USHEALTH Group Inc has its headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas through its subsidiaries of National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company. The company provides Accident and Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, Specified Diseases/ Illness Insurance including solutions for families, self employed people,businesses and employees.

Currently, the company serves more than 15 million people with plans which are tailor made for specific needs and which cover a span of 50 years. The company provides several options in its products. Read more: US Health Group Doctors: Book Online By Insurance, Reviews & ZIP

It has innovative products which are well designed to cover aspects such as affordability, flexibility, and reliability when it comes to insurance covers.

Some of the products offer dollar benefits and network discounts using a broad selection of providers. These are plans that are affordable in comparison to more comprehensive plans but still offer dollar protection and guarantees.

It does not matter the type of coverage that clients require, there is an enhanced protection from the company given their full line of innovative products. Some of these products include Specified Disease/Sickness, Critical Illness, Accident, Income Protector, Short Term Accident Disability Income, Term Life Insurance, Vision and Dental Plan, the company has a low customer turnover and high customer loyalty because of their exceptional services.

The company has been able to develop long lasting relationships with its customers making it a trusted partner in the insurance business sector. It is committed to customer care, business growth and innovation. This has made more clients to turn to US HEALTH for all their insurance needs.

USHEALTH Group Insurance

Indeed reveals that USHEALTH Group is known to provide quality covers to the insured through its able and fully licensed life and health insurance companies. Among the most notable covers under its portfolio includes Critical Illness, Life, Specified Disease\ Sickness and Accident Insurance, Dental Coverage, Vision, Short-Term Accident Disability Income Insurance and much more.

The company operates under the principle of Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE). This is not only to its clients but also to its staff, management and contracted independent agents. This is a principle and commitment that aims at making a positive change to people on a daily basis.

The company is well known for its reliability and affordability in all its products. It has a wide range of insurance covers that can cover medical expenses and provide peace of mind to the client. The company is also known for its innovation and experience in the insurance industry.

It has over half a century of insurance experience making it one of the most trusted insurance company in the US. The size of its clientele is enough testimony that the company is the choice of many people when it comes to insurance covers.

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