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Doe Deere: Providing Mythical Makeup

Do you enjoy expressing yourself in an unapologetic fashion? Does the thought of being a rebellion in color appeal to every part of your belief system regarding makeup? Are bold color options paired with generous amounts of glitter how you enjoy representing your face while modeling, at a club, or when you’re simply taking a selfie? Are you an animal advocate who absolutely needs your makeup to be vegan and cruelty-free?



If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then there’s a colossal chance that you’ve heard of Lime Crime. If not, then you need to get yourself updated on Lime Crime and all its very exciting history. The reason for this is because you’re bound to fall in love with Lime Crime’s products.



The story begins in Russia. Doe Deere, the founder, creator, and CEO of Lime Crime, was just a young girl. She was reaching her teenage years. Doe Deere wasn’t your typical teenager, however. At the age of thirteen, Doe Deere was still testing out her business skills. She was fairly successful; Doe Deere was in the business of temporary tattoos, which she would model on herself for friends and classmates to admire. Once she had convinced her peers that temporary tattoos were not only a novelty but an exciting form of expression, she had many hooked.
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Fast forward four years later. Doe Deere is now walking the streets of Brooklyn with her microphone packed. She’s ready to take the city by storm as a musician with her band following close behind. For nine years, Doe Deere enjoyed the life of a Brooklyn musician. However, this was a time before exciting makeup choices were in existence. Beauticians everywhere were forced to wear beige eyeshadow, clear lip gloss, and natural blush. Doe Deere was growing tired of the makeup industry’s lack of color. In an interview with Guest of a Guest, Doe Deere states that she noticed there was a lack of bright colors, which she just couldn’t find anywhere. She noticed that many other makeup fanatics were unhappy with the available cosmetic line choices at the time.



That’s how Lime Crime began. Today, Doe Deere is happy to know that her fans, which are referred to as unicorns, are enjoying the wide selection of brightly-colored makeup hues. Of course, glitter can be found in most of Lime Crime’s products too. After all, Lime Crime is a revolution in makeup. You could even call Lime Crime’s makeup mythical.



Jason Hope: Thinking about our Future

Jason Hope, a well respected Arizona Entrepreneur,is known for his persistence and determination. When he decides to pursue something, it often becomes more of a passion than a business interest. A native Arizonan, Jason was born and raised in Tempe, AZ. and he received his Bachelor’s Degree and his Master’s Degree from Arizona State University. Soon after completing his education, Jason used enthusiasm and high energy to make a mark for himself in the business community. He no longer lives in his hometown of Tempe, but he hasn’t wandered far. Nearby Scottsdale is where he hangs his hat these days.

Jason Hope has many interests, but one of his primary ones involves anti-aging research. Those unfamiliar with the topic may wonder if this has to do with reconstructive surgery or the sale of rejuvenating face creams. The type of research Mr. Long and the LENS institute promote involves a wide array of treatment possibilities for a wide array of disorders. It has more to do with living well for a good long while rather than waiting for a diagnosis and then beginning treatment once a disease has progressed.

In 2010, Jason hope donated $500,00 to the SENS Foundation. The primary goal of this non-profit organization is to further research that promotes anti-aging. Mr. Long has indicated that what he likes about this foundation is their focus on prevention combined with their willingness to take a less mainstream approach.

John Hope says that prevention is an essential tool to increase quality of life along with longevity. The foundation is dedicated to designing and accelerating availability of medications that can serve many medical conditions and contributed to a longer, healthier life. Jason Hope is a proactive man who takes a proactive approach to business and to life. He understands that prevention is the key to staying healthy.

The generous gift donated by Jason Hope opened important, new avenues to physicians, scientists, and others in the medical research field. The Cambridge Sens Laboratory is home to a new research project designed to seek and develop new treatments for anti-aging issues. Modern Medicine has long leaned towards spending research dollars on treatment rather than prevention. It has taken many years for the medical world to look forward in such a way. Perhaps technology has allowed us more time to contemplate the concept of prevention. Still, prevention research requires money. Thanks to open minded thinkers like Jason Hope, we can all have a little greater optimism about what the future holds for our health.

