Evolution of Smooth’s 21st Century Revolution

If you haven’t heard by now there is a new king of the hill in the oral care industry. This cylindrical shaped lip balm is causing a stir everywhere and many of the most famous females in Hollywood are using the products. Just who and what is the cause of such commotion? Chapstick? Nope. Burt’s bees? Nope again…Evolution of Smooth is the brand of choice for millions of people around the country. Since it’s inception back in 2009, Evolution of Smooth has gown into a powerhouse selling well over a million units per week. It is currently the best selling lip balm product on the shelves of your favorite stores in current time.

This brand is much different from the norm. Most lip balm products are produced from a synthetic source and this synthetic source won’t give the user the best of benefits. These products wear out fast while others tend to over-dry on the lips. EOS lip balm stands out thanks to it’s unique formula of ingredients. These ingredients are come straight from mother earth herself and they deliver on site. Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Antioxidants, as well as Jojoba Oil gives your lips the best protection and healing effects in the shortest of time. The product itself might be oddly shaped to some, but it was designed that way. Now the user can apply the product with one single swipe. You can easily find these lip balms in outlet stores like Target and Walmart or you can order them directly from the website at evolutionofsmooth.com or via http://www.ulta.com/brand/eos. If you don’t like the idea of Summer Fruit, there is sure to be a different flavor you will absolutely love.

This is the future of lip balm in the 21st Century and Evolution of Smooth is setting the bar pretty high. With a strong social media backing and celebrity endorsements; the potential for further growth is expected. Strategic Facebook and social media marketing boosts sales also and this targeted approach is reaching many more individuals who were unaware of the brand before. For the best in total lip care, (EOS) is the hands down winner.

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