Bruce Levenson: On Top of His Game

Bruce Levenson is the quintessential American business champion, and just about all of his game plans have been winners. Levenson, a Washington, D.C. native, set the bar high early in his professional life. He pursued a journalism day job at the Washington Star while attending and graduating law school at night. See,

Not satisfied with pulling off this double play, Levenson co-founded a new business, United Communications Group, with a partner, Ed Peskowitz, in 1977. Undaunted by lack of office space, the new company and its newsletter were conceived in Levenson’s apartment. The newsletter, Oil Express, focused on growth and expansion in the oil industry.

UCG spun off into other newsletters and rebounded into databases such as Oil Price Information Service. Soon UCG became a privately-held information company specializing in news, data and analysis for everything from healthcare and oil energy to mortgage banking. An interesting turnover for the private citizen is a mobile application called GasBuddy, which points drivers toward low gas prices in their area.

With a practically unerring eye for winning business combinations, Levenson focused on markets in electronic publishing, such as a private equity firm known as BIA Digital Partners. He was recognized for his ambidextrous handling of these markets and inducted into the Software and information industry Association’s Hall of Fame in 1997 along with his partner, Ed Peskowitz. They were honored for their work with the original UCG and its offshoots.

Playing several angles, Levensen became оnе оf thе founding shareholders оf publicly-held TechTarget, аnd served оn itѕ board until 2012. In their spare time, Levenson and another partner founded a private company called DOT, featuring a cutting-edge cooking technology designed to make toast in just three seconds!

Bruce Levenson is certainly best-known for becoming a majority partner of Atlanta Hawks LLC, a collective group of business partners owning the Atlanta Hawks professional basketball team and the corresponding Phillips Arena. He served as the Hawk’s governor and controlling owner from 2004 until 2012.

Levenson and his wife Karen are deeply committed to philanthropic endeavors, leading the creation of the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership sponsored by the University of Maryland. The two also spearheaded the “Do Good Challenge”, an eight-week event sponsored by UMD students, which had students vying with their peers to ‘do good’. Levenson also served as president of the renowned “I Have a Dream Foundation”, dedicated to assisting children from low-income families to pursue and obtain a college education.

Bruce Levenson is estimated by to be worth approximately $500 million. Targeted information, transformation business creativity and perseverance has made Levenson a top-scoring professional on a tough business roster.


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