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Construcap’s Accomplishments in the Brazilian Real Estate Sector

The real estate sector in Brazil is one of the most profitable sectors that investors are targeting nowadays. In Brazil, real estate properties range from modern flats to beachfront resorts. Most professional investors on are targeting rural and farmland areas because of their value. Most parts of southeast and northeast Brazil have been highly developed. One of the factors that have influenced the development of Southeast of Brazil is the dense population of the area. Real estate companies usually target cities with access to the beach such as Rio de Janeiro. Foreign investors highly demand residential and commercial buildings in such cities.

Is it safe to invest in Brazil’s real estate industry?

It is safe to buy real estate properties in both rural and urban regions of Brazil. The nation has reliable property registration systems. The Brazilian law on also allows foreign citizens to acquire properties in both rural and urban areas. However, the law restricts foreigners from buying certain properties in rural areas and historic districts.

When purchasing a residential or commercial building in Brazil, you should hire an independent legal advisor. This advisor will guide you on the right procedures of buying a property. Ensure you are buying a property from a licensed and reputable realtor. The advisor should also show you how to register the newly acquired property with the Brazilian housing authorities. The Brazilian government allows foreigners to transfer their wealth from Brazil to countries of their choice.


In Brazil, one of the largest and highly rated construction companies is Construcap. The company began serving clients in the construction industry over two decades ago. In 1994, the company was known as Construtora Periara de Souza. Henrique Pegado and Caio Luiz Periera de Souza are the founders of this construction giant. Construcap CCPS was born when Construtora Periara de Souza merged with Construcap Engineering.

Construcap adopts a management approach focused on continuous developments and diligence to its clients. The company also executes projects with utmost respect to environmental sustainability. Construcap acts in both private and public markets of energy, infrastructure, and buildings. Based on its Integrated Management System, the company received ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 9001 certifications.

Benardo Chua : The Force Behind Organo Gold, a Leading Coffee Gournet

Bernardo Chua is an award-winning strategist and businessman. He is commonly known for his multi-level marketing strategy which he developed during his time at Gano Excel in Philippines. With the experience obtained, he opened his own company Organo Gold. A company that has grown to be one of the industry’s giants.

Chua started Organo gold out of a childhood love for a special ingredient, which his mother would give him for breakfast. Her mother had brought with her this ingredient, after her visit to China.

The ingredient, Ganoderma had been for a long time used in treatment of various health issues. For years, no one had had the idea to commercialize this mushrooms. Not until Chua started his coffee gourmet company and began to incorporate it in his coffees.

With the idea in mind and skills at hand, Bernado Chua began Organo Gold. That was back in the year 2008. He was to collaborate with other like-minded individuals and together they raised funds for the startup. Today, the company has grown from being a local company to being an international brand- thanks to multi-level marketing.

About Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a producer of healthy coffees, instant teas and beauty products. They utilize a special herb, Garnoderma, which is found in the hills of Asia and other part of Europe.

Currently, the company is rated to be competing with the United States coffee and tea market. Last year, the company reported to have over 1 million distributors, expanding their market to over 35 countries.


About Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua was raised in Philippines and was to work there before moving to Vancouver, Canada. Initially, he used to work for Gano excel, in Philippines. The company later transferred him to California to head their USA branch. That was when the idea of starting his own company struck him. Today, he heads Organo Gold. He offers training to individuals, about the special ingredient in their products and their health benefits. This way, he hopes that people can achieve financial independence while at the same time increasing awareness of the Organo Gold brand.

The Most Edited Wikipedia Articles Of 2016 Involve Politics

With a new year before us, Wikipedia has released the most frequently edited articles in its online Encyclopedia during last year. Politics, it seems, was the most highly edited subject of Wikipedia for 2016. Just take a look at some of the top ten most highly edited pages on Wikipedia.

The most edited page for 2016 was a page titled deaths in 2016. Many famous people unfortunately and rather suddenly passed away during the year. Some were political leaders and human rights activists such as Elie Wiesel and Fidel Castro. Others were singers such as American singer, Prince and Canadian singer, Leonard Cohen. The famous Mohamed Ali passed away along with US astronaut John Glenn. This is of course just a small sample of the numerous famous and noteworthy people that passed away during 2016.

The next several most popular pages that were edited include Donald Trump, endorsers of Hillary Clinton during her bid for president, the presidential election in the United States and the Republican Party presidential primary that chose the candidate to represent the party in the general election. As you can see, 4 out of the top 5 most edited pages of Wikipedia in 2016 has to do with politics. Donald Trump, was the winner of the Republican primary and launched one of the most unconventional campaigns in US presidential politics.

Just how many Wikipedia edits did Donald Trump get? He got around 8933 while deaths in 2016 got a whopping 18230. Political topics and pages also populate the the most edited slots in Wikipedia as one heads down into the top 10, 20, 30, 50 and so on. There is no doubt that people have been paying great attention to politics in 2016, and the vast number of edits to political related pages are proof of it.

Is Getting A Wikipedia Page Worth it?

There is no question, that when you make a Wikipedia page in almost all cases is well worth the time and effort you put into creating it. The page that you create about your business or self can get a great amount of hits. This can then benefit you in two main ways. First, it can greatly increase your exposure on the web and help increase your brand popularity. Second, it can be used to improve your online reputation and garner trust from people surfing the web or searching your for your name. Wikipedia ranks high at search results and will often appear in the first few results of a Google or Yahoo search.

