Short Piece About Handy’s Home Cleaning Service

What do you know already about start up companies? You probably think that they all start up overseas or in Silicon Valley, CA. Not all start up companies that become successful start out the same way. Handy is one of the finest home service companies that is available to their customers on demand, meaning that customers can click on their icon on the customer’s smart phone, order Handy’s services without delay, and someone will be sent their way without complicating matters further. It is not just any “someone” that will be sent to the customer. Actually, the company screens each qualified applicant before allowing the person to find clients on Handy’s platform, an idea that the company first tested out in Miami and D.C.

Handy Dominates The Home Service Market

It was not always so apparent that Handy would be successful. Rebecca Greene is in charge of marketplace operations at Handy, and she admits that she was once unsure about the company’s growth and success down the road. She says that she was “a little nervous” when one of Handy’s major competitors went out of business. However, took over that company’s share of the market and then some.

This informative, short piece would not have been possible if not for the compelling source material from The article Jeff Bercovici wrote for is called “Why Handy Chose A Painful Path to Profitability”, and it is quite interesting to anyone who likes to read about how start up companies become successful. Although it was not always easy to figure out their path, the founders of Handy made great decisions and tried out new ideas along the way in order to reach the prime position that the company now holds. Here is a link to that article.


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