Could Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Really Close In On Amazon?

Amazon is not worried too often about another clothing company supposedly moving in on their profits. Amazon has been in complete cruise control in the fashion e-commerce market for many years, and not one of thousands of competitors have cut into the 20 percent they make of every sale in this market. Now before Amazon gets too comfortable, they may want to look closer at how Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been gaining ground in the women’s clothing niche over the last three years. Sales figures are coming in at $250 million of women’s active-wear, something that should have Amazon at the least concerned.


When you talk to Hudson about how does her athleisure brand really connect with an audience, she credits things like membership perks and reverse showrooming as the two key components in the formula. Take a look at the workings inside the Fabletics retail store at the mall, you will discover that this is not your average clothes shopping experience. Inside the store, women are buying and window-shopping, trying on anything they can get their hands on, even taking a Fabletics lifestyle quiz to enhance the membership perks. There isn’t pressure from sales associates to buy, they are part of the overall soothing and relaxing atmosphere.


The reason that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is gaining in the fashion e-commerce market comes down to the way women are shopping at the online store. If you’re a member and tried on clothing at the mall store, those items you like are uploaded to the membership account page at the online Fabletics store. The reason this is so beneficial is because now you just pick up and continue shopping exactly where you left off in the mall. When you are no longer concerned about how the clothing will fit because you were already wearing it in the mall, then these women are free to splurge on themselves.


The perks of being a Kate Hudson’s Fabletics member do not stop there. Membership entails free shipping for all those online orders, discounts on all active-wear, and your own shopping assistant. This personal shopper has one job, scan your quiz results, pick one item they think you will enjoy, drop it in the shopping cart for your consideration. If Amazon is not too concerned about the competition in that crowded marketplace, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics may be the company that finally gives them a real run for the money.

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