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Greg Aziz, The Railroad Magnate

Gregory James Aziz, or Greg Aziz, the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of National Steel Car, was born in 1949. He completed his degree-level education from Western University in Ontario, Canada. He then began working for Affiliated Foods, his family’s business, in 1971, and while he was there, the company grew into a large importer of fresh food items from Latin America and Europe.

After leaving Affiliated Foods, Gregory J Aziz worked as an investment banker in New York for several years. Then, in 1994, he acquired National Steel Car from its parent company, Dofasco. Under his stewardship, National Steel Car increased its production from just 3500 cars per annum to 12000 cars per annum by 1999. Not only has production risen, but the quality of railroad freight cars manufactured has also improved. This has been recognized by TTX SECO in its awards for more than 10 years. National Steel Car is also the only North American rail car producer that has been certified under the ISO 9001:2008 standard for the past 18 years, thanks to Aziz’s visionary leadership and his employees’ sheer determination. The firm has been at the forefront of engineering innovation when it comes to railroad transportation, and to that end, it has adopted the latest technology in order to remain North America’s leading freight car manufacturer. Robots and Computer Numerical Control machines are being put to use in National Steel Car’s assembly lines. Greg Aziz also believes in the power of motivated workers, increasing employment from 300 to 6000 within his first 5 years as CEO. The site at Hamilton, Ontario, where National Steel Car is based, employs about 2000 people alone, and the principles of team work and creativity have been paramount to its success.

Not only has Greg Aziz spent his time turning National Steel Car into a formidable force in the railroad car market, he has also made sure to give back to the community at Hamilton. His firm has contributed to a wide variety of local charitable organizations which include the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, the United Way and the Salvation Army. Apart from monetary aid, National Steel Car’s employees have also regularly donated food items for local food banks in drives organized by the company.

Greg Aziz has therefore put his leadership qualities to effective use in taking National Steel Car to the top of the railroad industry and has garnered enough resources to help those in need.




USHEALTH Group Inc has its headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas through its subsidiaries of National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company. The company provides Accident and Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, Specified Diseases/ Illness Insurance including solutions for families, self employed people,businesses and employees.

Currently, the company serves more than 15 million people with plans which are tailor made for specific needs and which cover a span of 50 years. The company provides several options in its products. Read more: US Health Group Doctors: Book Online By Insurance, Reviews & ZIP

It has innovative products which are well designed to cover aspects such as affordability, flexibility, and reliability when it comes to insurance covers.

Some of the products offer dollar benefits and network discounts using a broad selection of providers. These are plans that are affordable in comparison to more comprehensive plans but still offer dollar protection and guarantees.

It does not matter the type of coverage that clients require, there is an enhanced protection from the company given their full line of innovative products. Some of these products include Specified Disease/Sickness, Critical Illness, Accident, Income Protector, Short Term Accident Disability Income, Term Life Insurance, Vision and Dental Plan, the company has a low customer turnover and high customer loyalty because of their exceptional services.

The company has been able to develop long lasting relationships with its customers making it a trusted partner in the insurance business sector. It is committed to customer care, business growth and innovation. This has made more clients to turn to US HEALTH for all their insurance needs.

USHEALTH Group Insurance

Indeed reveals that USHEALTH Group is known to provide quality covers to the insured through its able and fully licensed life and health insurance companies. Among the most notable covers under its portfolio includes Critical Illness, Life, Specified Disease\ Sickness and Accident Insurance, Dental Coverage, Vision, Short-Term Accident Disability Income Insurance and much more.

The company operates under the principle of Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE). This is not only to its clients but also to its staff, management and contracted independent agents. This is a principle and commitment that aims at making a positive change to people on a daily basis.

The company is well known for its reliability and affordability in all its products. It has a wide range of insurance covers that can cover medical expenses and provide peace of mind to the client. The company is also known for its innovation and experience in the insurance industry.

It has over half a century of insurance experience making it one of the most trusted insurance company in the US. The size of its clientele is enough testimony that the company is the choice of many people when it comes to insurance covers.

Learn more about USHealth Group:

Andrew Rolfe Succeeds In Raising More Than $972,960 For The Ubuntu Fund

Over the years, the Ubuntu Fund has been at the center of helping disadvantaged children in the society. So far, they have supported more than 400,000 children. The entity has been running a school campus in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, for over a decade. The institution has a noble program that seeks to support disadvantaged children once they join the school until they start their careers. The Ubuntu Fund was incorporated in 1999. Over the years, it has grown from a small entity that offers education to a large charitable institution that offers healthcare services, education, and nutrition. The company diversified its offing after realizing that most children could not perform well in class owing to HIV and hunger.

Recently, Andrew Rolfe and other leaders of the Ubuntu Education Fund organized a successful gala dinner in London. The objective of the gala was to raise huge resources to enable the firm to help many needy children in the society. When they were planning for the invitation-only event, the management of the Fund was optimistic of raising $972,960. At the end of the gala dinner, the attendees had managed to surpass the Ubuntu Fund’s target. These funds will be used to expand the Fund’s school campus. In addition, the resources shall be channeled towards augmenting a pediatric clinic, which shall serve the disadvantaged children. Once these projects have been completed, the Fund will be in a position to enroll more children from Port Elizabeth and its environs.

