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Tim Armour Responds To Buffett Bet

Over the past 50 years, one of the most successful investors in the world has continued to be Warren Buffett. Buffett, who has successfully become a self-made billionaire, has stood by several investing principles. One of his key principles is for people to avoid investing in expensive hedge and mutual funds.

While some people criticized this approach, Buffett officially quieted some of them this year after successfully winning a bet against several top hedge fund managers. Over one year ago, Buffett bet that he could get a better overall return by investing in an index funds as opposed to actively managed funds. In the end, Buffett was proven to be the winner of the bet.


While Tim Armour did win, some are still not sure that non-active management is the best way to go. One critic of the approach is Tim Armour, who is the head of the Capital Group. Armour pointed out that the bet took place during a period of prosperity and that actively managed funds show their true value during downturns. During bear markets, hedge funds are able to take downside risk protection while index funds are not.

Over the course of the past 20 years, Armour has led the portfolio management side of the business for the Capital Group. During this time period he has pointed out that his firm’s return on investment, net after all fees, is more than 1.5% higher on an annual basis than the overall return of the S&P 500 and other related indexes.

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Online Reputation: Its Importance and Management

Today, the online social media platforms and the Internet at large has become an integral part of us. The influence and impact that the Internet has in our lives is so pronounced that we cannot just wash it away. The positives are as good as they come but for the negatives, they can potentially ruin an individual’s reputation either career-wise or business wise. If you are in business, for example, some malicious competitors or former employees might decide to spread false and negative news about you and your business all over the Internet. Other people could use the internet to destroy you by simply picking up an outdated and obsolete negative story about you and over exaggerating it.

How to Manage Your Online Reputation

In the midst of all these negatives, it is always good to counter them with positive facts, suggests It is your primary responsibility as an individual to rise above the negatives and repaint a positive picture of yourself. To revive your already maliciously-tarnished reputation or to prevent malicious people from tarnishing your good reputation, then you have to start managing your online reputation. Two ways in which you can take control of what people gets to know about you online include hiring online reputation managers or managing your information by yourself.

Online Reputation Managers

Online Reputation Managers are technology experts with good public relations knowledge. To help you keep a positive reputation, they specialize in hiding all the negative search prompts from the Internet to limit their accessibility. According to Michael Fertik, an online reputation management expert, it is almost impossible to scrape off content from the Internet, but hiding it from the first pages might just be enough. This method is more applicable to those whose reputation is already tarnished, or whose reputation is hanging on the line.

Managing Your Reputation Personally

This method applies to those who wish to safeguard their good reputation; it’s basically what you do online to prevent information from getting into the wrong hands. It is good to maintain your private life as private as possible since by sharing your private life in social media may be detrimental. Secondly, you should avoid sharing photos and videos of you and your close relatives; limit your account to professional matters only. Lastly, avoid posting updates and tweets every other minute. Tweeting occasionally helps you to avoid irrelevance.

Julie Zuckerberg Has Taken Recruitment To A New Level

The Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank presently is Julie Zuckerberg. She is collaborating with leaders both in the Private Wealth field as well as in Commercial business fields. She is also meeting those who are in the business of Asset Management or Global Technology or even Operations. This way she is pushing all the talent acquisition policies that were at a regional level, along with any recruitment process improvements.



Julie Zuckerberg is known to lead the negotiations. She is able to develop the managerial level offer. This would include material risk takers along with the key function stakeholders too.



Julie Zuckerberg is known to provide advice on the leadership as well as executive committees too. This is with regard to hiring governance along with the best recruitment practices. All these are required in order to enhance proficiency as well as engagement. This is exactly what is required in order to attract talent that is high class as well as highly diverse.



Before her current role of being the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank, Julie Zuckerberg was employed as an Executive Recruiter, a Talent Acquisition Lead as well as the Vice President. This was at Deutsche Bank only. During this tenure, she was partnering with business partners as well as hiring managers. Her job was to deal as well as manage this entire hiring cycle. It was for Director along with Managing Director recruitment levels. This was spread across US Compliance, Finance, as well as Investor Relations. She was also looking into hiring for departments like Audit, Risk, as well as Legal, In-house Consulting. Her other recruitment were for Regional Management as well as Global Technology along with its Operations.



The methodology of Julie Zuckerberg is to brainstorm with hiring managers. This way she is able to come up with an appropriate sourcing. This can be direct sourcing, or networking methods, or even internal mobility.



Julie Zuckerberg can also manage contract governance along with business relationships with various search firms and such other companies. This allows her to achieve timely as well as extensive sourcing of candidates who are top quality as well as highly diverse.



Julie Zuckerberg had earlier worked in the capacity of a Hire Recruiting Lead. She was also the Corporate Vice President of an Insurance Company that was based in New York. This was for four months. Here, she was leading all the hire roles within this agency. She was also managing their recruitment process. These consisted of team project managers as well as recruiters. She has worked at top positions in a number of other firms. These include the Citi Global Consumer Bank where she was the Vice President as well as Executive Recruiter. She has also served at Hudson where she was the Director of Candidate Placement.



Her other interests include art and food and photography. She is also interested in technology and running. She is presently living in Manhattan, New York. She likes to spend time with her family when she is not working.