The contribution of Boraie to growth of New Brunswick

Boraie Development LLC is a real estate development company located in New Jersey; the company offers several services real estate development property management, and sales and marketing. The company vision is to work with the best in the field to provide quality services. New Brunswick development has been slow since 1975 despite the resurgence of growth in 1980; however, the tide is changing as its skyline has started resembling that of Ann Abor. In the 1970s the city was faced with high rates of migration, land prices were plummeting. However, Johnson & Johnson opted to stay thus renewing the confidence of another brand to remain and build.

Omar Boraie of Boraie development started investing in the parcels of land neglected at downtown. In the last two decades, he has built along Albany Street providing affordable housing working class in the area. Rutger University was coming of age and the issue of accommodation posed as a huge problem; this led to the opening up of downtown as students opted to seek shelter along Albany Street. The rise in population led to reduced rates of the housing. Currently, Boraie in his newly established site near the train station is planning on bringing in investors in innovative technology and biological firms whose efforts will be doubled up with the strategic location near Rutgers.

The building of the new 17-storey residential building has received a lot of response from aspiring tenants, the building which is next to the train station offers a more attractive accommodation likable to a major city. The building offers unique designs with its community kitchen and lounge area, green rooftop, onsite parking, fitness, and yoga center. The rate of development in the city has been due to sound leadership, the addition of Rutger to big ten, and the advancing medical and research education. For more details visit Crunchbase.

According to WSJ, Boraie is sponsoring the return of free summer movies; the company will be offering six free films at the state theater, the videos are frozen, the extra-terrestrial, Despicable me 2, Babe, Monster University, and Aladdin all between July 12 and August 16. The free movies will give the millennial the opportunity to have fun with their families, summer camps, and more relevant groups. With the free videos, the movie company projects more than 7500 people will visit. The people attending will be able to experience state of the art movie theatre, HD whole 46-inch screen. The audience will relieve the Hollywood days by either sitting downstairs or enjoying the view from the balcony. New Brunswick is ready for the growth that waits in the future to come.

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