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The Reverse Showroom Technique

Forbes – Taking on Amazon Recap


Paul Armstrong wrote in Forbes about the innovative ways companies are pushing to reinvent the market for high value brand items like athletic wear. Today, brand value takes a backseat to customer value and enterprise value. What do these tagline words actually mean? Customer value refers to the gauge repeat customers give for a brand or product. Enterprise value has to do with the economic sustainability (a.k.a. profit) a product’s production or manufacturing company has in the stock market and with stockholders. Three primary techniques are being used to stack up points with customers and stockholders


The Reverse Showroom Technique


The showroom has been a renowned and comforting arena for the customer to peruse, fondle, and critique or caress products thanks to Harry Truman. As opposed to this disconnected form of product inspection, reverse show rooming does things differently from physical stores. Membership is one of the driving anchors for modern product providers and whether purchases are made in-store or online are of no concern to their corporations.


Purchases are driven from a sustainable relationship through the marketing driven membership to which most in-store purchasers have already committed. Local stores are stocked with products that are indicated of interest by members. This ensures a rewarding shopping experience though companies confess to doing small scale experiments occasionally to determine whether product sales are primarily driven through online interaction or in the nostalgic showroom fashion. Typically, product sales have demonstrated that familiarity encourages product desirability.


What Does This Mean For The Future


Amazon does not hold the market in product sales. Companies are in-step with the online (and now physical) mogul. Online data does bear the brunt of retail strategy, however other factors like accessibility, consumer education, and customer experience are producing a return on investment in product sales. New showroom experiences are paving the way for more masters of product marketing and ultimately, online or offline purchases.


Looking Ahead


So what’s ahead if today’s sales forces are pushing the reverse showroom technique? ROI is definitely here to stay and consumers will push their preferences into the equation so that investors and product merchandisers are happy. But all that comes with satisfied customers.

A Determined Direction Taken By The OSI Group

Every business has to build from where it is and with the resources it has. That statement can easily paint an ugly picture. This is true for businesses who lack funding, a product with high demand or who haven’t learned much about their own markets. The OSI Group takes its stance today with tremendous confidence. The brand is managed by CEO Sheldon Lavin.

He takes his leadership in hand as he also considers where the OSI Group is operating from. The cycles of business that every company goes through puts OSI in an interesting place. This agency is now in a place that presents what’s possible when all you need is a serious determination. Some companies need to get the right tools while others the right money.

Ambition And A Will To Win

The place OSI Group finds itself within forces it to consider the benefits of focus and ambition. It’s easy to become complacent when your business is operating well. A firm standing in success can persuade business leaders to forget about their daily work and practice. This is why what we see with the OSI Group is an historic accomplishment.

The work achieved by OSI Group in the United States brought the agency a larger infrastructure and clients that would supply the company with steady business. This has been the foundation of the OSI name so far. The work it now has, after it’s accomplished so much in the States, is to reach out into the emerging, international markets.

Expanding And Going International

The international concept for the OSI Group is simple but effective common sense. The world is in transition. What this means is that world demand is increasing drastically as population and democracy expand globally. The population growth spurs more business because these people do or will seek out the products of world powers in history.

The world powers today enjoy access to various purchases that influence the life experience they have. This very concept is boosting the business held by OSI Group. The effect comes about because OSI can deliver goods to any society expanding as a country, nation or group of people. This is also the work in Sheldon Lavin’s hands.

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Organo Gold Provides Coffee, Supplements That Pack a Powerful Punch

Organo Gold is a company that specializes in premium products for those who lead active lifestyles. Ever since being founded in 2008, Organo Gold has been a leader when it comes to coffees, teas, personal care items, and more. Organo Gold is sold by independent distributors. That means the person who sells you your product is knowledgeable, caring, and passionate about the products. It also means that Organo Gold is easily accessible. It’s available on six continents and countless countries. Watch this video on Youtube.

There is literally a product for everyone when it comes to Organo Gold. If you’re a fan of coffee, their gourmet black coffee is exactly what you need as a morning pick-me-up or as a way to give you energy through the day. This coffee product is different from others because it also helps with healthy weight management. Organo Gold Black Coffee is perfect for those who want to live a healthy lifestyle while enjoying a flavorful cup of coffee. The coffee is enhanced with Ganoderma lucidum which has many benefits including amino acids which benefit the body. Organo Gold also features other products which include Cafe Latte, Cafe Mocha, Hot Cocoa, Green Tea, and more. These products have additional benefits which include fiber, organic ingredients, and more to help you with your weight loss and management journey.


