Louisiana Customers Receive Free Inmate Calling Features For A Limited Time

Talk to your loved ones in a correctional facility and get more calling features with Securus Technologies. They started as a well known inmate regulations provider with the responsibility of monitoring and surveillance of inmate calls. The Public Utility Commission requires these mandates on all inmate calls. Securus Technologies has required that a few inaccuracies associated with Global Tel-Link services be corrected. Global Tel-Link quickly corrected their irregularities and is now offering select Louisiana customers free inmate calling for a limited time. PRN Newswire says that Securus did a remarkable job with their fourth quarter audit.


Securus Offers Extended Features


Amazingly, Vimeo is now a part of the Securus Technologies team offering a video chat feature that will allow you to talk to your loved ones over the internet. You get complete control of your picture with zooming capabilities and control over the audio. Plus, JPay is now bringing their services to the forefront allowing you to have advanced features that are not available through other inmate calling networks. You’ll love how they have incorporated great technological features that will give you more inmate calls and less money spent.


Securus Has Top Features Added To Their Services


Inmate Voicemail


Inmates struggle to transition with life outside of a correctional facility, but inmate voicemail services gives them the opportunity to talk to potential jobs or perspective housing accommodations. They can receive and retrieve messages through their personalized account. This gives them individualized services that help them beyond the correctional facility.


Video Visitation


Do you want to visit your loved ones in a correctional facility, but you don’t have the finances? Do you live in a different community than were your loved ones are in an institution? You can get on an inmates visiting list and visit them securely over the Securus video chat feature without ever having to leave home.


Join the Securus Technologies network by visiting their exclusive website or calling their toll free 800 number.

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