The World of Business with Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer (Duda Melzer)

Eduardo Sirotsky also known as Duda Melzer, is among the most successful individuals in Brazil. He is well known in Brazil and across the globe, as a result of his hard work and achievements in the business world. Duda is currently in charge of the RBS Company which was established by his grandfather. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs, and it is one of the major aspects that have contributed to his business success. The other factor contributing to his business achievement is that he did business administration up to the masters level (MBA) and he was committed to completing his studies since he knew the importance. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer believes in family-run business activities as well as professional management which eventually leads to success.

When Eduardo was asked to mention some of the people who have had a positive impact in his business world apart from family, he mentioned Davis John. Check out Odiario for more info.

John is a professor at the Harvard University and specialist in the family business. Davis is also connected to the Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer for a long time since 1999 where the first encounter was in Brazil. The excellence rules for Davis in governance are effective and his team up with the Sirotsky family has created one of the most significant communication groups in Brazil. Apart from Davis, Eduardo mentions Ram Charan and Jim Collins as people who have also contributed to his success in the business world. He states that they are influential thinkers and have played a major role in the person he has become today. Check out Valor to know more.

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