Organo Gold has branched out from just beverages, however. Organo Gold understands just how important self-care is. They have a line which includes toothpaste and soap which helps you achieve the look you desire. Their products are made with antioxidant-boosting ingredients which helps your skin and teeth look radiant. When it comes to maintaining your weight and getting in the best shape, you sometimes need a little help. Organo Gold has a line of body management products which can help you detox, give you energy, boost your immune system, and more. These products can be taken together or on their own to give you what you need. Visit to know more.

Mighty Fortress Church, Amazing Place Of Worship

Mighty Fortress Church is a great place to worship God. Mighty Fortress Church is located right in the heart of Minneapolis, MN. Mighty Fortress Church welcomes all members to worship God no matter what color skin they have or no matter what may be going on in your personal life.

The pastor of Mighty Fortress Church is Bishop Thomas Williams. Bishop Williams has been a man of God for more than 30 decades. He has allowed himself to minister to people who are in need of hearing the word of God for several years. Bishop Thomas Williams is a very educated man. He has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mass Communications and Organizational Leadership. These degrees happen to come from some of the best universities in the United States and Bishop Thomas Williams is very proud of that.Bishop Thomas Williams also has earned to honorary doctoral degrees that he is very proud of as well. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Linkedin.

Bishop Thomas Williams has one of the best churches in the city of Minneapolis because he has always maintained a welcoming and humble environment. Unlike most churches, Mighty Fortress Church does not a a judgmental and formal environment. All members are welcomed to come as they are. This means that members aren’t required to dress a certain type of way. If the only clothing you have is jogging pants, you are welcomed to come to church in such. If you only have dress clothes you will also be welcomed to come in that. It doesn’t matter how you’re dressed or how you look. The important thing is that you came to receive the word of God.



Mighty Fortress Church and Bishop Thomas Williams has a special way of getting his members to connect with God. Each week he preaches to his members with encouraging inspirational messages. Bishop Thomas Williams also makes sure that he speaks to his members in a way that they can understand and translate God’s word effectively. If you don’t have a church home, Mighty Fortress Church is one of the best places to worship God! Watch this video on Youtube.

Paul Mampilly Teaches the Best Bitcoin Strategies

Paul Mampilly as an American hedge fund manager has been featured on reputable news sites where he has been featured for knowledge in investing. Bitcoins are one subject that he has covered recently to help those interested in learning everything they can to make money.

He has 25 years in the investment world since he began in 1991. He began as an assistant manager at Bankers Trust on Wall Street. After that, he worked his way up to Deutsche Bank and then ING. Some of his clients have been the most prestigious clients on the planet. Given that, the man knows what he is talking about when he discussed Bitcoins.

Paul Mampilly reports that Bitcoins will be at an astounding 2325% by next year. He offers some basics for those that are interested in investments. This information will help investors get in and get started in Bitcoin investing.

Creator Satoshi Nakamoto made this form of digital currency to give a way to exchange money safely online. Since then, it has been used both online and off. Some conferences have vending machines at conferences that only accept Bitcoin. Known as the cryptocurrency, it offers a wonderful way to make online investments in anything simple and safe.

Investors should only perform transactions with sites that use SegWit. This helps reduce the investment fees and the time spends verifying the exchange of cryptocurrency. It is something that many new investors using Bitcoins fail to understand.

They should also be careful to invest only after completely understanding the process. Nothing is worst for any investor than not knowing what they are investing in. That is how people lose a lot of money.

Finally, investments should be done in small spurts. This allows the variation in the market to be more stable. Once the market is balanced, then more small investments should be made. While many might be tempted to invest large amounts of Bitcoins, Paul Mampilly warns against it.

When it investments are done this way, then great money can be made in a way that is safe and wise. There are many people who have made great fortunes through Bitcoin investments. It can be done by anyone that wants to make money in the process.

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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Bring Attention to Issues

When Larkin and Lacey were illegally arrested, they saw there were some things that were happening that would make it easier for them to talk about corruption. They wanted to show people things were happening in the world around them and that’s what made them the best they could be at the job they were doing.

For Lacey and Larkin, the fame they received from the arrest that had happened was just the thing they needed to show people how things were affecting them and how it was going to get better if they had the help they needed.

Both Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin knew they could try to help other people out with the issues they were dealing with. They had received the arrest and the charges because of a story they published about corruption. Instead of just dealing with the story, the sheriff’s office proved they were corrupt and arrested the men.