Notably, Andrew played an instrumental role in ensuring that the 300 guests were treated to good music from a Xhosa choir. He was also mandated with the duty of ensuring that the attendees are provided with tasty dishes.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew has been serving as the chairperson of the Ubuntu Fund. Previously, the graduate of the renowned University of Oxford worked as the president of the international division of the Gap. Here, he was responsible for overseeing the company’s operations in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Japan. In addition, Rolfe was in charge of devising innovative strategies that would enhance the company’s international growth.

Andrew earned his MBA from the world-renowned Harvard Business School. Over the years, he has worked for different corporations, including Pret A. Manger, Booker Foodservice and PepsiCo Restaurants International.


Greg Secker’s Journey to Success

Greg Secker is the founder of Knowledge to Action Group, which holds a number of companies, including Learn to Trade, The Greg Secker Foundation, Capital Index, and Smart Chart Software. All these companies have one thing in common- they offer some form of training and education on trading. Through the education provided, Greg Secker hopes to improve the lives of people in one way or the other. These companies tell you a lot about Secker. He is a master trader, a philanthropist and an international speaker, just to mention a few hats that he wears.

In a recent interview with Inspirey, Greg Secker got the opportunity to narrate how he got into the trading business. He told Inspirey that he got in the business to help people get into the trading market with ease. He had noted that most people, who had no education of financial trading, had so many struggles getting started in trading. Besides, the learning tools available were so expensive. Therefore, he decided to come up with a tool that would help people learn the art of trading at a lower cost.

During the interview, Secker also mentioned how he got into trading. He remembers being in the corporate world and making a decent pay but was never satisfied. Instead, he wanted to be helping people learn how to make money. So, when he was still in the corporate world, he started an online trading platform, Learn to Trade, which he operated from his apartment. Within six months, the platform was paying him as much as he was earning from his corporate employer. And, by reinvesting the money he got from Learn to Trade, he was soon running a profitable business, which enabled him to leave his job at the young age of 27.

He also remembers making so many mistakes when he was starting out. However, every mistake was essential to building his business. It was through his mistakes that webinars and seminars were set up to teach people to avoid the same mistakes that he himself did.

Jason Hope the Passionate Tech Entrepreneur

Jason Hope is a successful tech entrepreneur, futurist, and philanthropist based in Arizona. He is also a frequent writer and a commentator on the latest technological trends. Jason is passionate about the growth of technology through the Internet of Things. He also likes to help aspiring entrepreneurs grow their business ideas.

Jason Hope grew up in Tempe and attended W.P. Carey School of Business, where he acquired an MBA. He also pursued a degree in finance at Arizona State University. One would expect Jason to kick start his career with a business related profession. Ironically, he created Jawa, a mobile communications company. Jason was passionate about investing in technology because it is simply a catalyst for change. He also believes that it still has room growth. Jason Hope has applied the benefits of technology to lay the foundation for the future of technology. For more info about us: click here.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a trend that excites Jason Hope. He believes that this trend will make a huge impact in the society. Smart technology is a convenient option for consumers of this day and age. Jason believes that IoT makes the daily lives of people easier. He has already seen the bigger picture, and that is why he is a smart man for investing in the Internet of Everything. Jason has also invested widely in other technological fields by providing services such as marketing, digital media solutions, and business information systems just to mention a few.

Jason is a passionate philanthropist. As an entrepreneur and business owner, Jason Hope believes that his assets have put him in a position to give back to the society. He intends to see the local communities of Arizona thrive. Jason supports humanitarian organisations that focus on improving the future of humankind. He donated $500,000 to SENS Foundation. Jason’s donation will play a significant role in shaping the future of biotechnology.

Jason Hope supports and cultivates aspiring entrepreneurs. Often, many young entrepreneurs have great ideas but lack finances and insight to bring them to life. Jason helps college students and seniors in high school to make their ideas a reality.

In a nutshell, Jason Hope is the indeed a successful tech entrepreneur and a philanthropist as well. Jason believes that the Internet of Things will make a significant change in the future. He also likes helping young entrepreneurs grow their great ideas to life. All in all, Jason Hope is nothing but a true definition of a passionate tech entrepreneur.

Surgery: Scary or Not?

We all fear something and many of us fear surgery. However, this does not have to be the primary feeling you have in a surgeon’s office. For example, you could feel excitement, anticipation, and eagerness for the end result. This is often the case in Dr. Jennifer Walden’s office. Her patients are present for cosmetic surgery, and this breeds an air of great anticipation for the final result. Many people are scared of surgery, but Dr. Jennifer Walden’s patients are specifically seeking her out for theirs. You see, cosmetic surgery can change a person’s life for the better by several factors of ten.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews, an Austin-born cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon, was trained throughout the United States of America at some of the most prestigious teaching hospitals in the nation. Her work is on par with perfection and her skill is legendary. If you are looking for flawless technique and a practiced, steady hand, Dr. Walden is the best in her field. Does this mean that you should try everything on the cosmetic menu? Dr. Walden and her staff will work with you in a safe, emotionally friendly environment to create the ideal image you desire. Instagram Photos.