How To Create A Wiki Page Without Having To Spend Hours Creating It

So you want to create a page, but just don’t have the time or skills needed to create one for yourself or your firm? That is okay. A company called Get Your Wiki has appeared and it offers professional Wikipedia article writing services that are guaranteed. That is right. Get Your Wiki offers an unconditional guarantee that the article will be approved by Wikipedia and published or your money back. It also offers a 100% money back guarantee. If your are not satisfied with the quality, you will get your money back. It is a fast, easy and reliable way to publish a Wikipedia page for yourself on the web.

Evolution of Smooth’s 21st Century Revolution

If you haven’t heard by now there is a new king of the hill in the oral care industry. This cylindrical shaped lip balm is causing a stir everywhere and many of the most famous females in Hollywood are using the products. Just who and what is the cause of such commotion? Chapstick? Nope. Burt’s bees? Nope again…Evolution of Smooth is the brand of choice for millions of people around the country. Since it’s inception back in 2009, Evolution of Smooth has gown into a powerhouse selling well over a million units per week. It is currently the best selling lip balm product on the shelves of your favorite stores in current time.

This brand is much different from the norm. Most lip balm products are produced from a synthetic source and this synthetic source won’t give the user the best of benefits. These products wear out fast while others tend to over-dry on the lips. EOS lip balm stands out thanks to it’s unique formula of ingredients. These ingredients are come straight from mother earth herself and they deliver on site. Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Antioxidants, as well as Jojoba Oil gives your lips the best protection and healing effects in the shortest of time. The product itself might be oddly shaped to some, but it was designed that way. Now the user can apply the product with one single swipe. You can easily find these lip balms in outlet stores like Target and Walmart or you can order them directly from the website at or via If you don’t like the idea of Summer Fruit, there is sure to be a different flavor you will absolutely love.

This is the future of lip balm in the 21st Century and Evolution of Smooth is setting the bar pretty high. With a strong social media backing and celebrity endorsements; the potential for further growth is expected. Strategic Facebook and social media marketing boosts sales also and this targeted approach is reaching many more individuals who were unaware of the brand before. For the best in total lip care, (EOS) is the hands down winner.

Doe Deere Explains Her Vision For Lime Crime

The Lime Crime brand is known for being different, and Doe Deere founded the company hoping to remain different. She is taking over the cosmetics industry, and she has ensured that everyone who partakes in her brand will feel brighter and lighter. This article explains her thoughts on managing her company, and she discusses what it was like to do work she did not love.


#1: Being One’s Own Self


Doe speaks about having jobs in her 20s that were not meant for her. She felt as though she did not fit in, and she was lost in a world that was not her passion. She speaks of an insurance company that was not a proper fit for her, and she explains that being true to herself was a fine decision. She feels much better knowing that she is doing work that she is passionate about, and she wants all her customers to feel that when they use her products.


#2: Having A Vision For The Brand


The brand that she is building is a vision that she sees in her head, and she believes her brand will help women feel better about themselves. She understands women have their own ideas of beauty, and she wishes to be as open to the world as possible. The company she has built is helping women color their hair, wear brighter makeup and feel as though they are doing something that exudes their personal style.


#3: Customer Service


Doe speaks quite a lot about customer service, and she explains how her company has improved with a dedicated customer service department. She tells of the people she is lucky to work with, and the people who help customers make the brand better. Everyone who buys from Lime Crime will receive fine service, and they will feel as though they are making a change that is better for them as customers. Doe wants everyone to be comfortable, and she knows her customer service team help.


#4: Starting Sooner


Starting soon after having her idea is something Doe wishes she did. She wants all women to know they may do anything they want, and she wanted to put the name out there long before she did. Moving quickly is a part of her business plan, and she wants her business to grow using principles that help her reach more people.


The business model at Lime Crime has been built by Doe Deere as she provides the world with brighter cosmetics. She knows each woman who wears the brand will feel better about herself, and she wants women to have more cosmetics to use in the future. Her vision for the company is clear, and the service is excellent.

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Louisiana Customers Receive Free Inmate Calling Features For A Limited Time

Talk to your loved ones in a correctional facility and get more calling features with Securus Technologies. They started as a well known inmate regulations provider with the responsibility of monitoring and surveillance of inmate calls. The Public Utility Commission requires these mandates on all inmate calls. Securus Technologies has required that a few inaccuracies associated with Global Tel-Link services be corrected. Global Tel-Link quickly corrected their irregularities and is now offering select Louisiana customers free inmate calling for a limited time. PRN Newswire says that Securus did a remarkable job with their fourth quarter audit.


Securus Offers Extended Features


Amazingly, Vimeo is now a part of the Securus Technologies team offering a video chat feature that will allow you to talk to your loved ones over the internet. You get complete control of your picture with zooming capabilities and control over the audio. Plus, JPay is now bringing their services to the forefront allowing you to have advanced features that are not available through other inmate calling networks. You’ll love how they have incorporated great technological features that will give you more inmate calls and less money spent.


Securus Has Top Features Added To Their Services


Inmate Voicemail


Inmates struggle to transition with life outside of a correctional facility, but inmate voicemail services gives them the opportunity to talk to potential jobs or perspective housing accommodations. They can receive and retrieve messages through their personalized account. This gives them individualized services that help them beyond the correctional facility.


Video Visitation


Do you want to visit your loved ones in a correctional facility, but you don’t have the finances? Do you live in a different community than were your loved ones are in an institution? You can get on an inmates visiting list and visit them securely over the Securus video chat feature without ever having to leave home.


Join the Securus Technologies network by visiting their exclusive website or calling their toll free 800 number.