Rocketship Education is Transforming Communities

Rocketship Education is a public charter school concept that empowers students, teachers, parents and the community at large in the educational process. The far-reaching impact of this concept is showing spectacular results where the average Rocketship student achieves enough knowledge and credits to graduate nearly a full year ahead of students who attend public schools.

Rocketship Education goes further than the traditional model where students are assigned a school based just on their zip code. Rocketship accepts students from all walks of life-based on need and ability. Teachers work regularly to develop plans for the general population of the school and for the individual students based on their needs. Parents are brought into the equation as well.

Parents are the dynamic input that makes Rocketship shine along with the innovative teaching resources that Rocketship brings to the educational table. Once parents see and understand what is possible and what is at stake, they become super-involved in the process.

Students are taught several very important values to incorporate into their learning process. Accountability, empathy, and persistence are three qualities that will not only help them in their educational process, but in life in general as they move beyond school.

Classes are diverse in the sense that they take on different formats. There are general sessions where all students meet together, but then they are divided into small groups for more individualized instruction and dialogue. Here they get into more detail and have questions covered as only can be done in smaller groups.

There is a sizable emphasis on digital learning with laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Here students can better cover details that can be learned digitally in language learning, math, history and other fact-heavy subjects. This is a format that most students are already familiar with anyway, and it is a very efficient way of getting this sort of knowledge.

Other areas of enrichment such as art, dance, nutrition, gardening and other life skills are covered. The delivery of a well-rounded education helps to teach students that critical thinking and the ability to make quality choices are as important as just the accumulation of facts.

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