Aren’t cosmetic surgeons predatory and manipulative? Not at all. Dr. Jennifer Walden has many layers of professional sensitivity and kindness under her belt and she is prepared to help you with all of your expectations while also navigating the choppy waters of judgment and shame which you may have encountered once or twice before. Dr. Walden is a strong, effective role model for men, women, and injured children who need a safe, effective solution to desired physical changes. Whether you are in her office for reconstructive surgery after an accident or for beneficial cosmetic enhancement for personal satisfaction, you will be treated with the greatest of sensitivity and care.


How Norman Pattiz Transformed To The Broadcasting Mogul He Is Today

Recently the PodcastOne and the Edison Research came in unison to conduct a case study on the advertising test of five major brands in the country. The study brought about positive results on the brand recall with the intent to purchase. The recall of specific messaging has also been good.

The conclusive findings were that the more than half of the grocery brand was listed accurately. There is also an increase in the unaided awareness of products in the post study as compared to the pre study. Their opinion of the audience on the automobile was found to be responsive finally; there was also significant enhancement in awareness of specific campaigns.

Edison Research has also previously worked with Podcast One 2016 conducting three studies on the effectiveness of podcast advertising. These studies include five major brands nationwide: the famous lines that need broadcast on new messaging and the newbies that aim at increasing their awareness.

Before the study an online survey was conducted then the podcast advertising did a podcast advertising campaign taking one month or so. The audience was welcoming to the messages, and there was an increase in the willingness to purchase.

Norman Pattiz, the executive of PodcastOne, insisted that their core objective was to certify podcast as an advertising podcast that surpasses the traditional advertising forums. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: and

Tom Weber, Strategy vice president of Edison Research, pointed out that podcast advertising as enabled learning about the audience and also important impacts of various measures.

Bloomberg revealed that Norman Pattiz is a broadcasting businessman with over four decades of expertise in radio syndication. He graduated with a degree from the University of California. Over the years he has made a reputation playing a wide part in the incorporation of America’s Arabic language radio and TV in more than 40 countries in the Middle East.

On two occasions he was appointed to the Broadcasting Board of Governors in the USA by two presidents. By founding Courtside Entrepreneur Group, he tapped the unrecognised opportunities in audio through providing quality programming.

His work has received recognition and won the Giants of Broadcasting Award. His name also made it to the National Radio Hall of Fame. Initially, Mr Norman started the Westwood One who made a mark as the largest news provider in the Broadcasting industry by owning a variety of shows in different fields.

Norman is currently the chairman of Los Alamos National Securities laboratories and also Lawrence Livermore. He is an active participant in the Foreign Relations and Pacific Council of international relations. He is also the sole owner of the PodcastOne.

How Doe Deere Has Made It In The Hairstyling And Cosmetics Business

Doe Deere is the CEO of Lime Crime, a cosmetics products business that was founded on one of her personal philosophies of letting a woman bring out her inner self in a special way. She has certainly stood out with some of her unique hair colors as well as makeup and lipstick, but it isn’t simply to flaunt or make a statement of a glamorous lifestyle. Rather it’s to show how true beauty has many different colors and can be found in unicorns, which are people who like to be different on purpose. The way Doe Deere has found this niche is by following her passions and not quitting until she saw the dream come through. Learn more:


Doe Deere’s background in business began back when she was a young teenager in Russia. She recalls how she loved to create fake tattoos and sell them to customers on the street, and it became quite profitable for a small business at the time. She had developed a keen interest in music, specifically the alternative rock scene and wanted to go to the US to follow her passion in this niche. While attending school in New York City, she connected with a few musicians including her now husband and before long she became lead vocalist in the band. Needless to say the band didn’t quite turn out to be the dream she had hoped for, but out of this endeavor she found a new dream. Learn more:


Around 2004 Doe Deere decided to turn her creativity into a force in cosmetics and decided she could run her own business in the field. So she attended a cosmetics school in New York and on the side started using ecommerce to begin her own brands. She first started on eBay with the Lime Crime brand and the sales started out in small volumes, but as she improved the products they began to grow in popularity. Before long the Lime Crime brand began to takeoff so much that she started Lime Crime HQ and eventually moved it from New York to Los Angeles. Learn more:


Doe Deere’s common saying is that she will not promote a Lime Crime product that she hasn’t tested first. She has quite a routine in her day that includes using her favorite Lime Crime products in the morning and then meeting with clients throughout the day in her office and rolling out new ideas. Doe Deere also loves animals and has donated to various animal shelter agencies. Learn more: