so much to needy communities in the recent times. The other day, he invited the former boxing champion by the name Nonito Donaire so that they could partner and make an impact in someone’s life. The two longtime friends will help to give more than one hundred homes a new meaning. The former champion slipped into the United States in a quite mood just recently. The businessman will be using this platform to show athletes and other individuals in the society that it is essential to have social conscience. Donaire arrived into the United States in the company of his wife, and he is expected to spend several days in this country.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: She Knows You

It is a true rarity to find someone with the skills, the ability, and the knowledge of Dr. Jennifer Walden. She is truly a rarity in her field, and it makes her stand out from the competition. Come to think of it, there is no competition when it comes to Dr. Jennifer Walden, the plastic surgeon with a heart. She is all about doing what is in the best interests of her clients. She is not looking to push an agenda onto someone or tell someone what they should do when it comes to plastic surgery. At the end of the day, she leaves that in their hands.

Now, if they ask for her advice, she is more than happy to give it out and tell them what she thinks is best for them. Because she has so much experience and knowledge in this field, she is ready, willing, and able to give the best advice possible to people out there. She is also very proud of the fact she has an all-female staff. She believes in women not accepting the word “no.” Too often, they have been told they cannot do something, and Dr. Jennifer Walden uses that as fuel and motivation for herself.

After all, she is a mother of two, and she wants to set the best example she can for her children. She has done that, and she does that each and every day she is on the job. She shows them that anything in life is possible if you set your mind to it, work hard, and rise above whatever is thrown at you. She is all about helping women or in some cases, even men, look their best. It is what motivates her and inspires her when it’s all said and done. When a client comes back, she can tell the newfound confidence they have in themselves and how the surgery has changed them in the best possible ways. Maybe in the past, they were scared to do something or felt like they couldn’t do something. As they often say, when you look good, you feel good.