Doe Deere Explains Her Vision For Lime Crime

The Lime Crime brand is known for being different, and Doe Deere founded the company hoping to remain different. She is taking over the cosmetics industry, and she has ensured that everyone who partakes in her brand will feel brighter and lighter. This article explains her thoughts on managing her company, and she discusses what it was like to do work she did not love.


#1: Being One’s Own Self


Doe speaks about having jobs in her 20s that were not meant for her. She felt as though she did not fit in, and she was lost in a world that was not her passion. She speaks of an insurance company that was not a proper fit for her, and she explains that being true to herself was a fine decision. She feels much better knowing that she is doing work that she is passionate about, and she wants all her customers to feel that when they use her products.


#2: Having A Vision For The Brand


The brand that she is building is a vision that she sees in her head, and she believes her brand will help women feel better about themselves. She understands women have their own ideas of beauty, and she wishes to be as open to the world as possible. The company she has built is helping women color their hair, wear brighter makeup and feel as though they are doing something that exudes their personal style.


#3: Customer Service


Doe speaks quite a lot about customer service, and she explains how her company has improved with a dedicated customer service department. She tells of the people she is lucky to work with, and the people who help customers make the brand better. Everyone who buys from Lime Crime will receive fine service, and they will feel as though they are making a change that is better for them as customers. Doe wants everyone to be comfortable, and she knows her customer service team help.


#4: Starting Sooner


Starting soon after having her idea is something Doe wishes she did. She wants all women to know they may do anything they want, and she wanted to put the name out there long before she did. Moving quickly is a part of her business plan, and she wants her business to grow using principles that help her reach more people.


The business model at Lime Crime has been built by Doe Deere as she provides the world with brighter cosmetics. She knows each woman who wears the brand will feel better about herself, and she wants women to have more cosmetics to use in the future. Her vision for the company is clear, and the service is excellent.

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