They did it in a way that was sneaky and they actually broke into their homes in the process. While they did this, they had no reason to arrest them. In fact, they had always been within their constitutional rights, but that didn’t matter to the sheriff’s office.

After they were arrested, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin realized they had not done anything wrong. They collaborated together and used the information they had learned as activists to try and fight the charges.

They wanted to get away from the situation because they knew they hadn’t done anything wrong. They also knew the sheriff’s office was more corrupt than they had thought and they wanted him to have to pay for the damages he caused them and other people.

The idea behind what they were doing was to make sure they could get out of the charges. They didn’t care they were arrested, but they wanted to prove a point to other people that they could fight and win even against corrupt law enforcement officials. The men made the choice to fight and that’s what led to them making the best decision of their lives.

After they had gotten out of the charges, they decided to sue the sheriff’s office. When they did this, they were giving others a chance to see they could actually make a difference too. It helped them and gave them the money they needed to start the Frontera Fund for others.

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OSI Leads The Industry In Superior Food Processing

Do you ever wonder what’s in the food you eat or where it comes from? Strict government requires food industry leaders to utilize public disclosure to make the public aware of their food. It’s important to also answer to food safety initiatives to improve the health and wellness of the general public. OSI Industries a popular Zurich, Illinois food processing plant with nationwide tie answers to a stabilized food industry says, president, David A. McDonald. They continue to thrive on a well balanced meal on your table each time. They care about what’s in your diet and promote all-natural ingredients.

Plans For OSI Industries

There had been a recent successful global expansion of the OSI Industries under the leadership of their executive team including COO, Sheldon Lavin. Their plan was to expand to an international global front with wholesome processed food. They don’t believe processed food has go contain a lot of by-products to be sustainable. OSI was successfully able to partner with Flagship Europe and bring their processing skills to the EU. Their popular network continues to process their pie fillings and condiments in a deal estimated at more than $7 million dollars.

The deal has been a successful for all patties involved and all sufficient business growth in Europe. They have also created an initiative to bring their organic vegetables to a Indian partnership overseas. They were also responsible for partnering with Dutch food giants Baho Foods. Their food processing plant will operate and manage one of their largest food processing plants. They continue to lead in the international industry with a 20 year milestone in China. To date, they’re looking to expand on their existing partnership and pursue new endeavors. Thousands of their patrons continue to rely on their organic meal plan to feed their family and restaurant customers. They only promote the finest meat and vegetables for their customers.

Their United States and Asia network has been very successful and they would like their other partnerships to do the same. OSI has also decided to give back to the same communities they serve with time and resources from their corporation. For example, a successful bid for a Chicago Tyson plant has helped retain the jobs of hundreds of current workers. You can also find unique employment opportunities with the OSI Industries food processing plant by visiting their exclusive website for more informational details today.

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Information on Philanthropist and Finance Specialist, James Dondero

Highland Capital Management is one of the top investment firms and has been in business for more than 30 years. The company prides itself on key principles that are important to both their beliefs and the beliefs of their clients. Currently with control of billions of dollars in assets, Highland Capital Managements is by the trustworthy and the truly experienced. One of those leaders being James Dondero who is a co-founder of the company and is presently the company’s president. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

James Dondero has been in the finance business for more than 30 years following graduated with degrees in accounting and finance. He has gained experience working for companies such as JP Morgan, American Express, and the Protective Life’s GIV subsidiary. Before founding Highland Capital Management, his work with these other finance institutes paved the way for him to be the founder of a worldwide leader in investment firms. His new and innovative approach to the business of finance has led to the development of things like the CLO or collateralized loan obligation market. One other development is the advances that he has made with the credit-oriented approach to retail and institutional investors. Visit his website at

A true philanthropist, James Dondero has the focus of doing all he can to improve Dallas, the city that he holds very dear. His work to improve the city includes many charitable acts including work to improve the Dallas Zoo. With the donation of one million dollars made by Dondero, the Zoo was able to begin to rebuild their hippopotamus habitat. He has pride in ensuring that Highland Capital Management is a charitable firm overall and is giving back to the city of Dallas as much possible. This includes donations to other institutions as well such as a library, a museum, and collaborating with other charitable individuals to develop a specific budget of three million for charity.